2D plane with a texture and cylinder collider

Hey, having troubles creating a plane that stand up right facing the camera with a cylinder collider, basically I am creating a 3d world with 2D textures, so I am trying to create a plane that stands upright facing the camera, it will have a tree texture with alpha then I want a cylinder collider that wraps the base of the tree texture so it feels like you’re walking around a tree and going behind it however I have tried so many things to get this working but nothing is. I have tried creating my own staticmesh, my own materials, tried using just sprites, tried materials with textures, tried even making everything in blender and exporting and importing yet nothing is working. any help please?

BUMP. still no idea how to achieve this effect

There’s an example of rotating sprites in the math hall in content examples. Then just add a BP on top with the cylinder collision.