2.5D Character Controller

Hello Everyone ,

so I’m trying to learn my way through the Engine and Getting into the visual Scripting and stuff
I’m new to the Game making process so please go slowly on me :smiley:

so my question is I’m trying to make a controller for my character in a Platformer game but im not quit sure how do i make the controller for the character and the camera following the player is he moves along the platform

sorry if my question was an armature one but I’m trying kinda hard to walk my way through into game making ^^

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I would highly recommend clicking “New Project” and then scrolling down to Side-Scroller. If you are not a programmer, choose the Blueprint version. It will have everything you need already setup for you. You can then open it up and look at how they did it.

Thanks for the fast rely, i knew i was missing something xD