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Thread: Epic MegaJam Submission Thread!

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    Team Name: Blood Brothers
    Project Name: NED of The Dead
    List of team members:
    1. Saad Anees (, 03453198218),T.Shirt Size: Medium
    2. Ibad Anis (, 03162129689), T.Shirt Size: Medium
    3. Adil Najeeb (, 03242755259), T.Shirt Size: Medium
    Name of your submission: BloodBrothers_NEDofTheDead (Please format it with your team's name attached ex. TeamName_GameName)
    All original assets (no) <- We used some from other sources like Epic games, RPG Starter Kit, Material pack


    NED of The Dead is a role-playing game (RPG) in which a virus is spread in NED university that turns almost everyone to zombie but the people who were not exposed to the virus have to survive together. They need to get out of the university but they are trapped inside and waiting for the arrival of rescue team.

    It is in the Action-Adventure genre. It is similar to most adventure games because the game has an engaging story and an immersive world. It is similar to action games because in the game there will be cinematic action set-pieces that the player will be involved in. It is different to most action-adventure games because there is a lot of freedom given to the player; it’s very non-linear in the way the player can go about progressing through the story. The game has open world elements; the player can explore the university and collect items.
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    A Long Whale Trip

    Win32 : Link1 Link2
    Win64 : Link

    Team name : Mhousse1247
    List of team members (1) : Elhoussine Mehnik
    Name of your submission : Mhousse1247_ALongWhaleTrip
    Did you make all your own assets? (No) ( Learn Tab & )

    PS: Not enough time , only 20% done
    Website [ LINK ]
    Twitter [ LINK ]
    Support ! [ LINK ]

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    Team Trekdrop - BattleMetal

    We're a group of 5 students in a game development education. We started with Unreal just 5 weeks ago and we decided this would be a good (not to mention fun!) way to learn Unreal. Our game is heavily inspired by Metal Slug, but with an Isaac Newton Mech.

    Download link:
    Team Name: Team Trekdrop
    List of Team Members: Jimmy Koene, Bogdan Dumitriu, Sjors de Laat, Machteld Beukers & Björn Gillissen
    Name of Submission: Team Trekdrop_BattleMetal
    Did We Make all of the assets? No, we used the Unreal explosion particle as well as sounds effects from and music from TeknoAxe
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    Cool Wailing Ninja Studios - Democracy? DE-MECH-RACY!

    In the distant future mankind makes first contact with an intelligent species. To our horror, they are COMMUNISTS. Supreme Earth Leader Ronald Dump immediately dispatches Earth's Democracy-ambassadors to teach the aliens about our culture. You are the First-Ambassador in charge of spreading Democracy, bullet by bullet.

    The game requires a gamepad to play properly.
    Use the right thumbstick to fire.
    Use the left thumbstick to control your shield. The shield will absorb the energy of incoming projectiles, but will slowly drain your energy while active.

    Team Name: Wailing Ninja Studios
    List of team members: Isvulfe, Kjelle
    Name of submission: WailingNinjaStudios_DE-MECH-RACY
    Did you make all your own assets?: No. Some of the sound effects are sourced from

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    Synthetic Dreams: City of Giants
    Team name / Team member: Alexotronic
    Name of your submission: City of Giants
    Original assets? nah. Used 2 stems from Magic Sword and mixed my own track. Used Buildings from Infiltrator.


    Today, I’m going to do something unprecedented. I’m going to announce a commercial project via game jam.

    I’ve been working this project for some time now. One of the goals of this project was to create a universe. Today, I invite you into this place.


    What is Synthetic Dreams? The question is answered within.

    Inside of this universe I have created a City of Giants, I ask not to be judged on the “INTRO” or “ABOUT” portions (which were created before, and separate from this jam) but only on The Giant (This distinction is clear in-game)

    Synthetic Dreams is made for VR. However, if you don’t own a Head-Mounted-Display you can still experience it.

    Game Jams have been an important component to my creative process. I generally use them as a time to explore a visual style or engine feature. I’ve spent a good amount of time this week creating a recap thread for this years jams, you should definitely take a look.

    As for City of Giants… I think it’s clear we all are standing on the shoulders of some giant. Some man who devoted his life to perfecting the art of shooting photons at a screen. Or some company that has been iterating on a product for decades.

    Looking into the future, I’d like to Jam within the Synthetic Dreams universe. Possibly patching the live game to include the Jams.

    Prepare for integration.
    December 22, 2015

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    GUARDIANS by Blazing Badger

    Download Link:
    Team: Blazing Badger
    Team Members: André, Marc, Sebastian, Sascha, Lene
    Submission Name: BlazingBadger_Guardians
    Assets: Yes, except some sound effects.



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    Colonizer for Windows x64
    Colonizer for OS X

    Agile Perception

    Nathan Stocks - Team Lead
    Joe Gremlich - UE4 Programmer, Visual Effects
    Zac Stocks - Game Design, Music Selection
    Jay Fontano - 2D Artist



    Your alien planet was dying. The intellectual giants of your race sacrificed themselves to develop the ability to send colony ships to the stars. Your very existence is due to the fact that you are standing on the shoulders of giants. Find a new homeworld to preserve your race. Don't let their sacrifice be in vain.

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    Team Name: Sleepingdragon (solo entry)
    Name of submission:Ricochet

    Did you make all your own assets? No
    I made some 3D models and animations.

    Download Link
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    Papa Sierra - Petrafeud


    Link to download:
    Team: PapaSierra
    List of team members:
    Rory Tavares
    Jarod Tavares
    Coady Norris
    Stuart Maddocks
    Tim Randles
    Name of the Submission: PapaSierra_Petrafeud
    All original assets: Yes except for HUD fonts and menu font. Epic Mannequin rig was used for animating.

    WASD - Movement
    Left Shift - Run
    Left Mouse - Push
    Right Mouse - Punch
    F1 - Stats
    ESC - Pause Game

    To implement the theme, we decided to do a physics-based game. We also took inspiration from the classic skeleton fight scene in Jason and the Argonauts (1963). Ray Harryhausen was a special effects giant.

    Plus our game has actual giants. Enjoy!

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    DropBox Link (80Mb)
    OneDrive Link (80Mb)

    You are the mere minion of an Giant Devourer, powerful creature of an alien planet. Troopers are coming to exterminate her, but they stand no chance against this mighty race of monsters. Gather the souls of those puny humans as offerings for your Queen, and she'll make you step into the next stage of evolution.
    Controls on Keyboard (WASD/ZQSD + Space Bar to attack) or Gamepad (Left Joystick + Bottom Face Button)
    Come back to the shining circle next to the queen to exchange souls for health, or wait to have the bar full to evolve.

    Team MARAV

    Alexis Argyriou
    Matthew Wood
    Ryan Sequeira
    Vlada Hladkova
    Jędrek Drabarek

    Yes, all assets are home made and hand drawn!

    Software used: Unreal Engine 4, Visual Studio Community 2013, Autodesk Maya, Photoshop and Substance Designer.

    Team's Background:
    We made this game over the course of 6 days, including pre-production.
    We are from 5 different countries but we all met in Poland, while working at CD Projekt & CI Games. Several of us worked in big studios before - this is the first small-scale project we worked on !
    We didn't took any days off for this game jam, so we worked after-hours in an apartment that 3 of us are sharing.

    It was a lot of fun, we'll do it again anytime!
    We actually had special moves for all three characters, an animation for spawning out of an egg, an ultimate version of the last character firing a laser... We will try to push this game a bit further and make a director-cut version with everything we made that was cut out because of time.
    Stay tuned
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    Team CreepTek Submission

    Race of Giants

    Name of your submission: CreepTek_RaceOfGiants

    Team name: CreepTek

    List of team members:

    Jonas Richartz (Nobody),
    Tobias Wegner (Anderson),
    Christian Albrecht (SchnitzelDude)

    Did you make all your own assets? (yes / no): NO.

    Infinity Blade: Grass Lands
    Infinity Blade: Adversaries
    Epics Water Planes
    FT Magic Pack 02

    Animations from Mixamo

    Music from:
    (Awesome page to get some music!)

    Size 839.69 MB

    Unfortunately the uploaded version has a bug. Your server needs a password to be visible!


    Movement: W A S D
    Jump: Space
    Aim: RMB
    Throw/Place: LMB
    Delete Item: Q


    You need to have Steam installed and opened, to create or join a server.

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    Game Design - Photogrammetry - Programming
    Tutorials · Twitter · Twitch

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    Jan 2015

    Gabriele "Endorall" Granocchia
    Did you make all your own assets? (yes / no) : yes

    A pacman like game!

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    Link ->
    Team name :exxello
    List of team members:

    Just me Marcel Schäfer

    Name of your submission:

    Did you make all your own assets? :
    I did not do the font it is under MIT licence
    And the monkey head is not from me -->see blender

    Everything else is done by me

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    Hey guys, finally my submissionk:
    Team name: Delta Games
    List of team members: me (iUltimateLP)
    Name of submission: Delta Games_TheSystem
    Own assets? No. Full list:

    I used contents of these sources:!&h=433&w=800&tbnid=G2bvjxQraxqK2M:&tbnh=90&tbnw=166&usg=__r5HrWTQTSqVXxC8hZ5oLQP6cg4M=&docid=tfGfynhxyTyadM&sa=X&ved=0CCYQ9QEwAmoVChMIquzKrs7EyAIVx9QaCh1PbwTE
    Epic Games Assets (
    Magic Sword (
      Journey's End

    Please read the text file in order to know what you're playing

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    Download: Download
    Download(fixed but after deadline) Download 1.0.1
    Team name: Coffee Is My Soulmate
    Team Justin Dooley
    Name of your submission CoffeeIsMySoulmate_BotsOG
    Did you make all your own assets? No

    @MichaelAllar When you play can you tweet or PM me to let me know

    As a bot within an artificial neural network, you are tasked with finding a uplink within a randomly generated labryrinth and uploading your data to the central AI Core. Doing so will improve all future bots in their ability to complete the same task. Defeating enemies within the simulation may allow you to collect data packets that can be used to improve your weapons systems. The final goal of this particular artificial neural network is to defeat the "Final Boss" of an opposing neural network.

    Good Luck

    Bug Notice
    Mouse stays visible after moving to a level. Right click to not waste ammo

    Movement: W/A/S/D
    Fire: Left Click
    Fire Modes: Right Mouse/Left Alt
    Pause: Esc / P

    Weapon Upgrades
    Upgrading a weapon improves it a small amount. Each upgrade will increase in cost based on the number of times it has been upgraded so far. Upgrading Damage from 1 for 2 would cost 2 credits. Upgrading from 5-6 would cost 6 credits. Some upgrades cost more than others.

    Stat Change in Stat Cost Increase Per Upgrade
    Damage +1 1 Credit
    Fire Mode Adds 3 shot Burst then Full Auto 25 Credits for burst and 50 for Full Auto
    Projectiles +1 projectile per bullet 2 Credits
    Reload Speed -0.10 Seconds 1 Credit
    Clip Size +1 Bullet Per Clip 1 Credit
    VSpread -5 1 Credit
    HSpread -5 1 Credit

    You don't need to kill anything your first few runs.
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    Hey all, so we spent roughly 36 hours on this with minimal sleep and study because we've been having school every day and tests. Initially there was 3 of us but by the end there was only 2 of us.

    Note: I'm actually not that good at it but had a few of my friends play it. The score to beat is 340 as of the guy that beat all of us. But maybe we're all just bad

    Game Overview
    In this game, you are a chicken being chased for slaughter.
    Your stamina runs out if you do not eat food, making it easier for the farmer to catch you.
    You need to eat the seeds that randomly spawn in the level and survive as long as possible.

