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Thread: Epic MegaJam Submission Thread!

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    Exclamation Epic MegaJam Submission Thread!

    Due to the massive size of the Epic MegaJam, instead of having you post your submission in the original thread, we're asking you post it here. This should be a easier to read through.

    Submit your entry here with the following information:

    Link to a download of your game
    Team name
    List of team members
    Name of your submission (Please format it with your team's name attached ex. TeamName_GameName)
    Did you make all your own assets? (yes / no)
    Please remember to rename your project to [Team Name]_[Project Name] ex. TheEpicTeam_AwesomeGame

    If you have used assets that are not your own, you may provide details about those in your post if you desire. All we require is a yes or no, but feel free to clarify.

    I also recommend adding a banner image for your project, it just looks nice.

    After posting here, PM me!

    Send me the following information:

    Team Name
    Project Name
    Each Team Member's Real Name
    Each Team Member's Email Address
    Each Team Member's Mailing Address (Not a P.O. box) (Please include their phone number for non-US addresses for lost postage reclaim)
    Each Team Member's T-Shirt Size
    This information will not be shared publicly. I need all of that to give you prizes! Make sure you fill out your info thoroughly.

    Do not pre-post or create placeholder posts. Only post once you are submitting

    This post will close on the 15th at 3PM EST: Countdown to Deadline
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    Mar 2014

    Link: (Windows 7 or Better)(x32) (140MB) (Include screenshots)
    Link: (Windows 7 or Better)(x32) (140MB) (Include screenshots)
    Team Name: Hevedy
    List of Team members: Hevedy
    Name of your submission: Hevedy_ThePurpleEssence
    Did you make all your own assets: No. Music, Font & 2 VFX no (Check the Credits)

    *The models and the textures have been created in blender from 0 and the textures are hand painted from 0 too. The menu buttons sounds have been created with my mouth.

    The Purple Essence:

    Description: The Purple Essence is a game where you collect essence orbs from the giant trees to awake the giants of the magic world.

    - "Dosis" font by "Pablo Impallari" under the license "SIL Open Font License, 1.1" <>
    - "In The Face Of Evil" by "Magic Sword" edited under a special license for the "Epic Mega Jam" <>
    - "Journey's End" by "Magic Sword" edited under a special license for the "Epic Mega Jam" <>
    - "Purpleprint Kit" is a package of tools, assets and code created by "Hevedy" <> under the license "CC-BY" & "MIT" for more details check the official site <> & <>

    This game include original assets from Epic Games heavy modified for the game "P_Hologram_Sculpture_01" from "Infiltrator Demo" and "P_cloud" from "Content Examples" with part of the dependencies under the license "UNREAL® ENGINE END USER LICENSE" <>

    This game has been created under Unreal® Engine 4 <> <> <>

    All the non related here content assets (Maps, textures, models, materials, effects, sounds...) and code are originally created for this game by "Hevedy" under the official given development days.
    The Purple Essence (c) 2015 by Hevedy <> <> <>

    The Purple Essence is licensed under a
    Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

    You should have received a copy of the license along with this
    work. If not, see <>.

    Unreal® is a trademark or registered trademark of Epic Games, Inc. in the United States of America and elsewhere. Unreal® Engine, Copyright 1998 – 2015, Epic Games, Inc. All rights reserved.
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    Abbas Games - Giant Selfie

    GIANT SELFIE by Abbas Games
    Link to game:
    WIN32: OR
    WIN64: OR

    Team name: Abbas Games

    List of team members: Raed Abbas

    Name of your submission: AbbasGames_GiantSelfie

    Did you make all your own assets? no (see credits)
    *Take selfie everywhere or on a perfect spot.
    *Smile reading the mother's comments.
    *Get your giant to pull different faces by waiting 3 seconds between selfies.
    *and more...

    Giant Selfie is a family game. Our main characters are a giant daughter and a tiny mother. They want to spend time together taking selfies around the world. The problem, one of them, is the nosy people (you don't see a giant girl every day, don't you!!?). They can take selfies anywhere they want but there are nice selfie spots planted around the world for a perfect selfie. But that's not everything. Our giant is a bit... errr... clumsy.. She bump into buildings and trees and often create a mess behind here. It's even gets worse sometimes when people get hurt badly. She tries to save them.
    The game is not about winning and losing. It's about a nice fun time taking selfies in beautiful places while not harming people, if you can, or maybe rescue them. It's a test of skills requires speed and caring and a touch of puzzle solving.
    I started the development a day after the live stream and had to git rid of my first 4 ideas (I can't even remember them now). Using assets from Market Place (apart from the main characters and music) made things easier to focus on game play and level design. I Managed to finish the game in three solid days then took the rest of the time to test it and made my family and friends test it and gave me feedback.
    I like Giant Selfie so much that I actually plan to take in production sometime soon. Leave you with some screen shots and hope you'll enjoy it.

