2 Skeletons on 1 Character

Hey guys,

I’m trying to do the following: 1 simple character is holding another character on his back. How should I set this up, when I also want to add some animations for the person on the back? I tried using 2 different skeletons, did their animation and wanted to synchronize their movement in UE4. At the beginning, this was actually possible, I attached the 2nd Skeleton Mesh on the Character Blueprint and the Idle Animation also moved the Character on the back, but now it seems broken, the 2nd person is hanging in the air again, is there a button to synchronize this behavior?
Option B is making 1 Skeleton, but I already made both animation, so I’ll ask if this is possible <3

Hi man ,I have a blueprint with 3 skeletal mesh. that work togheter,
I sincronize them via script, i choose when one start an animation and which one. so its all in my hand.
So sure, is possible get more working skeletal on same blueprint

Can you share your system of 3 skeletal mesh?