.25 light propagation volume / indirect lighting from emissive

I’m not really sure what I’m looking at.
the base of the scene looks entierly different after just applying the project settings option…

It seems that very material without a specifically checked “block global illumination” is now illuminating things, shifting the colors out from what they should be.
Particulalry noticeable for the mannequin, which was shifting light about like a torch…

I know that .26 is almost out. I know I’m probably wasting time even asking this…

Does anyone have a cheat sheet or similar on what actually looks good with the current .25 release GI+emissive light form foliage/meshes ?

Additionally, for whatever reason the directional light cannot go below .5 lux for the indirect lighting intensity to work at all.

This cripples the cave entrance which looks like the sun itself after auto exposure kicks in. Disabling auto exposure means the indirect light is barely even visible / can’t navigate the cave anyway… since the emissive was added for this purpose its kinda silly as it stands.

At least partially this issue was caused by having to toggle off “affect dynamic indirect lighting” within the meshes.
… do I really have to turn the option off for everything? / why is the default On then? -_-

Really looking forward to .26 at this point… too bad nothing else on it works so far XD

… after turning all the options off across the billions of meshes (including foliage), in still getting wierd artifacts on the ceiling and floor of the cave… mostly they happen when you move around which is the LPV kicking in…
when it works its nice. Still not skyrim black reach nice, but better than regular lighting was.
tips/suggestions most welcome…

Bumping this.

I’m a bit confused by the fact that the emissive light color does not affect the environment as I would expect. There is light, but it seems to be white compared to a glowing blue mesh.

Bungled that one myself - precomputed lighting was disabled because I always disable it… :stuck_out_tongue:
Much better currently. going to share some renders in a new post with instructions on how to get to it.

Still getting some light issues out of nowhere. The directional light is not in a place where the rays can cause the shine seen on the landscape. However the light colors are now changing with the material even in a mostly dynamic environment.

Ok. Figured this one out.
Emissive has no impact on the color it casts. Somehow the Diffuse is the one that leads what the LPV actually emits. Ergo, I can’t have a foliage type for Outside that goes into glowing at night without re-reworking the material and allowing a manual lerp of the base texture…

**STEPS - .25 **

  1. Project Settings > Rendering.
    Allow Static Lighting - True.
    Light Propagation Volumes - True.

  2. In level, drag in a PostProcess. Unbound, or per area - in a cave like screenshot, the area defined is fine.
    Expand Rendering Features -> Expan Light Propagation Volume.
    Enable Size, and leave it primed for changing / increasing.

  3. Add or go to the directional light. Make it movable.
    Enable Dynamic Indirect Lighting - also transmission, but I think that’s my preference.

  4. Add a Skylight. Make it movable. Affects Translucent Lighting checked. Transmission, checked. Distance field shadows are enabled for me, that’s dependent on your project.

  5. Select all level meshes. You may need to do it in separate batches.
    Expand Lighting -> Click the pull down for extra options.
    DISABLE Affect Dynamic Indirect Lighting.
    (obviously not for the meshes that need to actually make stuff glow).

    Make the material how you need, lit, translucent, they all work. Expand the settings.
    Enable Emissive (Dynamic Area Light).
    Plug in the Color you want the mesh to glow to the base color. Emissive will change the glow but won’t affect the LPV

  7. Optional material settings - for other meshes.
    setting Block Global Illumination MAY allow you not to check off the setting as described in point 5. IF you have a master material it may be worth taking this route.

Gotta love the fact that to do something this simple the first time takes a day :stuck_out_tongue: