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Thread: 5/9: ARK Dev Kit v257.45 has been posted to the Epic Launcher!

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    Quote Originally Posted by magerbeton View Post
    Hey WildCard,

    Why do i have to install the whole DevKit every time if you update it? I have to delete it and wait 2 days (Got not the best Internet conection). Hope you can help me.

    Good luck with developing,
    LG magerbeton
    Thats Strange, for me its working good. Dont matter if i update with downloaded files from github/google and copy it to the folder or update from Launcher. Maybe you mess up your files when copy to your DevKit Folder (the files from github/goolge drive) ?
    I will finish just this one line of code

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    Ill try but i did it a few Updates before and it didnt accept it... but ill try and see what happen

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    Jun 2015
    The 257.45 file on google drive is misnamed "247.450".

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    Quote Originally Posted by dreyn74 View Post
    The 257.45 file on google drive is misnamed "247.450".
    what he said

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    Anyone else crashing after this update? "Entry point not found"

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    What about removing the DevKit from Steam since it's outdated and obsolete?
    You know not everyone have a 100mb/s connection, after wasting an entire afternoon downloading 37GB (useless at this point)
    Now i have to download other 92GB of devkit (the working one from UE4, wich is going to take me something like 2 days)
    Sorry to be rude, but it's frustrating.

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    Any kind of eta on 258 update? if we're even going to get it, or waiting till next version?

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