2K walls of a house

Guys, I have a full house built in 3ds max on two stories, and I counted 12 walls (outside and inside). I’ve never tried Texture Atlasing, so I don’t know how to do.
At the moment, I’m using 2K material for each wall, which is 12 materials for 12 walls with 2K resolution. Is that too much for a PC game?

Hmm, that’s a kind of how long is a piece of string style of question. Sorry for the non-answer but I think you’d be best just importing it into a map and seeing what’s what. There’s the Actor Merge function that I believe atlases your materials together…

If it’s using the same texture then you don’t need to use an additional material. Instead of using a 2K texture you can likely use something like a 512x512 texture and just tile it.

Or use a tiling 512x512 texture with a detail normal.