    OH Allar, if you have time beat my records

    The photos are low quality but the actual game is not.

    And here's in game video.. SPOILAR ALLERT

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    Raed Abbas
    Circle Of Time the game

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    Journey to Mars

    Link to a download: 100MB archive (win64bit)
    Team: m2uk
    List of team members: Michael Nowicki
    Name of your submission: m2uk_JourneyToMars
    Did you make all your own assets? yes (and I used allowed Magic Sword music tracks)

    Standing on the shoulder of Neil Armstrong... or should I say Matt Damon
    Can you escape the Mars? Lets find out.
    Good Luck!
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    Sep 2014
    KhenaB's team
    KhenaB's team_Earth Invasion Simulator
    Did you make all your own assets? No

    Some notes: This is my first game jam, i heard about this jam two days before the deadline and got tempted, so here is my entry after 24h of hard work, thanks to Luca Rodolfi for the free low poly house models and to Epic for this amazing engine.

    Recommended: GTX 670 & above

    Filesize: 454mb

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    DownLoad Link

    Link Updated

    List of team members 1 x WarpSpasm
    Name Of Submission - WarpSpasm_SeriousTim
    Did you make all your own assets? (yes / no) - No

    left mouse-shoot
    right mouse-first person view
    f-weapon selection wheel
    left shift-run

    Since I used nearly all marketplace, learn tab assets i guess anything I did is "Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants", I thought ill just have as much fun with this as I can since ill probably only be eligible for one of the random prizes....I had a hell of alot of fun making this though, i had to kill alot of babies as allar puts it to get it submitted before real life got in the way.
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    Relics and Ruins!


    Team Name: CorruptVertices ...... ( I miss spelled our name when I PM you "CorrupedVertex") sorry....

    Team Members: iangoold3d, Alex Wells

    Name of submission: CorruptVertices_RelicsAndRuins!

    Did we make all assets: (No) ......we made everything but the character

    Jump : Space bar
    Double Jump: Space bar
    Summon Ruin: left click
    Movement : WASD

    This was our first GameJam and wow was it a blast! learned so much in such little time! we have been in crunch over here at Sony Bend but we had to at least give it a shot! we were only able to put in about 10 hour each but still had an amazing time! we hope you enjoy it!


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    150 mb archived Windows 32bit package

    Team name: Tiruu

    Team members: 1

    submission name: Tiruu_GiantLoot

    All original assets (I made the music yes but no i used the learn tabs,free Infinity Blade: Adversaries characters and the ship is from

    Controls are just using the mouse

    This was my first gamejam and it was just for fun and i learnt lots ! It took me about 3-4 days dunno how many hours i did

    lost track on that one. I only just started using the unreal editor to make games for a month now !
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    Download Link (x64) (276 mb):

    Team name: Homeless Passenger Living Under A Rock
    List of team members:
    1. ThePassenger
    Name of submission: HomelessPassengerLivingUnderARock_EpicMegaJamGame
    Did you make all your own assets? Of course not

    - WSAD - Move
    - Hold Left Mouse - Shoot
    - Hold Right Mouse - Aim
    - Space - Jump

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    CurrentFrame - Shoulderscope


    Team name: CurrentFrame
    List of team members: cd
    Name of submission: CurrentFrame_Shoulderscope
    Did you make all your own assets? no

    How to Play:
    Unite with all giants (20/20), to proceed to the next level. To connect with a giant, jump on its head. To break a connection, press R.

