2D Exterior to Interior

Hi everyone! I have a little problem, I’m creating a 2D top down game, and I wanted to have interiors in the same level not another, is there any way to do something like this? Oh, something like Link’s Awakening! Is it possible?

Link’s awakening seems to be made with different levels per door entered.
Either way, for your particular need it’s a lot easier then you think.

Create a collision box to detect that the player is inside, and with onbeginoverlap fade out (expensive) or just disable the roof mesh from view (will pop off suddenly, doesn’t require anything special). If the art style of the game calls for it you could even slide or shrink the mesh around…
You may need to also implement a “see through walls” postprocess or disable the front wall as well as the roof to allow for more visibility.

I was thinking about different tilemap somwhere in the world, and just teleport to location, but I don’t know… should I do tilemap on front, or back of the overworld or just somwhere far away? Your idea is great but my Houses are rather to small for that…