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Thread: Epic MegaJam Submission Thread!

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    0 32bit 64bit
    Hologram Monster
    Team size: 3
    Tony Kihlberg
    Anssi Penttilä
    Henri Haimakainen
    All assets made by us except music, used "Volatile Reaction" Kevin MacLeod (
    Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0
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    TeamName: TierraDeVinos
    Name of the Submission: TierraDeVinos_SpaceClassicGameRunner
    Did you make all your own assets: no
    Music: MagicSword

    This is our first game, we are proud to finally made it, scratching the last second of the due date, we learn a lot in the process.
    The Main Character, the enemys and pickups where build in 3D studio from scratch, we rig with mixamo the main character, in the environment we use rocks from infinity project

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    4 Torches

    Link to a download of your game:
    Team name: FMJ Games
    List of team members: Matt, Melanie, Chris and Aaron
    Name of your submission: FMJGames_FourTorches
    Did you make all your own assets? NO
    We used infinity blade assets but we did create our own character before the jam. All levels in this build made for the Epic Jam! Also we made our own music and sound effects.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	CRYVAeCUkAAnu95.png 
Views:	2189 
Size:	378.5 KB 
ID:	61396

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	CRYVApnUkAE1BbU.png 
Views:	2183 
Size:	376.0 KB 
ID:	61397

    Click image for larger version. 

Views:	2182 
Size:	366.6 KB 
ID:	61398

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	CRYVAbNU8AQ0bWQ.png 
Views:	2176 
Size:	360.7 KB 
ID:	61399
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    Repro is a puzzle platformer about standing on clones. Solve increasingly difficult puzzles to advance in the game. I was only able to implement six puzzles before the deadline, so most people should be able to complete it in 5-10 minutes.

    WASD - Movement
    Space - Jump


    Team Name

    List of team members
    Nick Pfisterer

    Name of submission

    Did you make all your own assets?
    Player character skeletal mesh and animations taken from Unreal Engine 4 example content.
    Footstep sounds are derived from samples in the Sonnis GDC Game Audio Bundle and used with a royalty-free license.
    All other content created by Nick Pfisterer.
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    Giant Revival

    *edit* In a devastated world the only chance to survive is to settle down on reanimated stone giants,
    but one day the ancient colossus of our main character collapsed and now he is the last hope to fix the ancient mechanism.


    Team Name

    List of team members

    Tom Nietfeld (Blueprints /Music & sound /Game & Level Design)
    Katharina Ricken (Environment Modeling/ Character Rigging & Animation / Level Design/ Sound)
    Eva Kaup (Environment Concept Art/ Texturing/ Mapping)
    Philipp Grote (Foliage/ Environment Concept Art/ Background Paintings/ Environment Rigging & Animation)
    Julian Neagu (Character Design/ Character Modeling & Texturing/ Environment Modeling/ Level Design)

    Name of submission


    Did you make all your own assets?

    Yes we made all assets, music and most of the sound effects in the given time frame.

    Sound Effects by Julian Ferreira da Silva
    Cave Theme by Gowryrahm Mohan

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    May 2014

    Richard Nazarian
    Ulvis Bariss
    Kassym Kushkimbayev


    Own assets:
    yes (except for main character model and pickup sprites that are placeholders)

    We ran out of time, we started 4 days late and also had other college stuff going on, still the main gameplay is kinda there. Too much to talk about what still has to be put in. One of the things is a bug with jetpack model and animations for the main character.

    You're (supposed to be) a bug with a jetpack that can fling itself from human to human (they're giants in the eyes of the bug, everything is relevant) and get to the target. Your health drains over time and regenerates when getting to the target. Falling on the ground results in death. After reaching the target you get a new one until you miss a jump or your health drains to 0. Some humans have pickups on their shoulders. Score pickup gives you a small amount of extra score. Stun pickups makes your target human stop for a while. Immunity stops your health drain for a while. Rocket boost increases your jump strength.

    Next time we will make sure we plan our time properly
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    May 2014
    Link to a download of your game :
    Team name : AmnesiaDev
    List of team members : Raikoh
    Name of your submission : AmnesiaDev_WormArena
    Did you make all your own assets? no
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    Jun 2014
    Team name: Od1n
    Team Members : VRLtqq (1)
    Game name: The Giants Awaken
    Original assets: No (most but not all)
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    Team name: BAGUETTE TEAM
    Team members: Antoine GARGASSON, Quentin THEVENARD, Elouan HARMAND, Grégoire EYMON
    Name of submission: BAGUETTETEAM_Legacy
    Did we make all asstes: yes

    Hi everybody, we are the BAGUETTE TEAM, we are videogame french's students from Supinfogame. We present you our game, name "Legacy".
    Our game is a 3vs3 fps, in which you receive bonus when one of your friends die. The death of one player upgrade his friends. The rest of the team standing on the shoulders of giant(s), the player who is already dead.
    All the game was realized by our team members, we created all assets and code.
    We realized this game jam during an intensive week in school.

    How to play:

    wasd: movements
    r: reload
    shift: sprint
    space : jump
    ctrl or c: crouch
    left click: a badass shot
    right click: a cool grappling

    One player launch the server. The other have to change their client launcher shortcut properties and replace, in the target, [yourIP] by the IP of the player who is the server.
    You can select team directly or navigate on the map with the spectator cam.
    Press "P" or "Esc" to choose the red team or the blue team.
    Choose one bonus per team members: health up, shield up, speed up, dammage up, extra ammo.

    During the game, if a player is killed, his teammates are powered up by the bonus of the dead player.

    We hope you will enjoy playing that game. Have fun and be comprehensive it's our first EPIC MEGA JAM but not the last .



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    Jun 2015
    Ashes to Ashes

    We decided that we wanted to show what our civilization was built upon, who our giants were. So enjoy!

    Team name: SkyByte
    List of team members:
    Name of Submission: SkyByte_AshesToAshes
    Did we make all the assets?: Yes

    - A en D to move left and right
    - Left mouse button to throw a spear
    - Hold shift to sprint
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    Lemos Brothers Submit


    Team Name
    Lemos Brothers

    List of team members
    Pepe Lemos
    Carlos Lemos

    Name of submission

    Did you make all your own assets?

    At first, we tried to make an fps game where the player would experience how this genre has evolved through the years: at first, the game would look as one of the first vector-based games (like maze wars or battlezone), then it would slowly transition to a more wolfenstein-ish look, and finally to a 3d style. The game would also add mechanics and features progressively, as they were made popular thoughout the years (jumping, iron sights, quick melee attacks...), showing how this particular genre has advanced building on top of previous mechanics and technology; following the Epic Jam.

    However, we had to kill this baby (it was too big), but we managed to get a pretty cool retro aestetic for the first level (see screenshots).
    Afterwards, we worked on another idea: we had two characters fighting on top of a giant, fighting to stay on top of it. The characters would move using energy: each button press would deplete one of your available energy points, and when it runs out of energy that character would get stunned (for about 1 second) and then the controls would get randomized. As the game progresses, you would have less and less energy, thus making it more challenging and fun.

    The game is meant to be played 1 vs 1 both players with a unreal engine compatible gamepad connected to the pc.

    The game is not finished because both of us got a flu for the entire week of game jam
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    Hey guys! I'm with Gear Switch Games and this is the download link to our game: Heirloom Dwarves

    Team Members:
    Travis Stewart (design, code, code, code, code, animation, bit of material art)
    Mark Judkins (3d art, rigs, dynamics, code)
    Kim Smith (2d art and concepts)
    Jonathan Jenkins (code)

    Music isn't ours though. :-p
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    About: We took a while to get to the idea of this one. After a while it hit me: we game developers are, in fact, standing in the shoulders of giants. We have so many good ideas and so much inspiration to draw from. So we went back, way back: "Donkey Kong Country"-back. Sometimes we forget the small mechanics that were really good back in the day, and the barrels mechanic from those old Rareware games seemed like a pretty good starting point. We started drawing from old references and tried to go for a silly, classic Rare feel, since we're all fans of those games.
    The game itself is about a french bulldog that gets flung around from cannon to cannon, but whose only method of propulsion is the dog's own farts. If you have one of these fellas as a companion you'll know why we chose this breed! :P
    At the end, you have to beat an evil giant. We were going to rescue our owner from said giant, but we ran out of time to get that piece of storytelling into the game, and decided to just focus on the simplicity and fun of the gameplay elements. We think it was worth it!
    Hope you enjoy! We sure are.

    Download link:


    Team Members:
    Mateus Fassina
    Ian Fandhrs
    Thiago Duarte
    Fernando Nectoux
    Alexandre Sokabe

    Did you make all your own assets?
    No. Music and some SFX are external. Dare you to guess which. We also used the default skybox.
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    Windows 32-Bit
    Windows 64-Bit (increased foliage)

    Team Gryffindor
    List of Team:
    David-Lead Design/3D art
    Kasey-Sound FX/Music
    Sander-3D artist/ texuring
    Micah-Character Artist/Animation

    Name of Game: TeamGryffindor_ForestofGiants
    Did you make all of your assets? Yes with the exception of some ground textures

    Thank you for playing. This is my 2nd jam, but first with this team. Everyone did great job and I had tons of fun. Looking forward to the feedback
    About: You play a squirrel in a forest and the goal is to find the Giant tree and make it to the top branch. Beware some enemies may try to stop you.

