2 of my current Game Prototypes (Videos) : Help me choose which to Pursure

I have 2 games I have been working on the past 2 years or so. I am going to begin aggressive promotions for one of them and would like some help in the choosing of which I should focus on. Scrimage is an arcade sport title in the vein of Rocket League, Supraball, Overwatch’s Lucioball etc. Lifted Line is a cybernetic game that currently has about 3 different renditions: open world battle game (think cybernetic Twisted Metal), futuristic racer or infinite runner. Both can be updated dramatically but below are some video clips of both.

Scrimage: - YouTube

Scrimmage :

Lifted Line: - YouTube

Additional Lifted Line Maps and world: - YouTube (there is a random audio error at the end so ignore that).

Honest insight and direction is appreciated. I think of all of this as fairly experimental so I am not cognitively glued to anything.


I feel that the racing one needs an epilepsy warning, looks awesome but definitely a short burst gameplay rather than the long haul. Scrimmage reminds me of rocketleague and I think you could do a lot with it to make it popular in the US not sure on other markets.

I’d be interested to see them both come to fruition but if I had to pick I’d say scrimmage because it looks like a fun game I could play around my main games over a beer.

Liftedlines although really cool looking I think would get a bit tedious and be something I’d buy but only play a handful of times.

Appreciate the input. Yeah Lifted Line is one of those games where I knew exactly what I wanted it to be early on in development and then as it was being created the concreteness of my vision began to blur. I currently have about 5 different versions of it.

Does it appear too big or too small? Too tall? Or is it the relation between the crowd that looks off? I have had trouble figuring out how to put a good crowd. The material I use in that trailer slows gameplay down by about 8fps and doesn’t look that great anyway. I am thinking of creating a bunch of simple geometry (like little spheres) that move up and down. At first I thought that would be too much of a performance hit but really it seems like materials and lighting/shadows drop the fps more then polygon count.

Lifted Line. I’m curious as to what platforms the games are for, whether they’re PC, console, mobile or mixed.

Y’know, I’m always up for a good Wipeout XL clone, but Scrimage just looks like a blast! As long as it has unique and advancing player stats so your team can be dynamic, and you plan to put more features into it, I’d say Scrimage would probably be an easier sell (Depending on how your AI works that is :smiley: if you can set up plays and customize their habits in-game, that’d be stellar).

But…to note, Scrimage is spelled wrong :stuck_out_tongue: It’s “Scrimmage.”

They are both created with Console in mind as the end goal. But they are optimized for a wide range of pc also. My rule is that the game has to be able to run at 120 fps in editor on my system with no AA. I don’t think either would work on mobile without some fundamental changes.

Heh I spelled it with 1 m on purpose to distinguish it from all the other search results when looking up scrimmage. However I have noticed people just keep spelling the correct way so if people just interpret it as a spelling error I may have to re-think that heh

Ill play with scale. Getting scale perfect has been tough. The perfect scale from the players perspective leaves the world looking giant and the perfect scale for the world as a whole leaves the gameplay feeling cramped.

Ok. Which consoles are you thinking of releasing on?

Any of them, I am open to working with anyone that has a positive vision for the life of the game/brand.