    WASD: Move
    Mouse: Pan camera
    Space: Jump
    C: Toggle between cameras
    R: Dismount
    F: Blow up trees and houses

    It's unfinished, and I'm not sure if I will finish it, so I'll submit what I have now and then update later if I make any more progress before the deadline
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    Download 64-bit package (152 megs):

    Team: Drektopia

    Team member: Drekmonger

    Game: Drektopia_Mister Moustache, Esquire

    Did I make all my own assets? (no)
    -Many of the textures are from the Starter Content. (the rest I drew. you'll be able to tell the difference.)
    -The sound effects all come from PuzzleSFX, on the Marketplace.
    -Two of the particle effects were ripped from the Infinity Blade collection. (i should have ripped more)
    -The awesome Victory Fanfare comes from OpenGameArt, created by Johan Brodd. It is called "Open Surge."
    -The title screen font is Ralphie Brown, by

    Trigger Warning? (yes)
    There is a picture of a ghost in this game. It is saying, "Boo!" Please consider yourselves warned.

    I was going to spend some hours today sprucing up the title screen, improving the particle effects, adding music. But you know what? It's decent like it is. I had fun building it, except for the times when I wasn't having fun building it. Having a 98% finished game at the end of it all is worth it, I think. For a one moron shop, I did prutty gud. *pats self on back*

    Theme wise, the point of the game is to play with the notion of scale. Hopefully the main character will seem gnat-like in some instances, and more Mario sized in others. This will be more apparent in levels 2 and 3 -- compared to level 1, which is like a tutorial.

    (I've only managed to get a Flawless Victory on Level 1, by the way. I know for certain it's technically possible to do so in levels 2 and 3, but it may require Allar levels of video game playing skills to pull it off!)
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    Newest Version:

    Team: InsaneByDesign
    List of team members
    Jay Webb
    Name of Game: Joe vs the Zombie Giants
    Did I make all the assets: No

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    Don Quickote and the Giant

    Download link:

    Team name: Team Omega
    List of team members: Maj Osolin, Žiga Osolin, Jan Kogoj and Andrej Kos (aka Dreyan)
    Name of your submission: TeamOmega_ DonQuickoteAndTheGiant
    Did you make all your own assets? yes

    You play as an elderly Don Quickote with a penchant for delusions, torn between dreams of chivarly and rural reality.

    Help him climb the giant/windmill to prove the greatness of his!

    - A and D to circle around the tower
    - SPACE to jump
    - W and S to enter or exit the tower

    Have fun!
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    Robot Pilot
    Download: (80 MB)
    Gamepad/WASD+Mouse to move and interact/shoot, Start/Esc to open the pause menu

    Team: starlit
    Manuel Schmuki, Alessandro Esposito
    Submission: starlit_RobotPilot

    ~Guide the little pilot bear around the shoulders of the giant war-robot and defend him with the on-board guns while multitasking other things such as reloading your Ammo!~

    Assets: Everything was created by us except:
    • Skybox, Explosion-Particle (Standard Assets)
    • Music by Steve O'Brien
    • Font
    • Sound Effects

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    Download link:
    Team name: VRBoy
    List of team members: Piotr Trochim, Lukasz Szczepankowski
    Name of your submission: VRBoy_Ra
    All original assets: yes

    What's it about:
    You play as Horus, the son of Ra, carrying upon his shoulder the weight of the crown jewel, which you must bring over to the sacred shrine.

    Gamepad controls:
    - Right thumbstick - tilt the arms of Ra
    - Left thumbstick - speed up/slow down
    - Start - Starts the game
    - Back - Exits the game

    Keyboard controls:
    - Left arrow/Right arrow - tilt the arms of Ra
    - A/D - speed up/slow down
    - Spacebar - Starts the game
    - Escape - Exits the game


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    Link to a download of your game:

    Team name:

    List of team members:

    Name of your submission (Please format it with your team's name attached ex. TeamName_GameName):

    Did you make all your own assets? (yes / no)

    (made a version with Razer Hydra motion controls but had difficulty packaging with the experimental 4.9 plugin; now just keyboard/mouse or gamepad)
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    Glitched Link:
    Fixed Game:
    Team name: Gravity
    List of team members: Wallermade (Developer/Modular Assets), MDMD (Developer), SEBSOUNdS (Sound Artist), Jvthewanderer(Artist)
    Name of your submission: Gravity_Standingontheshouldersofgiants
    Did you make all your own assets? yes ALL of them.

    You play as a disgarded robot;

    Your mission now is to escape the scrap plant and reap your revenge on your human overlords!

    This game was build upon the shoulders of the giant that is unreal engine!

