[2D Side Scroller] How to turn the camera correctly?


i do a slide scroller project, i can’t turn my character correctly.
What i want is look like simple, but i can’t.

When i push the button for turning right or left, if i push not enought, he stop his turn at the middle.
He have to do it even if i push the button quickly but the animation of turning have to be normal
I try to rotate the character when i push the button (in blueprint), but he is doing it immediatly and this is not good because i have placed the character not at the middle of the camera but at a little left for view at the right, and at the right when he is going to the left side.
So the camera change places immediatly and i don’t want it, the transition has to do it slowly.
For recap, the camera have to show 2/3 of the front of my character and 1/3 behind.
When i push right or left he have to turn immediatly but with an animation.
When my character change direction, the camera gonna turn but slowly and directly (not with a dezoom and zoom, just scroll to the right or left).

Sorry for my bad English :frowning: