(39) Rama's Extra Blueprint Nodes for You as a Plugin, No C++ Required!

Hey Rama, could you add a node like “Execute Console Command” with the addition that it has an output String which prints out the output? For example if I type “sg.ShadowQuality” in the console then the output I get is “sg.ShadowQuality = “3” LastSetBy: Console”. I just want to know the 3, so the info how a certain console variable is set at the moment :slight_smile: Would this be possible?

Hey Rama, wouldn’t it be possible for other people to download UE4, make assets, cook them and THEN load the .uassets into the game (instead of importing the .fbx)?

That is an awesome question! I wanna know that too!
Maybe there is a certain certificate or base empty project that it need to be exported from.
I don’t mind including that project files as long as they don’t contain any of the game assets in it.

I’ve followed Rama’s instructions for installing this plug-in to the letter. In the editor, I get all the nodes and I can test it - it works fine.
However, when I build the project for Windows, I get this error: Failed to open descriptor file ‘…/…/…/mygame/mygame.uproject’

When I uninstall the plug-in, I can build the project and play it fine.
Any ideas how to fix this?

I just upgraded to the 4.8 source version but now whenever I package the game, it says VictoryPlugin failed to load because the module could not be found. I am using the latest version of the plugin and this never happened before in the 4.7.6 source version. Any help would be appreciated.

how can I use Rama’s plugin in C++ code?

Are you sure you get it when you pack and not when you build(compile) the project in visual studio?

Add “VictoryBPLibrary” to the modules array in your projectName.Build.cs inside your source folder
(Example: C:\ProjectName\Source\ProjectName.Build.cs).
it Supposed to look something like this:

        PublicDependencyModuleNames.AddRange(new string] { "Core", "CoreUObject", "Engine", "InputCore", "VictoryBPLibrary", "UMG", "Slate", "SlateCore" ,"AIModule"});

And then when you want to use it, just add this header on the top of your cpp file:

#include "MyBlueprintFunctionLibrary.h"

Yes as of 4.8 they have added support for you to be able to add both patch content as well as DLC content! The point that is fuzzy for me is whether people wanting to add content will need the entire original project, which means the original Dev needs to be willing to share the entirety of their project (which doesnt seem likely for a commerical game).

Epic had mentioned “feature packs” in an earlier release, I wonder if feature packs can more easily be used in any project as opposed to patchs/DLC that are indended to extend some original project.

The question is whether feature packs can be used by a packaged game!

Very interesting request, I’ll have to work on that!


Thanks for helping out with question answering!



Two AI Nodes For You

**Get Closest Actor Of Class In Radius of Location

Get Closest Actor of Class In Radius of Actor**

These nodes are great for use with AI calculations!

**Latest plugin download on the UE4 Wiki: (7.91 mb) **

Victory Plugin on Media Fire

If your browser is not updating the Wiki download page to the most recent version, you can use my alternative Media Fire download link!

Please note clicking this link will not start a download instantly, it will just take you to the Media Fire file description.




Live as of May 1st, 2015

Dear Community,

I have the May Celebration node release for you today!

Community member TK-Master has gifted us with over 30 new BP nodes for Math, Physics, and 3D Geometry calculations!

I highlighted my personal favorite nodes in green!

**UMG Anchor Conversion**
Please note you can now convert UMG Anchor coordinates to other coordinate spaces!

Snap To 3D Grid
You can use the Snap Node to snap any 3D space Vector to a grid size of your choosing!

So you could use this node to to regulate the position of an in-game 3D positioning tool (like for RTS Games!) to a grid of your choosing, while still accounting for rolling hills of landscapes and big vertical differences!

**Convert Physics Linear Velocity**

Ever wonder how fast in **Km/hr** an in-game Unreal Engine physics ball was hurling through the air?

Ever want to know the **meters/second** speed of a falling physics-simulating box?

Or how about the **miles/hour** of your UE4 Physics Vehicle?

Well thanks to TK-Master's new node you can now easily convert the value that you get from GetPhysicsLinearVelocity of any physics-simulating body to a speed in the units of your choosing!

Here's is TK-Master's current list of available conversions!


/* Speed Units Enum. */
enum ESpeedUnit
	/* Centimeter / second (cm/s). This is default unreal velocity unit. */

	/* Foot / second (ft/s). */

	/* Meter / second (m/s). */

	/* Meter / minute (m/min). */

	/* Kilometer / second (km/s). */

	/* Kilometer / minute (km/min). */

	/*Kilometer / hour (km/h). */

	/* Mile / hour (mph). */

	/* Knot (kn). Nautical mile per hour. */

	/* Mach (speed of sound) (M) at standard atm. */

	/* Speed of light. */

	/* Yard / second. */


BP Nodes for 3D Geometric Analysis!

Here are pics showing the complete list of the new 3D Geometry Nodes!

To see the full list, get the latest version of my plugin and type in “TK” and you will see all the 30+ new nodes available to you!


**Thank You!**

**Thank you TK-Master for your contribution!**

These nodes are going to be extremely useful for a lot of people !

