37FPS on empty scene - 970GTX :)


I have some strange behavior. When I play completly empty scene on 1920x1080 I get 37,5 FPS (the half of required 75). When I play 1280x720 everything is fine, I get 75 FPS. But the more strange thins is that when I change the resolution to 1600:900 (16:9 still 16:9 proportion) I also get 37,5 FPS. I changed every thing in the project settings as recommended on other sites. I got newest nVidia driver, tried different Oculus versions. Still the same bug. I got no light, no static meshes, nothing and 37,5 FPS. This must be a bug in the software.

Any ideas?

My spec:
2x 970 GTX (turned off the SLI for testing)
Win 7 64bit


its a probem with 0.4.3 SDK with 0.4.2 works fine.

Ok, I managed to make it work :slight_smile: In case someone has this problem - You need to restart the Oculus not leaving the Unreal engine (I was in Direct Mode, don`t know if this works for extender mode). Now I have 75 FPS. Btw. I am on the 0.4.2 version.