2D sprite (Set play back position)


Someone can help me whit set play back position. i dont know why is not working.

if someone can put a example can be perfect!

Sorry for my english. .-.

This actually looks rather sound (besides the fact it’s half in a language I don’t know haha) it looks good. What happens when you compile? The only thing that is questionable is the collapse graph conditional but mostly because I don’t understand its context. That /needs/ to happen for that branch to do anything so if that condition is not met the branch is null.

An example is when writing a BP for camera controls that red conditional says “while turning” or “while zooming”. You know that the statement is being met for sure. Otherwise it’s null and the loop will always fire. Does this make sense?

Currently all of this BP can only function when the conditional “collapsegraph_01” is being met. I don’t know what that means but you do so I don’t know if it’s correct or not.