360° video on inner face of sphere (Oculus DK2)

Hi everybody,

im trying to make a “360ish” demo of my Friend’s latest motorcycle trip which he filmed as 360° video. Basically we are thinking of a big sphere, put the 360 video on the inner side of the sphere, put the static camera inside the sphere (with free-look) and use the Oculus DK2 to create the VR effect. We succesfully created this demo with Google Cardboard SDK and Unity 5 but it looks pretty poor due to the lack and issues with video-texture support on Android devices. Now we would like to try it in UE4.

Has anybody ever done something similiar and is able to help us? We would really appreciate the help as we abolutly have no experience in UE4 :slight_smile:

thank you and many greetings from Stuttgart, Germany