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Thread: Tenebrae - Twilight of the Gods

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    I love the solid feel and deliberate pacing of the combat... reminds me a bit of Exanima / Sui Generis

    And I have to respectfully voice the opposite opinion of Galeon:

    Quote Originally Posted by Galeon View Post
    About level design, the dungeon, ennemies and lightening are all very brown theme, it lacks diversity in colors choices and lights.
    IMHO, I love the gritty color scheme of the older shots: a real dungeon / castle can potentially be a bleak place, and not every game should look like Diablo Also note that a more muted color palette for the backgrounds works in your favor to contrast with the action (blood, weapon movement "streaks", etc), and to highlight the red of the UI.

    Just as an example, judicious use of color is leveraged to great effect in the Dark Souls series, which helps to highlight the UI and important elements in the world that should draw your eye such as bonfires and player messages:

    Also, when varying the lighting, would it help to keep the lights matching what your eye expects from an emitter? In this shot the cooler light value comes from the windows, contrasting with the warmer glow of the torches, which looks great:

    But in this shot, there are cooler "fill" lights placed where there aren't torches or other light sources, which looks overly artificial:

    Attachment 113998

    Would it make sense for these areas to simply be in shadow, or at least just dimly lit by the distant torches? Plus, foes emerging from the shadows would really sell the environment and keep the player on their toes

    Just my 2 cents -- looking forward to more!

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    @CoquiGames thank you!

    @acatalept Hey, thank you very much for taking the time to write your post, it's always a pleasure to receive constructive feedback! We totally agree with you about how the environments should be lit, and while we've been experimenting a little bit, we ended up with something similar to the screenshot you posted.

    Unfortunately, the development is going very slow due to the lack of resources (the project is totally self-funded) and we don't have much more to show about environments, but in the last couple of months we focused on improving the in-game characters, so here are some updates:

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    Programmer / Tech Artist @ Troglobytes Games
    Currently working on Tenebrae - Twilight of the Gods

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    Really great art! Very impressive.

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