    - Left & Right (A/D)
    - Jump (Space)
    - Sneak (Shift)
    - Switch magnet polarity (Q)
    - Pause (Esc)

    - Audio Easter eggs
    -- KillerBot K (Multiple Sounds)
    -- RevengeBot R (Multiple Sounds)
    -- Robok K
    -- RoboRegret T (Multiple Sounds)
    -- Robo Push the button Y


    I am submitting this now as I have work in the morning there is a good possibility we will change the zip file before the deadline tomorrow with more levels
    Have Fun...Good Luck
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    Team Lambert - Flying Goliath


    Team Lambert
    Jonathan Lambert
    Lori Lambert

    Name of Submission: Lambert_FlyingGoliath

    Did you make all of your own assets? No The music and sound fx were downloaded under CC license.

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    TzenkuGames - Killing Titan Saving Giants

    Team name: TzenkuGames
    Team members: Ryner AJ
    Submission: TzenkuGames_KTSG_x64
    Assets: No. Mixed of UE4's / Epic's licensed contents, items from marketplace & CC0 audio.

    - A blueprint-only based project, which most of it are developed during the jam period.
    - Had so much fun with this project, as I never actually developed a game for PC specs, was limited to mobile specs, pretty much from the beginning.

    The little blog:
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    SeeJay - ReRun

    Link to Game
    Team Name: SeeJay
    Team Members: SeeJay
    Name of Submission: SeeJay_ReRun
    All Original Assets: No, Used some Starter Content
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    Download link(64):
    Team name: Flo
    List of team members: Neverwere(just me)
    Name of your submission: Flo_DefendTheGiant
    Did you make all your own assets?: No. I used template and starter content. The rest is mine.

    Goal: Try to defend your giant as long as you can until you lose. Just like real life^^.

    WASD: Move
    Q: Drop Mine
    E: Buy stuff
    F: Focus
    Mouse: Look around
    1/2/3: Change weapon.
    L Mouse: Shoot
    R Mouse: Alt Fire (only on first weapon)
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    Shut up mom this is a real job!! - Turn the Other Cheek

    ***We had a lot of fun working on this project. Maybe a little TOO much fun, as it has mild language and (optional) suggestive themes.

    Download (Win 64):

    Play as David and Goliath as they team up to fight off the hordes of evil machines that threaten all life on earth! The heaven's themselves will lend you a hand on this crusade. Collect followers and abilities as you ride on Goliath's shoulders to defeat all six waves of mechanized menaces.

    Team name: Shut up mom this is a real job!!
    Game name: Turn the Other Cheek
    Submission: ShutUpMomThisIsARealJob_TurnTheOtherCheek
    All Original Assets? No (Sounds, Music, Toga model, and ZMech model)
    Team Members:
    -Brandon Wilson: graduate student in CS at the University of Houston-Victoria
    -David McFadden: undergraduate student in CS at the University of Houston-Victoria
    -Matthew Bounds: graduate student in CS at the University of Houston-Victoria

    Controls: (keyboard/controller)
    -Menu: escape/start
    -Restart: r/select
    -Ability: space/A
    -Slow Down: shift/triggers
    -Move: arrow keys or WASD/right stick

    System Requierments:
    -A strong sense of humour
    -A computer I guess (around a gtx 570 or better)
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    Download link(64):!113&authkey=!AOk2jYwn8G40Jpw&ithint=file%2czip
    Team name: fengkan
    List of team members: fengkan
    Name of your submission: fengkan_Vetris
    Did you make all your own assets?: No. From marketplace

    idea from
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    Team name: Rathimir
    Team members: shaunathon6
    Name of submission: Rathimir_Ollvore
    Did you make all your own assets: Yes

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    Red face Op Ninja Games - Klepto Giants


    Link: In case of emergency, here is a Windows build as well:
    Team Name: Op Ninja Games
    List of Team members: Tamas Szucs (tszucs)
    Name of your submission: OpNinjaGames_KleptoGiants
    Did you make all your own assets: No.

    Description: Giants are stealing your treasures! Slay as many as you can to keep them away! If your defenses are destroyed, you are defeated and lose gold! It's a tapper game. You may have the best experience on mobile, with mouse it's less fun. Tested on Android 5 and 6.


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    The goal of the game is to scan science books into a giant robot to determine how it will destroy the city. The game includes 5 different endings based on which discipline you max out. You need to scan the books in the right order and build upon previously acquired knowledge.