    Dark Binary - 2 Members

    Members Email Role
    Allan Nyamawi Jeremy Basically all the unreal/3d stuff
    Moses Mwaura Music

    Download Link

    As for assets:
    We did not make all the assets from scratch, but for those that were downloaded from (blendswap and, all were under the CC-0 licence.
    Feel free to message me for more information/clarification on the assets and their licencing.
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    Game name: Arcanium

    Team name: Broad Strokes

    - Yoeri Vleer (VFX)
    - Ian Maclure (Environments)
    - Jan Kaluza (Programming, Producer)
    - Lee Devonald (Character Art)
    - Jason Black (Animation)

    Includes assets not created by us. (Music & sounds mostly, with some background assets sourced from the UE4 marketplace and Infinity Blade collection, and some textures from

    Download link: (updated 3:16 PM EST)

    In this multiplayer brawl game, you take on the role of a METAL WIZARD and have to defeat all the other wizards. Collect ARCANIUM PICKUPS to increase the power and variety of your ELEMENTAL SPELLS.
    If you manage to collect 10 elements of the same color, you enter GONZO MODE and become incredibly powerful for a short amount of time!

    Controls set up to work with keyboard and gamepad. If controls don't work, try madly clicking in the window a few times until they do!

    Control mapping visible in the main menu.
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    Broad Strokes | Jan Kaluza | Marketplace Release: 'Over 9000 Swords' Modular Melee Weapon System
    Currently available for freelance work
    Dev Blog & Tutorials | Twitter

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    Download link:
    Solo entry
    SouthWeast_LostSummit (didn't manage to rename the project)
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    Link to a download of your game: Download here
    Battle Dads is a local multiplayer brawler game where a Dad and piggybacked child team up to fight another duo for sandpit supremacy.

    Press and hold RT to charge a devastating punch, which lunges your father forward. If you connect with max power, the opposing player will be sent out to space. However if you miss, you run the risk of falling out of the sand pit. Are you really going to embarrass your son like that?

    Tap A to launch a quick punch for minimal force. It can also be used to knock the opposing player out of their charge state.

    Tap the right stick in a direction for a quick dodge. This is useful if you want to play bullfighter, and lure an opponent into over committing close to the edge.

    Oh and left stick moves your character. That's probably helpful information.

    Known issues:

    -Input is still active during countdown.
    -A couple of materials aren't being rendered in the build.
    -VO sounds don't stop when they are retriggered.
    - Rare occurrence where a player will lose all 3 rounds when hit by a fully charged power attack

    Team name: New Blood
    List of team members:

    Aaron Alexander
    Aaron Gutierrez
    Daniel Wood
    Christian Hagedorny
    Shaun Hammond

    Name of your submission: NewBlood_BattleDads
    Did you make all your own assets?

    No, we did not.
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    SpaceKitties Giant'sShouldersEvilSorcerer

    Link to download:
    Team Name: Space Kitties

    Team members:
    - Alexander Vasilyev(me)(Code, GameDesign, Characters Modeling, Sounds)
    - Artem Borisov (Characters Modeling, Props)
    - Anton Yakshibaev (Music)
    - Valerii Malov (Textures)

    Name of submission: SpaceKitties_Giant'sShouldersEvilSorcerer
    Did you make all your own assets? (yes / no): Characters and props are ours, environment is from starter content.

    Build has some problems with Saves, so pls start new game then close, restart and continue.
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    FreshLemonade: Thillgar's Last Hope

    Hello fellow Jammers! Here is my submission! (Team of one) I have been VERY busy this week working on it and have logged over 36 hours of streaming on twitch since Monday afternoon. (shameless plug) I am pretty happy with how it turned out, but would have loved a few more days to flush out the gameplay even more! (like adding the Giants as bosses during later levels which was the original plan..)

    All the art is hand drawn in pen. (excluding royalty free controls icons)
    All voices and voice SFX are me.
    All programming was done in blueprints.
    SFX is a mix of my own foley and sound effects libraries.

    Thillgar's Last Hope is about a dwarf who is the last hope of his dwarven nation set in a fantasy world. In this world, the dwarves haven't been able to use magic for almost a millennium… until you! Called upon by your king to defend your homeland from the invading goblins you will have to learn how to use your new found magical skills to defeat your enemies. Each night you can learn more about magic from your tutor, Thillgar who has studied magic, despite being unable to use it himself.

    I would recommend, if you have one, to play this game with a controller! It's much better! Although keyboard controls are also enabled. Let me know what you think. If you get stuck and want to be linked to all the spell combos, (You have to discover them in game through trial and error) send me a PM and tell me what your favourite spell is, and I'll send you a link to a spreadsheet of all available spells with their effects and costs. Enjoy!

    Download here from my dropbox:
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    Mar 2015

    Link :
    Team name : JanWlosok
    List of team members : Jan Wlosok
    Name of your submission : JanWlosok_OneWeek
    Did you make all your own assets : Yes

    My original idea was something completely different, but also too ambitious. So after 4 days of work I had to start from scratch. And i thought "Why not create something weird...". I'm not going to describe the game, because the game itself will explain everything.

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    SUM OF PARTS - UE4 Epic Megajam Submission
    Note* -Will update this post when build is finished!

    Game Link :
    Team Name : PhaseState
    Team Members : PhaseState (just me!)
    Name of Submission : PhaseState_SumOfParts
    All original assets? : No. Everything except textures and ambient wind sound l created myself including walk/ jump animations and the particle men.


    Description - in Sum of Parts you play as a giant mech creature made out of smaller men. Fight other giant mech man creatures and save the city from destruction!

    Use your healing ability in game to stand on the shoulders of your compatriots and defeat the enemy!


    It was a lot of fun to make and it was fun to participate in this jam.

    Thanks for organizing this Epic!
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    Team name: OKKULTSIX

    List of team members

    Rachmatilovski Valdio

    Aron Marcello

    Rahadi Kuswidadianto

    Name of your submission: OKKULTSIX_Baga

    Did you make all your own assets? No. Characters, SFX and Music are our own assets, the environments are made from infinity blade assets.

    W A S D - Movement
    Left Click - Main Attack
    Right Click - Secondary Attack
    Esc - Quit Game

    Link :
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    Our Game Jam Submission

    Flying Home

    Who are you?
    Hey, we’re the Gameplay Universe team.
    A team of three people from Germany,
    Merlin &
    We don't have a strict separation for the tasks, so everyone did something in every part of the game development.

    How do I interpret your game concerning the theme?
    You play as a bird on its way home to its nest. Your nest is built on a tree, who protects you and your eggs from most harm. A true giant of nature.

    What are the Controls?
    Left Click – boosts the bird, but needs energy
    Mouse Position – rotate the bird towards the mouse, if possible

    What is the aim of the game?
    This is basically a highscore-game. The higher the score at the end screen the better.
    The highscore depends on how far you travel, before the time runs out. Don’t forget to use the powerups to travel further.

    Here are our team’s highest scores:
    David: 357
    Merlin: 371
    Markus: 302

    Did you create all the assets (including music) yourself?
    Yes, except the buttons and the fonts.

    Is this your first entry?
    No, this is the fourth time we participate in an epic game jam :-)
    (First was on Dec 2014 then on Aug & Sep this year. Thank you epic for these cool events!)

    Where can I download the game?
    Right here:
    Windows 64 bit (Dropbox / Google Drive)

    How does the Game look like?

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    And it looks like the game wont package so we wont get our entry in, welp was fun guys.