    WASD: Move
    Mouse: camera
    Left mouse click: throw
    right mouse click hold: aim
    E: climb when next to main tree (hit e again if you become unattached)

    There are known issues with the game, mainly tree collision and animation. But main core of the game works as intended. Enjoy
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    Team name: Flash and Pizzazz

    List of team members:

    Quadknot - Daniel Figueroa
    MustaKaat - Lester Carrasquillo
    Varto - Valmín Miranda
    Z-Bro - David Sánchez

    Name of your submission: FlashAndPizzazz_TopChief

    Did you make all your own assets? Yes, all content is original except music and sounds.
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    Death Race

    Download Win64 day3 package: :: 200MB -> 1GB UNCOMPRESSED :: MAC, LINUX, HTML5, AND XBOXONE COMING SOON!
    Team Name: Team GiantMonster
    Team Members:
    Nsomnia -

    Thanks to KnightsOfNeon for his free music as always!

    Original Assets: Yes

    Description and Controls
    Death race is a fast-paced vehicular combat game. Race at speeds up to 120mph to be the first to complete a lap around the dust filled canyon without getting killed.

    WASD to steer.
    Space to handbrake
    LMB To fire your gun
    T to bring up gun.
    Backspace re-rights your truck if you get blown off the track.
    Enter/Esc - The ingame menu


    Wind your giant monster truck around the curves of the track while the elite class from the United Federation State watch your targets die in a blaze of glory. Hope they dont have an allargy to smoke!

    Can you survive the death race?

    What happened to many guns, multiple trucks, pickups, turbo etc?

    Generic Shooter didnt work with vehicles and we lost the last 4 days

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    Team: Ayretek



    Characters are original (blender was rough on me)

    I am not sure about the results, we were in such a rush at the end.
    If it's horrible you have our apologies Allar
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    Team name: HeadsAndBrains
    Team Members : Nicat, Tural
    Game name: HeadsAndBrains_HobbitOnTheGiant
    Original assets: Yes


    W to walk forward
    AD to turn left/right
    Left click to hold and rotate big blocky wires
    F to check if puzzle is solved.

    Levels are randomly generated.
    Our hero should rotate all of the big blocky wires to get the electricity flowing from sun panels to the big satellite that you begin under.

    Bad news note:
    There might be a bug that makes level unbeatable but might not happen
    If bug happens quit game executable and start new game.

    Known bugs:
    Satellite on the starting big blocky wire spawns with not correct rotation.
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    Team Name: Team Caffeinated

    Adrian M
    Vencislav Nachev
    Scott Baker
    Jonathon Riley
    Jamel glen

    "our heroes although natural enemies on a twin-sun geosynchronous planet,
    meet up when their planet is being invaded for it's rare minerals by a more technologically advanced race,
    they look at eachother while both running from their impending doom and realize that the only way to live a little longer
    is to cooperate and kick some ***, so "Ash"(a young swift creature with a natural talent of pyrokinetics) and "Algor"
    ( an elder frost druid that can control the element of ice) team up and get their survival instincts synced against the endless waves of enemies

    wasd-movement , L-mouse normal attack, 1,2,3 for abillities

    All assets are our own. Steam supported.

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    Link to a download of your game - We will be posting the link soon
    Team name - Outer Veil Studios
    List of team members - 3, Deathwyrm, Fox Chers, Teeny Tot
    Name of your submission (Please format it with your team's name attached ex. TeamName_GameName) Outer Veil Studios_Big Ant
    Did you make all your own assets? (yes / no) No - Used textures from and some sound files from other sites.

    Note, our game won't build and crashed, we have had to forfeit, video of some of the stuff we were working on in the link below, we are gutted, but life goes on.
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    Link to Download-

    Team Name- CenaCorp

    List of Team members- Michael (Blanchy), Elliot, Josiah, Craig and Olivier
    (Credit- Aaron Blows(animation), Harvey Castle(Rig))

    Name of your submission - CenaCorp_ThePilgrimage

    Did you make all you own assets? - No - Some default meshes and particles have been referenced from unreal. Other then default unreal, Yes.

    Programmes used: (university licence)
    Substance Designer
    Adobe Photoshop


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    Team name: Solux
    Team members: vortigaunt, haarer0
    Submission name : Karhar 27
    All original assets: no

    This was originally posted on page 3, before deadline. I've accidentally deleted that post when trying to edit it.

