2d blendspace for top half of body


I have 2 blendspaces for my human. The top half uses the Attack Blendspace, the bottom half should use the Move Blendspace.
The attack blendspace is 2d.
I will need an Animation Montage so that I can use slots and achieve this.
Is there any reason or practical use for the montage (other than the get the slots)? Also do I need 1 montage for both blendspaces or 2 separate montages?


Anim blueprints are very flexible. If you don’t know a reason and still get everything working then there is nothing that forces you to use it right now. You could get the same result with different methods. For example you could try to put everything into one state machine or create more than one state machine in one anim-bp and split the (cached states) up and mix them together via some “Layered blend per bone” in the animgraph afterwards. For example if you have a well working upper body combat part (1d/2d without/without blendspace does not matter) but no well working “combat jump” for the lower body then you could use a non-combat-state machine that got the required anims for the lower body and mix it together with your upper body combat-state machine (cache) part. You could still use the same slot in different parts of your anim-BP (e.g. combat/non-combat). Slots are very usefull. Or what do you mean with “other than the get the slots”? Actually I’m using more then one slot for the upper body. For example I’m using a different slot for my un/holster rifle montage because I would use a different bone for my “Layered blend per bone” for “un/holster rilfe” (that sometimes looks better if I split it up at the clavicle) and some “fire rifle recoil” (that should even add some anim to the spine). But I’m using the same slot in different places (e.g. combat or non-combat modes).