2D Grid selectable


My question will be kind of stupid for a lot of people but I can’t find a right answer by myself.

I would like to create a selectable grid, but I don’t know how to manage borders.
My grid should be in 3D world, with some 3D elements on it, so I made a grid made of actors. Each actor is a cell and has a plan to render.

How can I have each cell to have his borders. I don’t want larger border when cells are close to each other.

The picture shows an example of what I try to get, but I want to do it as dynamic sized square grid.

Ideas I got

  • Made a material with parameter to double the larger of some borders as I wish
  • Made another plan above with the full grid
  • Made a material who get the center/top-left of the map as parameter and compute what border it should display. (so almost the same as the second one, but can’t change individual cell material easily)

Do you have any advice or tips ?

Thank you