2D Camera Desaturation

I am still having all kinds of problems with 2D and Unreal. At this point, our team has been at a standstill for over a month, and any help would be very appreciated. Here is the problem in short:

This first shot, is without the game running. I have a basic orthographic camera, no effects on at all. Notice how bright and vivid everything is? Also, take note of the grey box, the camera gives no preview in orthographic. Related?

Now I will start the game. It doesn’t matter if I run it as a Windows preview, launch it from Ami, or the cooker. The scene is totally de-saturated, and on top of that, the edges of my sprite shimmers. I am using 1:1 sprite stretch; I am not stretching any sprites as advised by an engineer.

If you know what game you are looking at, yes, we are those guys and we are programming through this. It doesn’t hinder our ability to work on the combat engine, we just want things to look pretty for you. I’ve tried to only post spike projects, but we are getting close to an alpha release and we just need a direct answer if someone knows what’s going on here.

Thanks so much!

Afaik orthographic cameras don’t provide a preview in the editor. That’s default behavior.

Concerning your second problem, probably a long shot but here goes: By default “eye adaptation” is enabled. In the editor at the top left of the viewport click “Lit” -> “Exposure” -> “Fixed at Log 0”. You should see some changes. This basically means that eye adaption has been disabled in the editor viewport. To achieve a similar effect ingame you would have to change the “Auto Exposure” settings in your Global PostProcess volume (or which ever postprocess volume you are using).

Oh, so I need an in-game PPV. Let me give it a try and report back.

I went and did some digging around, it it turns out to disable ‘eye adaptation’, you must set a PPV and the camera object min and max exposure to 1. This however, did not fix the coloration problem.

Thanks for any continued help!