    Controls: WSAD to move, LMB shoot, 1-3 switch weapons, RMB while hovering over terminal to interact, F - flashlight, QE - camera rotation.

    Explore scientific facility on mars (won't bother restoring original description)

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    link :
    team name : Hot Spaghetti
    List of Team Members : James, Anthony
    Name of Submission : HotSpaghetti_Gluons
    Did We Make all the assets? : Yes but we used mixamo to rig and animate our character

    Edit: 2 brothers from melb aust. this is our first game so also first jam
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    Locking the thread for submissions!

    If you have a late submission, please shoot me a PM and we can see if anything can be done. Bring a doctor's note!

    We'll be downloading these sometime this evening to account for upload speeds.

    Best of luck and EXCELLENT work, everyone!!!

    Edit: It appears that posts cant be edited if closed, so we're reopening the thread.
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    Game Name: (giants not included{yet})
    Team Name: Flying Bison Studios
    Team Members: Shane McDermott, Sean Hartfiel
    Download Link:
    Original Assets- No
    Everything is from various UE4 asset packs with the exception of portal-able cube textures.

    Thanks to my o̶u̶t̶r̶a̶g̶e̶o̶u̶s̶ giant ambition, the objective/game doesn't really come close to our planned interpretation of the theme.
    Instead, enjoy an entirely different game!
    Try to get the yellow, blue, green, and violet cubes within their corresponding zones in the shortest time possible- your score will constantly drain, so the sooner you finish, the higher your score! If you run out of points, it's game over.
    Here is the control layout:
    Left Click for Primary Fire,
    Middle Click for Zoom,
    Right Click for Secondary Fire,
    Left Shift for Sprint,
    Left Ctrl for Crouch,
    Spacebar for Jump.
    Weapon toggle with 1-2-3
    Camera Change with H (I'd advise First Person when shooting, Third when using the pickaxe since I had issues with setting everything up properly).
    You'll need to exit with the console command ~exit
    (I thought I'd included escape, but apparently not.)
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    We stand on giants of science that can create so very much, but not all created that look back at us is friendly.

    Link to a download of your game Download
    Team name AKurvet,
    List of team members Ats Kurvet,
    Name of your submission AKurvet_Teleported,
    Did you make all your own assets?
    No, 3D art is all mine, but I used a lot of sounds from for sound mixing.

    VR headset recommended.

    Left Mouse/Controller Left Trigger to interact,
    Right Mouse/Controller Right trigger to use teleporter
    (once to shoot teleportation projectile and second time to spawn on it),
    W, A, S, D/ Controller Left Stick to lean,
    Enter or Controllr Back Button to recenter view in HMD mode.

    Open all valves on the maze like spaceship to be teleported out of it.

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    Team: APDRA
    Members: Andrew Wetmore, Alek WagnerPeter Mize
    Submisssion: APDRA_Dwarves Among Us

    Controls: Space to leap, Mouse Right Click to Duck, Mouse Left lick to Jump

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    Poultry Pals
    Team Members
    Briand Beauchamp
    Brandon Wassenburg
    Dwayne Toney
    Matt Schroder
    Tjay Revett

    Poultry Pals_Farmaggedon

    Assets were all made by the team. All models, textures, and characters. All custom blueprints.

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    packaging my project resulting in errors.. so submitting project files
    Sorry for the inconvenience

    download Link :
    TeamName : DigitalZap
    Team Members : Deepak,pallav
    Name Of Submission : DiditalZap_LoveforLifey
    Do you make all your assets : No (uesd assets from unreal projects)

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    Team name: unreal-i(n)sti(n)cts
    Lets call it: Blood sugar
    2 Team members: David(The dude that just "learned" UE4) and Juan (3d artist/modo)

    Hi there, sadly we didn't terminate it, I just follow up a tutorial last week and my friend (3d artist) and I worked on this (he did a good job actually have more models than the ones I show :S) but I used an example as base, but we didn't know a lot of things, I also got stuck with some BP examples haha, so this is for you to let you know we did do "something" (more like got stuck on my end)... we will develop further in we did have lot of plans sadly we could only use like a day or 2 I hope to improve to use my friends assets more fast. I was hesitant to post it but I let it be (at less for some time :P).... all the shames goes on me .

    (and yeah I deleted a dylib from the .app because uploading was poor at the moment, and congratulations teams! I did have fun and learned what I didn't know last week).
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    Is it too late to submit? We just put our link in our post... Team: Victus Vincimus Submission: Escape the asylum Link to thread of submission:!
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