    Download links (Windows x64):

    Team name: Handkor
    List of team members
    -Alexandre Couture
    Name of your submission: Handkor_Omnitron
    Did you make all your own assets? yes

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    Kill all the Zombies and aliens!
    The giants shoulders that I was inspired by were the original doom and heretic.
    I had made some bats in blender but my computer is on its last legs atm. I also had other things that I wanted to finish with this game but I had a blast in the 70+ hours I invested into it this week. I really am just excited and cant wait to see my game featured on the mega jampak video!!!
    also I am having difficultys with uploading images to this their is a link to dropbox for the game and pictures and video but I haven't the foggyist how to get them to display like everyone elses. Ive only just begun using unreal engine this fall and am loving it, its my first venture, first game, first megajam.
    Team name: Brox Box
    Team member: Aaron Bosse
    NO, but I did create all my characters using fuse and mixamo.
    Game Link


    Picture link:


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    Slingshotters by Atlantic Games
    Download (Windows x64):
    A mirror may be coming depending on bandwidth limitations to my server.

    A fast-paced racing game set in the future pits hovercars against hovercars. However, you've got a trick up your sleeve. Stop your foes dead in their tracks and give yourself an advantage; their position is now your position, and more!

    Ultimately a bit of an abstract interpretation of the theme, the idea is that in racing games, you're not always in first. So we built in a mechanic to trade places. The idea of the phrase of the theme is ultimately using another's progress as a basis of your own progress, so I think effectively swapping places in a racing game was a good fit. And it was a new fun, challenging genre of game to make.

    Please note: I had a *lot* of trouble getting the project to package, such as missing materials and strange Blueprint errors. I'm pulling the "it works on my machine" card, and the photos posted below are from the packaged build posted above.

    Atlantic Games Team Members:
    Nick (myself) on programming
    Max (Keket) on visual art assets
    Will (Ultigonio) on music

    Project Name:

    All Original Assets:
    Yes, unless you count fonts and default primitive meshes.

    Game by Atlantic Games!
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    Team Name: Moon Forged
    Project Name: Omega Point
    Team Members:
    Lee Berger
    Sierra Ridgway
    Erika Timar
    Tyler Walters

    Name of submission: MoonForged_OmegaPoint

    No, we did not make all of our own assets. Uses the song "Journey's End" by Magic Sword, and the font Neostar by Pixel Sagas.

    Omega Point is a space based twin stick shooter game. We didn't quite get the game finished, but I'm pleased with how it turned out. Even if we didn't get the boss fight at the end done!


    Left stick or WASD moves
    Right stick or arrow key fires
    Escape opens in-game menu

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    Team Name: Hitpawz
    Project Name: Hitpawz_LendingHand

    All assets made by me except for the grass, which is from the Photorealistic Mountain Pack 2 by Gkan Games.
    I also did not create the font or the skybox.

    Music: Journey's End by Magic Sword

    Description: Guide yourself through the levels with the help of the giants.

    A&D Move Girl / Move Giant when controlled
    Space Jump
    Q Cycle control between girl and giant(s)
    E Cycle through controlled Giants
    Left Mouse control Giant's Left Hand
    Right Mouse control Giant's Right hand

    Dynamic 2 Bone IK
    GPU Particles
    Light Propagation Volume
    Adaptive Tessellation

    Apps Used:
    3DS Max (models, rigs and animation using CAT)
    Substance Painter (every texture)
    Speed Tree (BG Trees)
    Photoshop (sprite packing)
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    404: Team Name Not Found
    Alex, Ben, Dan, Ellie, and Lee
    No, we sourced sound and smoke particles.

    You play a walking Fortress. A community of souls have summoned the Fortress in an attempt to escape their fate. You must guide them to their survival.

    We developed a significant amount of lore for this game, but our ability to create was not powerful enough to keep up with the scope. It lacks the content we desired, such as creation choices and more complexities in managing the Fortress. What we were left with was a slow game of race-to-the-end.

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    Entry: Hadar Silverman
    Game Name: Moment of Truth
    Original Assets: No, from various marketplace packs. The Tree of Roots I created in speed tree, and the machine Veritus I created, but the textures were sourced in both cases.
    Category: Philosophy.

    Description: Narrative/Campaign to stop a giant machine from destroying the village temple. WASD controls.

