100 animated monsters for Unreal

Hello everyone. I started a Kickstarter where I am making 100 different animated monsters for commercial use. It originally started with only being meant for Unity 3d, but I have been playing around with UE4 and now plan to ship files optimized both for Unity and UE4. If you are interested and need a slew of monsters to propigate your game check it out here:

This image is from Unity, but it helps highlight what the models look like. Sorry I don’t have any screen shots from UE4 yet.

Very Nice porternielsen. Interesting Art Style. Non typical Kickstarter project. Have you considered selling Creature and Animation Bundles in the Marketplace? Check out the Skeletal Mesh Requirements here. Be the first to help establish standards for base rigs for all types of non-bipedal creatures.

I’m interested in the Skeletal Rigs/Animations for my Collage Creatures in my Fantasy FPSRPG. I’m aiming for over 100 unique monsters, each with unique attacks, defense, super attack, taunts, roars, and death animations.

Thanks for the post. Yeah, I plan on releasing each monster individually on the marketplace after the kickstarter.

As your thread is not a community content, a tool or a tutorial, i move it to general section. Feel free to open new threads in related section (market place, work in progress) if you have a reason to do and good luck with your kickstarter.

Seems like a bit of a stretch, 10k for the KS goal, and I wish you luck!

One thing you might want to consider is upping the texture resolution to 4k textures rather than 2k textures. In my experience, 2k looks like !@#% when you’re in VR. Also, look at tessellation/displacement, higher-poly models at very close LOD range rather than only normal mapping. Nothing worse than for “high end textures” look like wallpaper when I put on my HMD.