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Thread: Perception Neuron Template

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    Thanks again for the answer.

    I'm trying to upgrade Visual Studio with the latest update to see if the issue will be solved.

    Anyway if I try to use the original Third Person Template using C++ I have the same error, so I guess it's totally related to Visual Studio 2015 causing those issues.

    As soon as the update is done I'll let you know the results

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    i want to create an camera blueprint that their movement and zoom and focus can be controlled by perception neuron. for example camera movement controlled by head , zoom via right hand and focus via left hand ...

    is it possible and how?

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    Hey all, if anyone is interested in just exporting the .fbx animations from Axis Neuron and re-targeting to your model...

    I've created a model that successfully imports .fbx animations straight from Axis. I'll put it on the marketplace for a couple bucks if anyone is interested.
    Name:  MocapFBXRetargeting.png
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    I just wasn't a fan of using bvh animations when they're not fully supported by Unreal.

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    yes, should be possible, for e.g.:
    Attach the camera with a camera boom (spring arm) to the head of a first person player that is controlled/animated by PN.
    To zoom the camera in/out just change the length of the camera boom accordingly.
    Not sure about the focusing, may be you want to change the camera FOV.
    Of course you will need also some gesture detection of your right and left hand if you want to change the zoom and FOV with them.
    But should be all doable.
    If you need a freelancer for some hours and need help from me with that project, you can contact me below or send me a PM.

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    @Cyxx I have a problem. For me the neuroncontroller variable remains 'none'. The manager does get connected because the boolean is set to true after its connection event.
    I've set up the level blueprint to set the variable in the animation blueprint, and able to set it. But when I debug it, the animation blueprint neuron controller variable is still not set.

    Ive tried to change the settings in axis to see if it works then, but no effect (appart from the connection event not going to true when i use different settings in axis).

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    Please check your Level BP again, if the Neuron Controller in the Anim BP is set correctly.
    May be add a print to the "Cast Failed" output of your "Cast To <Your Anim Blueprint>".
    And check if you are using the correct way to access your Anim BP:
    If you use a Character BP (like the blue Hero TPP in the template), the correct way to retrieve the Anim BP reference is:
    Level Character BP reference -> Mesh -> Get Anim Instance -> Cast To Your Anim BP
    If you use only a skeletal mesh (like the grey Mannequin in the template)
    Skeletal mesh reference -> Skeletal Mesh Component -> Get Anim Instance -> Cast To Your Anim BP

    Please check further, if the Anim Class of your mesh is also correctly set:
    Select your BP or Skeletal Mesh in your scene and check the Anim Class variable, here your Anim BP must be configured.

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    Thats the thing. Even with the template its has the same problem. I use only the uassets that came with your plugin.

    What I wanna use your Plugin for is this:
    We have a VR simulation. But we are missing the body if the users look down. We bought the neuron suit and we want users to use the HTC-Vive to controll the head rotation. So we need it to only be realtime, no recording and no pre-recording.
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    If already the template is not working, than you should check the network settings in the Axis Neuron SW.
    Settings/Output Format/Rotation: YXZ
    Settings/Output Format/Displacement: Enable
    Settings/Output Format/Reference: Disable
    Settings/Broadcasting/TCP: Enable
    Settings/Broadcasting/BVH: Enable
    Settings/Broadcasting/BVH/Format: String
    Settings/Broadcasting/BVH/Server Port: 7001
    This are the settings that the plugin / template uses per default.

    Also follow the installation notes in the readme or in the first post of this thread.

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    Thank you for putting together such an awesome Plugin. We are currently trying to get your plugin working with our PN but we are not seeing any movements happening in UE4. What is a good way to troubleshoot the communication between Axis and your plugin? Our Axis broadcasting parameters are as you suggest in the config file.
    Thanks in advanced

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    Please check the network settings again as mentioned above in the answer to Aeregon.
    And may be you should try also the template version before using and configuring the plugin.
    And follow the installation instructions of the template. Do not open the template project directly.

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    Thanks, as someone mentioned here. Installing the non-pro version did the trick. I did also make sure to check allow network communication in the window pop up window. Maybe that was the issue.

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    I can confirm that the pro version is working for me with the plugin. I'm still on version 4.13 of Unreal however.

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    Hi there. I wanted to give this a try as my suit has been laying around for over a year. I followed your steps to setting it up but it didnt work and I ended up using your assets from the template. So my question is, when the setup is exactly the same in the Level Blueprint why it works with for example with HeroTPPBlueprint from the template and the HeroTPP_Neuron_AnimBlueprint and the SK_Manequin and Mannequin_Neuron_AnimBlueprint respectively but it doesnt when using Neuron mesh and the Neuron_Anim_Blueprint which is mentioned in the notes on page 1. I am just interested as to what is different in those scenarios. I've looked around the blueprints and skeletal meshes but it all seems the same to me. Thats my Level blueprint, the rest is just a sequence in there.
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    Hi! I'm really impressed by your awesome work.
    Really interested in animation record features in Unreal, but don't know a way to contact you with PM.
    Please reply ㅠㅠ

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    @Elovein: I just replied your PM. @Creedzy: If you change the Neuron character in the template to use the "network controller", you have also to change the Neuron Animation BP accordingly. Just rewire there, so the network controller instead the player controller is used. (Please have a look into the "Blueprint Installation Notes.pdf" of the plugin).

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    Any plans for the 4.15 version?

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    @Enter Reality:
    Just released the UE4.15 version.

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    Hi @Cyxx, great plugin.
    I was wondering if it is possible to stream two characters from Axis Neuron to two different avatars in Unreal. Could you set each character in Axis Neuron to a different port? Or is there a way to separate the two incoming avatars in blueprints?

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    In general this is possible, but the plugin does not support two characters in the same stream at the moment.
    There is an avatar name in the stream for each character, but this is ignored by the actual plugin version.
    If you want to stream two or more Avatars to Unreal you will need for each character a new Axis Neuron instance, which means you will need a further PC (or a virtual PC),
    because Axis Neuron could only be started once.

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    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    is it possible to use this plugin on UE 4.16.1?
    Was also hoping to use this in 4.16 soon.

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