    Download Link:
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    Link (82.5 MB)
    Team: Myself (LeoCurtss)
    Name of submission: The Giant's Tower
    Did you make all of your own assets? No

    I had a lot more I wanted to add to this game, but starting late (Monday) and only having time after work (~20 hours total) kept me from implementing them. There was going to be more before/after gameplay to play with the theme, both figuratively and literally. But alas I'll join sooner next time.

    I did not create my own assets with the exception of the giant hand and animation (MakeHuman custom model). However, the game mechanics and control were created completely from scratch for this jam.

    Note: Although this wasn't occurring in the UE4 editor, the packaged game may crash when you restart the level (press R). Please don't let this keep you from attempting to complete the goal!


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    Team WeGotThisCovered - Rise of the Giants

    Team Name: WeGotThisCovered
    Team Members:
    • Moritz "Moss" Wundke (Programming)
    • Cecilia "Arikith" Amengual (Art)
    • José "JL" Luis Gómez (Programming)
    • Andrew "BFlat" Bobotá (OST and Sound eEffects)
    • Arturo "Casi Musico" Montesinos (Sound and Level Design)

    Submission: WeGotThisCovered_RiseOfTheGiants
    Did you make all your own assets?: No. All assets are original made for the project excepting the following:

    Download Game:
    Upload Timestamp: Thursday, 15 October 2015, 13:03:47 EDT (local time in Raleigh)

    Description: The story behind the game is very simple: you are the defender of some very small folk that is being attacked by a giant and a random evil guy who controls it. To defeat the pack you have to build a tower of cute creatures and try to reach the giants shoulders to prove that you are able to take advantage of the progress already mad by others. To achieve the highest score try to adjust your minions as less as possible, thy do not like to get poked.

    • WASD: Use a selected minion (marked with a red arrow) in the X/Y plane
    • Mouse wheel or Q/R: Select between minions in the tower, different difficulties let you select less or more minions. Less minions selectable minions results in a stabler tower and is easier to handle. Try Unreal difficulty if you like ^^.


    Have fun playing! And let the tower fall!

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    Description: Jonny the Giant Jumper! Collect as many golden eggs atop of the giant as you can, but beware the giant may try to slap you!

    This is our first Unreal Game Jam and our first time building a game in UE4. It was loads of fun and we learned a lot from this experiance. Good luck to everyone and I hope everyone had as much fun as we did participating in this months game jam!

    Download Link:

    (Hopefully the link works)

    Team name: Razzit Games
    Team members: Cody Caro, Dante Cosens, Johnny Woods
    Name of submission: Razzit_JonnyTheGiantJumper
    Did you make all your own assets: Yes except for our sound.
    Team members: Cody Caro, Dante Cosens, Johnny Woods

    Sound Credits go to: Sound Effects

    Title Music

    Background Game Music
    Urban Gauntlet Kevin MacLeod (
    Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

    Adventure Meme Kevin MacLeod (
    Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

    Lord Of The Land Kevin MacLeod (
    Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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    Epic Game Jam Submission - us

    Link to a download of your game - Download Link

    :: 1.0.2 Updated - Added Saturation level and video options @ 9:45am PST 10/15/2015
    :: 1.0.3 Updated - Fixed some non game play breaking bugs @ 11:50am PST 10/15/2015
    :: 1.0.4 Updated - Fixed some non game play breaking audio issues @ 3:26pm PST 10/15/2015
    :: 1.0.5 Updated - Fixed game breaking packaging bug =( @ 4:30pm PST 10/15/2015 (Thanks Allar!) - Download 1.0.5 *****See Below

    Team name - 2 Coders 1 Project
    List of team members - Mathew W. (me!)
    Name of your submission - us
    Did you make all your own assets? - Yes even remade the square meshes so I could abuse Texture UV layout ^_^

    WASD/Mouse/Space to do stuff or Gamepad to do stuff.

    ****** 1.03 which was submitted prior to the deadline has a GAME BREAKING BUG on green3. Red and Blue can be completed fine. I know this was not fixed before the jam so that is fine to base on that version. if you want the full game to actually play thru to the end download the latest version 1.0.5 ******
    ****** You can skip past the issue in 1.0.3 if you do the following =(
    -- When you get to the end of Green Level 2 (The number is at the start of and end of each area) the door will open and nothing will load on the other side. If you go to the end of the hall but do not fall off you can type in console "streamLevelIn /Game/MyContent/Maps/Green3" and the level will load infront of you. Don't play the level just jump down to respawn. This will spawn you in the end of the green section and then you can complete it this way. Sorry about that =(

    Here are 2 links to some progress videos for a snipped of gameplay.

