3d Default Mannequin Movement Animations

Hello, I am right now just messing around and relearning unreal as it has been about a year and a half since I last did anything with it. Though even back then I was pretty clueless due to online videos that didn’t help me learn in my specific way. Anyway, I was just setting up a simple sprint system that changed the Max Speed of the default third person character. While doing this I noticed that it gets a different animation when moving at a speed of 200 then it does at a speed of 300 and above (or maybe just a slowed-down version?). Now I was wondering how I could make it so that when the character is moving at a speed of 400 the animation for a speed of 200 becomes active. I took a look at the Sk_Mannequin skeleton mesh and saw some floats for speed but couldn’t make heads or tails if that was what I even need to change. Thank you for any help.