2D or 3D?

So I’ve been slowly developing an RPG, but most has just been the story and some programming. Now I have a total of four different versions just to test things out; 2D and 3D in Unity and a 2D and 3D in Unreal. Now I what I was wondering if I should go for a 2D or 3D viewpoint. I want the game to be able to run on most hardware and I’ll be able to accomplish that either way (likely going to be doing pixels/voxels) but the problem lies in what others would enjoy, immersion, and my (lack of) artistic skills XD To actually phrase the question(s) directly…
1)Which do you guys think would be easier for someone without much artistic talent/which assets would be easier and cheaper to obtain? (I’m extremely poor and it’s even difficult to maintain my Photoshop license XD)
2) Do you think 2D games can’t be immersive?

I apologize for taking up your time but thank you for taking the time to read this. I’m so sure on what I want to do but when it comes to art I have to ask for opinions because I’m so poor at it.