360 video hotspots, need help/to hire someone

I recently went to a friend’s wedding and shot some 360 footage with my Ricoh Theta. I wish the quality was better, but oh well. I want to hire someone to create a program for me to allow my friend to view the 360 footage and be able to click between scenes.

I picture it like a Matterport file but this is video instead of pictures.

Here is an example of what I mean. Here is footage from the bench outside ….
I picture there being an arrow like this you can click

and then it would bring you to this video

Does anyone have any advice on how I could make this happen or know someone who could do this for me?

This can be easily done for PC desktop (no worries about ram app size etc). For mobiles or html5 most probably no problems either.
Playing huge video file may be a bit of problem. There are topics about it somewhere on forum, search for those.

You need to create some cylindrical or spherical mesh, and play that move on it as texture.

Moving between and interface with some list of footage’s are easy to do.

Biggest problem is to play those as texture/material, but i think its exposed in blueprints now.

So for somebody that did it before, this could be a weekend project.

Try “gots skills subforum” if you want hire somebody,
or post in content creation (or blueprints), to make desktop PC prototype.

Did you find a solution?