**Latest plugin download on the UE4 Wiki: (7.91 mb) **

**Victory Plugin on Media Fire**

If your browser is not updating the Wiki download page to the most recent version, you can use my alternative Media Fire download link!

Please note clicking this link will not start a download instantly, it will just take you to the Media Fire file description.




Get All Bones Below Bone


This node returns all the bones that are below the given bone in the Skeleton bone hierarchy!

**My C++ Code For You!**

I used a recursive function to traverse the skeleton tree and get all child bones, starting from the Starting Bone!


static int32 **GetChildBones**(const FReferenceSkeleton& ReferenceSkeleton, int32 ParentBoneIndex, TArray<int32> & Children)

	const int32 NumBones = ReferenceSkeleton.GetNum();
	for(int32 ChildIndex=ParentBoneIndex+1; ChildIndex<NumBones; ChildIndex++)
		if ( ParentBoneIndex == ReferenceSkeleton.GetParentIndex(ChildIndex) )

	return Children.Num();
static void **GetChildBoneNames_Recursive**(USkeletalMeshComponent* SkeletalMeshComp, int32 ParentBoneIndex, TArray<FName>& ChildBoneNames)
	TArray<int32> BoneIndicies;  
	GetChildBones(SkeletalMeshComp->SkeletalMesh->RefSkeleton, ParentBoneIndex, BoneIndicies);
	if(BoneIndicies.Num() < 1)
		//Stops the recursive skeleton search
	for(const int32& BoneIndex : BoneIndicies)
		FName ChildBoneName = SkeletalMeshComp->GetBoneName(BoneIndex);
		GetChildBoneNames_Recursive(SkeletalMeshComp, BoneIndex,ChildBoneNames);

int32 UVictoryBPFunctionLibrary::**GetAllBoneNamesBelowBone**( USkeletalMeshComponent* SkeletalMeshComp, FName StartingBoneName,  TArray<FName>& BoneNames )
	if(!SkeletalMeshComp || !SkeletalMeshComp->SkeletalMesh)
		return -1;
	int32 StartingBoneIndex = SkeletalMeshComp->GetBoneIndex(StartingBoneName);
	GetChildBoneNames_Recursive(SkeletalMeshComp, StartingBoneIndex, BoneNames);
	return BoneNames.Num();


**Latest plugin download on the UE4 Wiki: (7.92 mb) **

**Victory Plugin on Media Fire**

If your browser is not updating the Wiki download page to the most recent version, you can use my alternative Media Fire download link!

Please note clicking this link will not start a download instantly, it will just take you to the Media Fire file description.




I had included a function to read console variables on my post with the math functions :stuck_out_tongue:

This would allow you to read the current value of sg.ShadowQuality for example, is that what you meant John Alcatraz?

I don’t know if it works in a packaged game though, a better method might be required.

Thanks for that TK-Master!

I will see about integrating those at my next opportunity



This is perfect for editing config files now. :slight_smile:

This is brilliant!
Thanks for all the hard work.

Should this work with http?

None of my URLs for PNGs work, it only works with local file paths, even though a link in this thread through claims it does:

Hi Rama, this is great! Any chance of unlocking this for the EQ settings in a Sound Mix as well? :slight_smile: would be perfect for dynamic audio filtering through BP.

Hello, i would like to ask you, how did you attach the weapon to the ragdoll’s hand without having it jitter/lag behind it? Because when i try to attach a static mesh to a skeletal mesh’s bone socket with physics enabled, the static mesh wobbles around like it’s not properly attached or having some delay, i’ve been searching everywhere for a solution for this for days, but i just can’t find anything on google or anywhere, please you’re my only hope! ;_;

Hey Rama, I’m trying to use the server travel node to do a async map change where a UMG widget is playing throughout the load.
The level loads fine, but my widget stops playing during the load every time (then resumes when the new level is done loading)

Is there some trick to getting this to work properly? It seemed really straightforward but I’m having no luck.

Thanks, I’m loving the plugin btw, so much great stuff!

Great to hear from you Isaac!

Can you explain / show a pic of exactly which settings you would like exposed to runtime BP modification?


I wil have to do a thorough test of the state of things in 4.8 and then get back to you on this! I am glad you are enjoying my plugin!


Http involves internet connection which necessarily always involves async calculations (have to wait to receive the data, can’t proceed instantly). This means that all things involving live internet connection have to be done in a special class or actor component, and can’t be a static node in my BP library.

It is a very nice goal though, to be able to download image from a website, and I shall work on it when I can :slight_smile:

[FONT=Comic Sans MS]Welcome to the forums Staus!

Are you saying the weapon jitters only when the character is actively ragdolling, or the weapon jitters even when running around prior to ragdoll ?

Have fun today everyone!



It’s only during ragdoll, when the skeletal mesh is using animations, everything works perfectly fine, the static mesh is perfectly attached to the bone socket. :confused:
P.S. Impressed to see that you still reply to comments after 960+ replies ^^