2D Adventure


I am new to the Unreal Engine and would like to create a 2D Adventure,
after several tries I still have no Idea how I can create a 2D Screen, that
fills the whole screen, where I don’t have a toon.
The presets seem to miss this setting.
How can I realise it with Blueprints ?

Ok does it mean it is impossible, if I get no answers at all ?
Or is UE the right tool for my Project ?

I tried to use a clean project now, I added a camera and auto
activated it, now I added a Widget to display a screen, but where can I set it’s colour ?

I am confused … is that how u would suggest to start this project ?

Do you mean you want to create a 2d adventure game like the old LucasArts ones, Machinarium, and such? Well, you’re going to want to build all the buttons and such using UMG, unreal’s built in menu system. For the “2d gameplay screen” you could simply put the texture on a plane–or on many planes–in front of the camera. A lot of 2d games are actually 3d behind the scene, using a series of planes and sprites to achieve their look, and this is probably the easiest way to do that in Unreal too. You can look at paper2d for a bunch of tools with dealing with 2d sprite type stuff, though I can’t tell how much of that is applicable to you here. goodluck

Thx blankslatejoe will try it with UMG.