2 Object collision and 1 object falling

Always cabled (blueprint , actors located within) 5 seconds hand push box (blueprint , actors located within) a system to organize all of that I need to throw down and pushed the box I did, but you cannot push the box from the boxes from the front of the cabled hand constantly push through I’m in need of your urgent assistance.

I’m in need of your urgent assistance.

Any chances you could rephrase it, simplify it? I read it like 5 times and have no clue what is going on. Here’s what I understood:

  • there are boxes connected with a cable component
  • or this is VR and our hand has a cable attached
  • or this is a grapple system of sorts
  • we’re pushing / pulling boxes, for 5 seconds?
  • we’re throwing boxes
  • the order the boxes are in is somehow important

Apart from that, I’m lost.