3D Components as part of UMG / Hud?

Has anybody come up with a suitable method for using meshes with the user interface? I’m in the process of building what will eventually be a 3D-radar, which needs to rotate around an axis blah blah, essentially just needs to be a 3D asset.

Doesn’t seem to be any support for this in UMG at first glance, and I’ve not looked too much at slate so far, but has anybody done this another way?

I saw this project on these forums which has something similar… projecting a 3D model of the world in front of the player : June: A Science Fiction Game - Work in Progress - Unreal Engine Forums

He might be able to help?

The Farplane method from UDK does not work anymore - the scene capture component is a bit different :frowning:
You can use the old green screen method though.

Either way, you need to place your mesh out in the void somewhere, possibly surrounded by a static mesh to prevent world lighting messing with it.
At least that is what we’ve resorted too until the UMG viewport widget is more functional :slight_smile:

No worries folks, I’ll just give it some time before I implement it, I’m sure it’ll be a feature eventually! Tah for the heads up!