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Thread: Perception Neuron Template

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    Perception Neuron Template

    Hi MoCap Interests

    this is the discussion thread of my unofficial "Third Person C++ Perception Neuron" template and plugin which I have published for free under the MIT license on Github.
    Perception Neuron (TM) is a motion capture suit from Noitom financed by a Kickstarter campaign in 2014.
    Further details about the suit here:
    In the meantime also an official plugin version was released => Discussion thread.

    Please use this thread to discuss the technical details about this unofficial template and plugin.

    Github Repository
    Latest template version: v0.5.4
    Latest plugin version: v0.3.0 (UE4.10) v0.3.0 (UE4.11) v0.3.0 (UE4.12) v0.3.1 (UE4.13) v0.3.2 (UE4.14) v0.3.3 (UE4.15)
    v0.3.4 (UE4.16)

    Features Template/Plugin:
    - Live connection over TCP to Axis Neuon player or any other BVH server
    - Playback of locally stored BVH files with stop, pause and rewind
    - Support for multiple instances and different sources (can be shared)
    - Easy to use custom skeleton support with T-Pose, A-Pose or Pose with negative Y axis
    (Just map bone names in event and anim graph. Since plugin v0.3.0 bone coordinate systems are mapped automatically)
    - No dependency to third party libraries and open source solution (MIT license)
    - Remove pelvis drift
    - In-Game and/or In-Editor animation recording (not part of free version, send me a PM if you are interested)

    Changes Template:
    - Remove UE4.16 build warnings

    - Update to Plugin v0.3.3

    - Plugin enable Fix for UE4.14

    - Compile Fixes for UE4.13

    - Cleanup of all Animation BP and switch to new NeuronReadArray function which improves the support of custom skeletons.
    - Remove old custom bone mapping functions (are now deprecated)
    - Add function in Animation BP to remove pelvis drift on ground
    - Change project to UE 4.10
    - Update to Plugin v0.3.0

    - Network and player controller actors now support manual configuration of reference skeleton instead using external BVH reference file.
    - To have an example how to add custom skeletons, the Mannequin now uses the new bone map feature of the plugin.
    For a "HowTo" please have a look into the Mannequin BP function "Init Bone Map".
    - Update to Plugin v0.2.0

    - Source code restructure: C++ code is now placed in a plugin to be more project independend.
    This plugin can be used in any of your projects and there is no need to create a C++ project anymore.
    The binary plugin version 0.1.0 can be downloaded from here:
    - Further comments and minor improvements

    - Playback Controller added.
    Now you can directly play BVH files placed ín your content folder instead connecting to a BVH server.
    See new Blueprint nodes Play and Pause.
    To have an example Neuron character is now connected to a player controller instead to a network controller.
    - Neuron and TPP_Hero are now part of a character blueprint (To have an example for that)
    - Hips bone of TPP_Hero mesh is used to translate complete actor (capsule). Actor rotation is still a problem and is not connected.
    - Add support for standard BVH format
    - Add support for disabled displacement and/or enabled reference bone in motion line
    - Add DNS name support
    - Add Blender source file for Neuron character
    - Further comments and minor improvements

    v0.1.0: Initial version

    Changes Plugin:
    - Remove UE4.16 build warnings

    - Do not resolve HostName if HostName is already a valid IPv4 address

    - Plugin enable Fix for UE4.14

    - Compile Fixes for UE4.13

    - Add better custom skeleton handling. No need to map bone coordinate systems by hand anymore, just map the bone names in anim and event graph.
    - Mark old neuron read functions as deprecated
    - Add BVH player rewind node
    - NeuronRead functions are now able to read the skeleton translation and rotation in component space
    - Compile pre build libraries with UE4.10
    - Further comments and minor improvements

    - It is now possible to initialize Reference skeleton manually and initialization with external BVH reference file is optional.
    - Support all rotation orders and add missing XZY, YZX, ZYX rotations
    - Better support for custom skeletons: Bone coordinate system can now be mapped in blueprint.
    - Fix a synchronization bug when using Neuron format
    - Further comments and minor improvements

    v0.1.0: Initial version (based and included in template v0.3.0)

    Live connection between Perception Axis Player and Unreal Engine 4 (Part 2)
    Live connection between Perception Axis Player and Unreal Engine 4
    Perception Neuron in Unreal Engine 4 Video from galaxyexpress998
    Speech about Perception Neuron and this Plugin at Unreal Meetup #3 Franken (in german) and the used slides (in english)
    Recording Solution (not part of free version, send me a PM if you are interested)

    Applications/Games/Demos based on this Plugin:
    Blood Mine VR Demo (Video)

    Quick Installation Notes Template:
    - Download the template from above link
    - Unpack the ZIP archive to your UE4 template folder, for e.g. "C:\Program Files\Unreal Engine\4.9\Templates\TP_ThirdPersonNeuron".
    Make sure that the project files are placed and visible under "...\Templates\TP_ThirdPersonNeuron" after unzip.
    - Launch Unreal Editor and click on "New project".
    - Under C++ you should now see a template called "TP Neuron".
    - Create a new project with the above template selected.

    Quick Installation Notes Plugin:
    (Not needed if you use the template)
    - Download the plugin under:
    - Copy the ZIP File to your closed Unreal project and unpack it directly in the main folder
    - You should see now a new directory "Plugins\PerceptionNeuron" and under "Content" two new folders "Neuron" and "NeuronPlugin"
    - Launch Unreal Editor
    - Under "Edit/Plugins/Project" you should see now a new plugin
    - Add the Neuron Blueprint to your level (See Neuron/Character/Mesh)
    - Add a Network or Player Controller Blueprint to your level (See NeuronPlugin/Blueprints)
    - Connect Neuron Blueprint and Controller with each other in your Level Blueprint (See also "Blueprint Installation Notes.pdf")
    - If you use a Network Controller change the Neuron Animation Blueprint accordingly

    - Unreal Engine 4.10 or higher
    - MS Visual Studio 2015 (for template)
    - Axis Neuron SW Player (Free version is available here:
    or alternatively you can use my free minimal BVH send server here:

    To connect from the template/plugin to the Axis Neuron SW following settings should be done in the Axis Neuron SW:
    - Open File|Settings dialog
    - Activate under Broadcasting BVH and choose port 7001
    - Configure under Output Format:
    * Frequency reducing: 1
    * Block type: String
    * Rotation: YXZ
    * Activate 'Displacement'
    * Deactivate 'Reference'
    Per default the template/plugin connects to 'localhost' ( and to port 7001.
    You can change these settings in the Controller Blueprint if you want to use a separate PC or other ports.
    And you can add further controllers if you want to retrieve motion data from additional suits or BVH server.

    If you find the template/plugin or parts of it useful, please support me and the further development and make a donation here:

    Best regards
    Heiko Fink aka Cyx
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