2018 Epic MegaJam Thread - November 8-15 - THEME: REALITY IS OFTEN INACCURATE

Oh man, I guess we’re not alone. Maybe they’ll consider opening the submission window up again? I doubt anyone’s trying to game the system by waiting until 30 minutes after the deadline to squeeze in some extra working time.

Edit: Oh, and here’s our project, in case someone comes along and takes pity on us: Carpe Diem by mire

Since some ichio pages was last updated before the deadline

We uploaded our game named Astro-Ark 30 minutes before the deadline and still it is not showing in the submission feed. We uploaded our game through Jam submission link to and it did show the game is uploaded and the game is showing in our dashboard. Astro-ArK by fogartti

Our game is not showing in the 207 entries in the Jam

Any ideas when will the winners be announced?

Hello dear developers! Seems like a lot of people are updating their games after the deadline. Isn’t it against the rules? Does it cause disqualification?
I’d really like to make some changes to my itch page. Is it okay? Sorry if the question is stupid, this is my first jam.

I believe It should lead to disqualification or at least they must revert the game to the original state because they are getting unfair advantage over others. I am not too sure however the deadline for submission was clear and those who update games get themselves more time that was officially allowed for the jam than other people. Jam is a fair competition with equal start and equal end for everybody, it has no place for cheating.

I failed submitting my game to epic itch page. When I rush there, spent 3 and half hours to just upload my file with countless fail, the deadline passed 30min. I guess that’s what it is living with GFW. So I still hope my game can be shared with all guys in this jam, for learning and good advice. Making it is already a big plus to my gamedev.

I think updating your games **PAGE **dont give any advantage… Literally i think change your texts, images, video links is allowed after you submitted your game… of course **you are not allowed **to upload new build or replace your build with a new one… but i think you cant do that btw…i mean everyone see when was the last build and submission sent to the megajam… :slight_smile:

I couldn’t publish in time for last second:{

In my experience, don’t submit at the last minute. It takes me a few hours to get all the ducks in a row to submit, and that assumes the page doesn’t go down from everyone submitting at once! Better to make a submission the day before, and then update it if you have significant improvements the last day.

I started submitting 1 hour before the deadline, uploaded my game started taking screenshots, fixed the gameplay a bit and reuploaded and continued building my itch page while thinking that I had till 3pm to submit. I ended up missing the deadline for the submission form by 5 minutes. I have sent them an e-mail about it though since the zip was uploaded before the time limit.

Nobody should worry, they are really good about this sort of thing since it happens at every jam. It is a bit embarrassing since this was my 19th Epic Game Jam.

If anybody want to play my game now, here it is

Hey, I got a couple of questions regarding the announcement of finalists. How are they getting determined and when will they be announced? We did not upload any screenshots or videos yet so I am a bit worried that our game gets dismissed without even getting tested and I think its pretty good so it would be a shame for me.

Here is our submission: Fragments by Toone, OursBleu, Jan Gortnar, rzl for 2018 Epic MegaJam -

The judges, Amanda Bott, Tim Slager, and Ben Mears, are going to play through all the games and rate them on there visual aesthetics, gameplay, and unique use of the theme. At least that is my understanding of how it works. As to when they will announce the winners I don’t know. I don’t believe that has been said yet, but I could be wrong. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.

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Great, thank you both!

We will go through and evaluate each game to determine the winners. Once we have done that we will schedule a livestream where we will show off the winners, discuss the honorable mentions, and so on. It is a super fun stream and I would highly encourage you to tune in! They happen every Thursday at 2:00 PM EST.

Check out our Events forums for the stream announcements.

I’m streaming play though of all the submitted entries, hop in if you want ;] so far played 40 of them, it will take few day so im in on between around 8PM to 10AM CET

I appreciate the play through!

I sadly did not had the time to make the game I really wanted to make for this game jam. But I have now had a bit of time to make it better, so you can now try a better and more fun version of the game. You can find and try the new version of the game “What is real? The game” here.](

Okay, is it just me or didn’t there used to be 212 entries? Because now it says that there are only 211 entries. And I thought I was caught back up on sleep…