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Thread: ArchViz movie of a graduation project

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    ArchViz movie of a graduation project

    Hi everyone,

    I work at an architecture firm in The Netherlands and we're starting to use Unreal Engine for our visualisations. To teach myself Unreal, I've used a graduation project of a collegue of mine and made a movie of it. The title 'Huis voor alle Zinnen' is Dutch and means something like 'house of all senses'.

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    Cant seem to see the video..

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    Quote Originally Posted by spacehawk View Post
    Cant seem to see the video..
    Here's a direct link to the Youtube video: does that work or still gives you an error?

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    Overall it has a lot of good stuff in it! A couple of suggestions, slow down the camera moves, focus on the main spaces more and less on the circulation, square up the camera, and reduce the bloom effect. All of the chairs look too small as well.

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    I like the concept, I agree with R13DVIZ as well, camera is moving quite fast on some areas and missing out the great aesthetics of the building design and composition. I'm quite more encourage that more and more Arch Firms are using Unreal Engine as we have. nice job!
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    Thanks for your comments, RI3DVIZ and serriffe. I agree with both of you on the speed of the camera, I actually had some trouble maintaining a constant speed with the camera. In a next version, I'll try to slow things down.

    At our architecture firm, we're pretty glad that Epic made software available for free, so we can use it to show our architectural 3D models to clients with the Oculus Rift. It's also fantastic that there's a big community behind Unreal Engine here on the forums.

    Here are some screenshots from the model:

    Name:  HuisVoorAlleZinnen-Unreal-Engine-01.jpg
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    Name:  HuisVoorAlleZinnen-Unreal-Engine-02.jpg
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    Name:  HuisVoorAlleZinnen-Unreal-Engine-03.jpg
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    Name:  HuisVoorAlleZinnen-Unreal-Engine-04.jpg
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    Name:  HuisVoorAlleZinnen-Unreal-Engine-05.jpg
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    Name:  HuisVoorAlleZinnen-Unreal-Engine-06.jpg
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    yep I can see it now .. lovely...but as the people said . it needs more screen time with the camera. you could use it to study camera movements and angles . since you already did most of the hard work.! would be a waste not doing it justice. :-).. I am quite new to unreal engine but I fake slow camera by increasing the frames per second while rendering and decresing it while comping.. which in turn reduces the speed of the camera. this has many side effects like you have to adjust all the simulation to match the speed.. which works for me as my laptop is an old laptop and dosent render somethings at the speed it needs to... so it seems to work for now. I will try something spectacular like yours next after I figure out to make good materials and such!.. good job overall.
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    I love the tall grass, how was that done?

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    Quote Originally Posted by RI3DVIZ View Post
    I love the tall grass, how was that done?
    All the foilage was 'painted' on the model with the foilage tool in Unreal, and the grass and plants 3D models are from the free 'Open World demo collection' that was made available by Epic.

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    ^ Cool, thanks.

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    I think that all the things that could be said to implement your model where allready given, so I think that only left to say that it looks really nice, congratulations!

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    Very nice, I love the design. =)

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    Can I ask which light do you use? It seems to me that unwrapping such a whole large mesh like your building is something really troublesome.

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    Quote Originally Posted by enternalsaga View Post
    Can I ask which light do you use? It seems to me that unwrapping such a whole large mesh like your building is something really troublesome.
    Hi eternalsaga, for this project I started with the default 'first person shooter' template which already has a directional light. Having such large meshes was indeed not the most efficient method when working with lightmaps, as some of the floor-meshes are up to 85 meters long. I had to use lightmap resolutions like 2048 to prevent light artifacts.

    I did all the unwrapping in 3ds Max with a plugin (SteamRoller) which makes it really easy Exporting the meshes with the UE FBX Exporter plugin also saves you a lot of time.

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    That was simply beautiful and a pleasure to watch.

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    Thats a lot of great work! It looks really nice! only thing I dont like - the bloom seems to be too intense and you can work on the camera movement a little bit - it was "running" at some point
    Also I think you can crank up the antialiasing a little bit

    PS. It is actually good to hear that architecture studios are getting intereseted in UE4!

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    Nice.Very nice. No, really,very nice.

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