    Project TechJet

    All Original Content (no)
    Infiltrator (Epic)
    Platformer Demo (Epic)
    Platformer Kit (Hugo)
    Effects Demo (Epic)
    Elemental (Epic)
    Modular Buildings (Marketplace)
    Prototype Characters (Marketplace)
    Animation Starter Pack (Marketplace)
    Movement Anim Pack Pro (Marketplace)
    Scifi Weapons Dark (Marketplace)

    Animation Blueprints
    Weapon Blueprints
    AI Blueprints

    Stanley Cubrix and the Clockworks
    MonsOlympus - Blueprints
    EyeOfScar (JZAcH) - Environment
    Rest In Pixels - Modelling
    (and 2 people who pulled out without contributing)

    This Image Was Automatically Resized by using the Screenshot Tag.  Click to view the full versionThis Image Was Automatically Resized by using the Screenshot Tag.  Click to view the full version
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    LevelZeroBros - Becoming Giant

    Link (Windows 32-Bit, 114MB):
    Link (Windows 64-Bit, 123MB):
    Link (Mac, 610MB, might not work properly):

    Team name: LevelZeroBros
    Team members: Olli Selamaa (molliolli), Daniel Zamojski (Coldrunner)

    Submission name: LevelZeroBros_BecomingGiant
    Did you make all your own assets: no *

    * 2 sound effects from the "Universal Sound FX" marketplace pack
    * the mannequin character + animations, a background soundtrack & some materials and some simple cube meshes from the UE4 starter content

    You are a scientist with an ability to mysteriously steal ideas from other people!
    To make your ancestors proud, steal as many ideas as you can in pursuit of the next great discovery!
    The other scientists might not agree with your methods, however..

    "If I have seen further, it is by climbing to the shoulders of giants. By any means necessary."

    WASD or arrow keys for movement
    Esc / M for menu


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    Download: - please read the "read me" file for game instructions and IP addresses for our servers

    Team Name:
    Brandon’s No Sleep Grinder’s

    Game Name:
    Heliotrope Zero

    Team Members:
    Brandon Soares, Environmental Artist
    Philipp Nasahl, Programmer
    Andrew M, Network Programmer
    Tim Fangon, Concept and Texture Artist
    Jay Adams, Animation and 3D Artist

    Game Description:
    Welcome to Heliotrope Zero. It was going to be your forward operating base for the next 3 months but that was before it came under attack. Immediately you called for your team’s extraction but with the planet being be-sieged it will take quite some time before the dropships can pick your squad up. Unfortunately time isn’t something you can spare…

    How to Play:
    Use Terminals (E) to control turrets to defend the base and hold off the robot invasion while your giant robots are charging.
    When the Drop ship comes get in fully charged robot (E) and make your way to the drop ship.

    Name of your submission:

    Did you make all your own assets? No -- Most made, some purchased
    Royalty Free Music by the band RossBugen and other sounds
    Dynamic Universe
    Snow Texture
    Universal Sound FX by Epic Sounds and FX

    Art album here:
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    Danjordian - Gigantum

    Download: - Windows (32-bit) - 61,0MB

    Team Name: Danjordian
    Team Members: Daniel Jordaan
    Name of your submission: Danjordian_Gigantum
    Did you make all your own assets: Yes

    WASD to Move
    Mouse to Look Around
    Spacebar to Jump
    Escape/Tab/Pause to open Menu

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    Red face TeamTrilith_Regrowth


    WASD = movement
    E = up
    C = down
    Space = let go

    Who are you?
    Team Trilith

    Who are you REALLY?
    Chris Fauver : Programmer
    Josh Trevisiol : Tech artist
    Taux Fox : Artist
    Matthew Sbar : Music

    Project Name

    Did you make all your own assets?
    No, we used Rama's Victory plugin. Everything else was created for the jam during the jam period

    What is Regrowth?
    Regrowth is a small-scale proof of concept planet sim.
    Theme interpretation: When one can look back on the past and build from the mistakes to attempt creating a brighter future.
    Theme application: Act as mother nature and attempt to prevent the humans from killing themselves and the planet via pollution. Do this by either obliterating all humans or by attempting to balance the pollution. Right now the game exists in more of a sandbox mode to better show our proof of concept quickly.
    Within Regrowth you get to see the birth of a planet and watch it evolve from its infancy through it's future era.
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    TEAM NAME: Yoshgunn
    HOW MANY PEOPLE? Just me : D
    SUBMISSION NAME: Yoshgunn_TheTower

    HOW TO PLAY: Defend your base by shooting blue guys with the Left Mouse button, aiming with the Mouse, and zooming with the Right Mouse Button.