    YouTube Preview 1
    YouTube Preview 2

    Last edited by MathewW; 10-15-2015 at 08:55 PM. Reason: Spelink?!

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    Hawk Vision Games - Dwarf Newton

    Team Name: Hawk Vision Games
    Team Members: Hawk
    Name of submission: HawkVisionGames_DwarfNewton
    Did you make all your assets? No, except minor edits to art assets suplied from UE4 Marketplace. All scripting is my own.

    Exploring your surroundings helps you learn about your environment. But when you combine your map with another, you gain their when a dwarf stands on the shoulders of a giant.

    Explore the cave, to learn the layout of your environment by using torches to light up surrounding tiles and stones to check if a move is safe. Avoid the pits as they will cost you your life, and your map. But don't worry, if you die you can recover your previous map from your last dwarf if you can remember the safe path to where he last was before he fell.

    Explore over 90% of the cave to complete the game. Feel free to try again, as maps are randomized.

    "W/A/S/D" - Moves around camera
    "Tab" - Shifts camera to current players location
    "Left Mouse Button" - Moves around player (can only move to adjacent tiles)
    "E" - Picks up items
    "Shift + Left Mouse Button" - Tosses a stone in adjacent tiles
    "Escape" - Close Game

    (Side note: There is a chance a map can't be completed, but "should be" pretty rare.)
    Last edited by Hawk; 10-16-2015 at 12:19 PM. Reason: Edited Goal text, and added side note about chance of unbeatable maps.

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    Link to a download of your game:
    Google Drive:

    Team name: Loose Screw
    List of team members: Scott Michaud
    Name of your submission: LooseScrew_JamGame (The actual name of the game is "Jam Game")
    Did you make all your own assets? (yes / no): No. Infinity Blade, Magic Sword Music, Starter Content, and one Filter Forge filter for a road asphalt base texture (I own a Professional license of Filter Forge). Otherwise, yes.

    "Jam Game" is a puzzle platformer.

    You play as an omnificent being that moves a jar of jam from each level's start point, to each level's end point. The goal is to control the jar's momentum, which builds as it hops. When you release the analog stick, on the other hand, the jar will stop on a dime the next time it lands. To succeed, you will need to know whether to apply force (forward, backward, or laterally) to achieve the required speed, or if you have too much velocity and stopping is the only option. Also, pay attention to the level layout. Some platforms might leave you stranded. You probably will not get the whole way through without restarting at least one level.
    Last edited by ScottMichaud; 10-15-2015 at 11:23 AM.

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    Link to a download of your game: (1,8GB)
    Team name: intoxicate3
    List of team members: intoxicat3
    Name of your submission (Please format it with your team's name attached ex. TeamName_GameName): intoxicat3_UnspokenChambers
    Did you make all your own assets? (yes / no): no

    Assets from Giants:
    Epic Games
    Manufactura K4
    Dexsoft Games
    Mister Necturus
    Arabian Art Studios
    Flying Teapot

    More details here:

    I will be doing tutorials about the work done in this project. Let me know if there is something particular I should focus.\

    EDIT: Added new build with fixed enemy spawner on start. (the build is from Yesterday and before the deadline, just making this text bigger now)
    Last edited by intoxicat3; 10-16-2015 at 05:58 AM.
    How to create first person shooter game from scratch. Lots of tutorials: - celebrating 50th Tutorial!

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    Sep 2014
    Digital Children - Subject 99

    Subject 99 by Digital Children

    We spent 3 days at the beginning of the week trying to figure out what to do, based on the theme. All our ideas were to ambitous for a small team of two people (1 unreal engine user and 1 sounds guy). So we decided to make a simple game inspired by "giants" among games. We ended up developing a project inspired by Portal's test chambers.

    link :
    team name : Digital Children
    List of Team Members : Ken (Keno), Gaz
    Name of Submission : DigitalChildren_Subject99 (Subject 99)
    Did We Make all the assets? : No
    ( we used modified versions of the arms of the FirstPerson Template, the gun from the FirstPerson Template and the static mesh of the character in the ThirdPerson Template.
    All the rest is made from scratch: panels, materials, sounds,ecc...)
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