2d Character Selection.

So after hours of searching, I Can’t find a tutorial on how to step up a character selection for my 2d game. I am just prototyping things for now. I have 4 flipbooks, For 2 different cars(Idle and moving). I have made a level for character selection. Placed 2 buttons from creating a widget. I have also created a main menu level and an actual level where the car spawns.

I am a beginner to visual scripting, So i am looking for how i will go about this. I want it to be like this for now…

Player launches the game, main menu appears (this part is done), from there he/she clicks on character selection menu they go to a new level which has 2 characters for now (this part is also completed). Now comes the part i want to know. I want it to be something like this. When the player clicks on the button(This has the image of the car is on it). This should change the “default Car” to the new one.

Can someone post a Screenshot for this? How should i tackle this?

A Screenshot will do the trick, you dont have to explain much. Any Help will be greatly appreciated.


P.s I am trying this right now. I am using “On clicked” node and i created a int variable called “Car Selected”, From “On clicked” node i am setting the “Car Selected” value to “1”. But i can’t figure out how to get “Car selected” in my player blueprint and link it up to 2nd cars animation. As i said above any help would be greatly appreciated.

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You can manually change the animation blueprint set in your Skeletal Mesh, but I recommend you to create a new BP class for each car, all derived from one base class (in your case, your player blueprint).

After you’ve selected a new car, destroy the actor (previous car), spawn the new actor (selected car) and possess him. I’m not sure if you want to change the car during gameplay and I’ve never tried making something similar, but that’s how I would start.