2 materials on the same polygons?

How do I assign two materials to one skeletal mesh?

I’m using Maya LT.

I know how to give different polygons different materials, but what I’m trying to do is have 2 material slots that cover the entire mesh. One material would be the base material and one would be a translucent glow that I would activate when something special happens in the game.

Each material must cover all of the polygons then.

The problem I have in Maya is I can’t seem to assign 2 materials to the mesh, the second one overwrites the first. If I make 2 UV sets, I still can’t seem to have 2 materials on the same polygons.

Any suggestions?

You can make the glow within the material itself, or in a post process. The glow could easily be a parameter you control within the material via a blueprint.

Yes, that may turn out to be easier in the end. I do want to learn how to add 2 material slots to the same mesh polygons however. I’m pretty sure it’s possible and it will allow me more flexibility at run-time with swapping out the glow for different effects. A little more modular basically I think

When rendering, a single material is applied to a set of triangles.
You can split up a model so that different triangles use different materials. Incidentally this results in multiple draw calls.

You cannot, however, assign 2 materials to the same triangle.