206 Metallic materials Ready to use.

Hello fellas,
I’m not sure if this can be posted here, so forgive me if it should not.

Since my pack has not been approved by the Marketplace (no apparent reason) and some people have asked me if I could make the pack available alternatively, I’m releasing my “Metallic Party” Material pack containing 206 materials of different metals using realistic colour code.

The pack contains:

Aluminium, Bronze, Brass, Copper, Gold, Iron, Silver. Each Metal type has different sub-types. For Example: Copper, CopperSteamPunk, CopperWire etc… Each metal type has different aspects like: Brushed, Polished, Oxidized, etc…

The pack contains a Bonus Frosted Glass material experiment.

This pack is intended for those who are working with architecture and don’t wish to waste time preparing all the common metals
They are mostly for architectural purpose since they are Drag&Drop on the mesh and ready to go.
Let me know what you think about it. C&Cs are welcome :slight_smile:

LINK: https://gumroad.com/l/rjeoQ