2 New Plugins For The Flight Sim Fanatics And A Question About Distribution

Hey Guys,

I am working on a game prototype to pitch soon and I’ve decided to distribute two of my plugins I developed and am using to the community. Also, if you are someone who is into flight sims and flight setups, you’ll probably be really excited about this release :smiley:

The two plugins I’ll be providing is a Joystick plugin with full access to all the Axis, POV’s, Sliders and up to 128 buttons supported. Works great with a H.O.T.A.S setup!!! The second is more specific but is for anyone out there that owns the Saitek X52 Pro Flight System. The Saitek X52 Pro Plugin will provide full programmable access through Blueprints to set the color of the LEDs on the device and even to send strings to the digital MFD on the Throttle stick. Both work great and are finished enough that people can use them in their own projects without worry. Problem is, I’m not sure how distribution of plugins is done manually at the moment. Is it simply sending the DLL library that is compiled to the end user or is there a better way. Let me know for those that have already distributed plugins how you’ve been doing it so far. Also, let me know if there is any demand for these plugins and I’ll prioritize it and get them out to you.

Thanks again and take care!

BTW: Is this the correct forum for plugins or should this have been posted to the C++ forums, thanks :wink:

Hi, seems great!

Yes, for now, before the opening of the Marketplace, you have to distribute a package containing all your plugin files (though you can remove source code)

I personally let users download or clone my whole plugin directory from Github directly.


Awesome, Thanks for the feedback! I’ll post a release to both in the near future :wink:

And you would probably provide a unique easy ‘install instructions’ instead of flooding the readme with variants like I did: I will rewrite mine!

I’ll take a look at yours as an example but I may accompany the releases with a YouTube video going over them in depth from installation to use. Let me ask you, when you said that if it was a binary release, to keep the folder structure under the Plugins directory intact even if source files aren’t present, correct? Also, at the end of the day, is it the DLL that’s the most important or would the pre-generated files also be included? Thanks for the info, really appreciate it!

Please have a look at the official documentation about ‘distributing a plugin’ :

Basically you have to distribute the uplugin file, the Binaries directory with the DLL compiled for ‘Development Editor’, and the Content directory with the icon.

Have a look at my file hierarchy:


This is perfect, you’re awesome!

As a card-carrying “Flight Sim Fanatic,” I am personally really enthusiastic to see someone working on these plugins. I have the Saitek X52 Pro at home, so seeing support for that available in UE4 would be awesome. Keep the updates coming.

MC Stryker, Status Report on the joystick plugin?

Really excited to hear that Tim! I am shooting to have the plugin coming this week. I am going to start a YouTube channel up and I am going to do some UE4 related videos with the first couple centering around these plugins. I just left my job to get a new game company started so things are extremely busy to say the least. At the moment, they are working and I just needed to take a moment to go back and finish upgrading to 4.2. They work great and maybe in the future when time frees up, I’ll end up doing a Pull request up on GitHub to get at least the Joystick one into the engine directly so you can do things like map them in your input properties. But the Saitek should be good enough as a standalone plugin. I’m going to try and get filming in the next two days and I’ll be going into the code and getting it ready to distribute. Also, I have a new plugin that I developed that I’ll also be distributing that as well that will allow you to do Easing Functions in Blueprints to give the user more options for interpolation. I’ll keep you guys posted but I should be posting the info this week. Take care guys!

Nice to hear, keep us updated!

Appreciate it. Keep your eyes peeled today on the Blueprint forums everyone… :wink: