2d game, they are still worth the time and effort?

Hello, i’m wondering about how the 2d games are actually accepted in the gamers community?

i saw a few remakes of old “good” games sank in the forgotten realm; also 2d games from indies developers tend to lost they goodness and shiness quickly.

Please post a reply with your opinion about this topic.

thanks in advance for the help.

It’s worth. 2D game with good idea, smooth mechanics and stylish visuals will be actual for many years (“Ori and the blind forest”, “Limbo”, “Mark of ninja”, “Shank” and many other). On the other hand - if you’ll make a 10045th top down game about shooting zombies, or one more platformer with mechanics identical to the ancient Prince of Persia, I have doubts about its popularity.
P.S. Not sure if UE4 is good engine for 2d games…

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  • Yes

I see alot good 2d game out there in steam with good sales

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Take a look at steam’s popular new releases tab and you’ll see how many are “2D”.
And yes, UE4 is very “good” for 2D games.

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