2D side scroller axis problem


I’m trying to make a fight game, like Street Fighter, in SideScroller2D mode.
The problem is when i punch the AI or the AI punch me, the one who punch get out of the axis because of the collision and they can’t hit each other anymore.
How to block the axis of character and AI so that they don’t leave the axis anymore even when it’s because of the collision ?

I tried to place invisible walls but the problem is the nav mesh don’t like it and don’t work because the walls are too close to each other.

Why is the collision affecting your root bone at all?
set the root bone to kinematic and the character should be able to just get back up where it fell. You have to set pelvis to “free” on all angular and linear limits.

aside from that, just script it.
Align yourself to the other character all the time with a look at node on rotation.
that way you can have the game be 3d instead of faking 2d.

you can still lock the camera and it basically becomes a 2.5d allowing for side steps.