    All assets were created from scratch for this game jam. Sounds, art and code by Yoshgunn - special thanks to Adam Gincel for the music!!

    Thanks for this amazing opportunity!

    - Yoshgunn
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    link to game: http://
    Citadel of the Ascended by Living Chain Games
    List of Team Members: Krondras, Lightfoot.
    Name Of Submission : LCG_CotA
    Did we make all the assets? : No.

    Citadel of the Ascended
    You play as an impoverished citizen of the "Citadel of the Ascended", a city of mages who rule over all. Those without magic are forced into the lowest caste and live off the dregs of the mages. Tired of living in an oppressed state, rise up and take your place in the city. Climb the shoulders of the elites, avoid their golems, and steal their magic.

    Controls & Instructions

    Food is important, without it, you will starve, and magic requires hunger.

    Don't forget to save, or you will have to restart from the beginning.

    W A S D: Movement

    Mouse: Camera

    Spacebar: Jump

    CTRL: Crouch (Toggle, important for getting around those mages)

    1 2: Select Spell (Unlocked by collecting scrolls from the towers)

    Right Click: Cast Spell

    Stun - 1: Aim at an enemy and Right Click to stun for a few seconds at the cost of some hunger

    High Jump - 2: Right Click to launch yourself into the air at the cost of some hunger

    Hold E: Pickup Food (1-second timer to collect food, White Glowing boxes are food)

    Tab: Open Inventory (Click a white box to eat food and restore hunger)

    Q: Rest (Can only be done within the pink bounding boxes, restores health and saves your game)
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  33. #113

    The Proxima Event
    Download link:

    Team name: Alderbit
    Team members: Matt Downey
    Project name: Alderbit_ProximaEvent

    All Original Assets: No
    Sounds, music, and some effect textures are not original.

    Movement: WSAD
    Attack: Left Mouse Button
    Shield: Right Mouse Button
    Use: E

    Lasers fired directly at an enemy will home in on the target.

    Fend off attackers while assembling the pieces to the Dreadnaut weapon. Make use of the Hulk bots found around the map by activating them after you have collected a power core.

    The difficulty increases as time goes on. Once the Dreadnaut has been assembled the chaos begins. Rack up as many points as possible and survive until the end of the round to win.

    Tanks = 100 points
    Bombers = 200 points

  34. #114
    Team name: Team Teim
    Team members: Kristian, Claus, Fredrik
    Name of your submission: TeamTeim_BoundedFate
    Did you make all the assets: Yes (unless using the starter content counts as using others assets)

    Made by three norwegian programming students with varied, but overall minimal knowledge of unreal engine (from "zero knowledge" to "used it a little bit").
    We didn't manage to get much time to work on this, but we did our best with the time we had. (at least we learned to use the engine better ^^)

    Since controls are not explained in-game, here they are:

    Switch between characters: E

    Giant controls:
    LMB to move
    LMB to pick up the human if in range
    RMB throw the human

    Human controls:
    WASD to move
    F to interact

  35. #115
    Link to a download of your game:
    Team name: AranHase
    List of team members: Allan Yoshio Hasegawa ("AranHase")
    Name of your submission: AranHase_FollowingDaddysWisdom
    Did you make all your own assets? No

    Source code (with all copyright stuff removed):

    Detailed List of Assets Used:

    • Blueprint programming: Started with UE4 Twin-stick template, but heavily modified by me. I don't think any of the original template is still in there.
    • Programmer Art: All of that amazing masterpiece was made by me.
    • Music from the Rebel Rapture Music Pack: [Copyright](C) Murray Atkinson
    • Music from the Cyberpunk Pack: [Copyright](C) 2015 DEGICA, LTD, Musician: Scythuz
    • Shotgun SFX: Soundeffects (Creative Commons Attribution 3.0)
    • Minigun SFX: Jim Rogers (Creative Commons Attribution 3.0)
    • M1 Grand SFX: battlestar10 from (Creative Commons Attribution 3.0)
    • Some other assets from the starter pack included in UE4 like explosion particles and props meshs (cylinder, sphere, cube).


    “If I have seen further it is by standing on ye shoulders of giants” - Issac Newton. "Following Daddy's Wisdom" is a game where a dad gives advice to his son. The son (the player) must use these advice to succeed in dealing with his problems. The game itself is a top-down dual-stick (keyboard + mouse) type of game, and should be fairly fast to finish.


    Special thanks

    Special thanks to Epic, Chance and Alexander for organizing this event. Was really fun and learned a bunch <3~~

    Also, Allar who gave some really good tips before the Jam. Helped me a lot and I think the game is much better because of it

    Bugs and Notes:

    * Main idea was to make a game that is fast, no big issues and teach everything inside the game. Allar figured out everything no problem, so I call it a success \o/ (but the mechanics are simple xD)
    * The game lacks any button to quit and fullscreen. But, "Alt+Enter" should give you fullscreen while "Alt+F4" will quit it =D
    Last edited by AranHase; 10-16-2015 at 08:57 PM. Reason: added screenshots; added source code; Epic*

  36. #116
    Hi, we are Whatever Works, our team members are:

    Leo Goldsmith
    Aaron Blows
    Rebecca Holdak
    Leonardo Scazzocchio
    Max Penticost (Music Man)

    All assets in the game were made by the team (aside from the skysphere and water normal maps).

    Here is a link to our game:

    And here are some beautiful screenshot for y'all:

    In our game you must collect scrap from buildings around you to build yours higher to escape the rising ocean. It is inspired by the short animation "The House of Small Cubes".
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  37. #117
    Game Download Link

    Team Overtime
    Members: Enos Shenk & Emile Toca
    Submission name: TeamOvertime_Island Master
    Did you make all your own assets? No

    Enjoy this giant sized island building adventure
    Can you beat our score 7886?
    Can you make it to the Bonus level 10?
    Test your might.
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  38. #118


    Link 64Bits:
    Link 32Bits:

    Team Name: Sutivu
    Project Name: Legacy

    Did I make all my own assets: No, Used fuse and maximo for character and mostly InfiniteBlade assets for environements.

    Description: You need to let a Lagacy to your futures childs to finaly beat the game. You earn coins to buy Power and Health, but if you dont make a will on the Statue and you die, you will lose all your skills and the future generation will start form scratch again!

    ESDF -> Move
    Space or RT -> evade
    LeftClick or A -> Attack

    Apps Used:
    Lot of Blueprints!
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  39. #119

    This version was like 15-20 min late, but it has a menu fix for restarting, so only download if you want the 'restart' button to work, and not for the megajam

    Team name: TinkerIt
    List of team members: Tommy
    Name of your submission: TinkerIt_Stashogia
    All original assets No (Music/sfx-textures in some of the materials-sky dome-fonts)

    Stashogia == STAnding on the SHOulders of GIAnts

    This Jam, as always, was amazingly fun and a great learning experience for me. I can't wait to see all the great megajams this week!!

    All music is either twitchfm or NCS

    Twitter :
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  40. #120
    Team name : Kipras
    List of team members : Kipras Daknevičius
    Submission name : Kipras_GigantumNanos
    All original assets : YES

    WASD - move
    Space jump
    Shift - run
    Space + Shift - increased air speed
    Mouse Right Click - pickup objects
    Mouse ScrollWheel - adjust object distance

    1 key - skip first stage
    2 key - skip second stage

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