2019 summer sale

Any idea when the 2019 summer sale will kick off?

It was June 5 - June 12, 2018 and July 18 - August 1, 2017
But now the 50% Flash Sale May 24 - May 27, 2019 just happened.

So well I wouldn’t expect it until July if not August I think.

Flash sale it was ridiculous nothing on sale from Characters !!! waste of time

August is end of Summer
July is ok you can call it Summer Sale , i hope to see everything on Sale

I rarely buy any characters. Using ready characters that anyone can use in any game as well is not the same as reusing the same pieces for buildings and so on.
That if you want your game to look as much unique as possible. Main objects and/or weapons as well as characters should be custom made for a single game.
Background characters and more objects it won’t matter much if they are the same as in other games.
If you make a racing game with whatever vehicles, cars or trucks or spaceships and so on then those should be unique to the game. Buying assets that can be seen
in other games would lower the overall quality of the game being sold. Customers/players won’t bother much if they see buildings the same as in other games but
if you use the same characters or cars and they are not for background use in the environment then that could become an issue.

to create character it take time , huge amount of time , i prefer to buy characters BUT the customization like armor set my friend can do that :slight_smile:

what you mean by that?