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    Lightbulb Exodus!


    Kenneth (ReqPro) Pedersen and I are mashing our heads together on a few game ideas. This is the first one to come together.
    Download - 47M

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    In Exodus! you play the manager of all manager for the last of humanity. Your people have come down to the last of your resources and need to find another place to live. The good news is, you have found 20 planets in the near viscinity to move to, the bad news, your targeting capabilities are screwed up and the population of your home world is impatient. your goal is to adjust the populations of these planets to ensure they are able to live as long as possible, while consuming all of the resources at hand.

    1. The game starts with you looking down on your home world, and soon after the game starts a ship is launched into orbit. You have about 2 minutes, about the time it takes for your ship to orbit 3 times, to hit the launch button and send the crew on their merry way. If you do not launch within that 120s the crew is lost to friction with the atmosphere and will burn up with lots of screaming =( Woe is me!
    2. The ship will exhaust its fuel reserves and then coast until it either a) finds a planet, at which point the crew attempt to colonize it, or b) finds deep space at which time they die. =( Oh noes!
    3. Each populated planet will certainly have a group of nae-sayer grumps who just like traveling space and will want to leave after a period of time. This leads to each populated planet gaining the ability to launch ships. All occupied planets have the ability to launch ships, all ships contain people and these people need to get to another planet or their worries about global illumination, and drive to create MMORPGs will overwhelm them and they will die. =( Boo
    4. When a planet has its resources consumed the population will begin consuming itself, just like the Donner Party of old. This will cause more people to hop into ships to try to evade the swarms of rabid idiots and JavaScript developers who don't know what a closure is. During this phase of "growth" the population will burn at an accelerated rate, illustrating a global war breaking out, and ships will launch 10x more frequently. You may only ever be able to launch the ship that was least recently launched into orbit (FIFO), so during this phase you may have to catapult your ships off into the depths of space. See point 2 for death in space. =( This sucks!
    5. When a planet has exhausted its resources, and population, it will become a barren wasteland and any ships that attempt to land there will have to stay in orbit. This ship has one half of an orbit to find a new home. =( Man, its tough out there in space.

    Settings Menu

    Credits Screen

    Game Initialization Menu

    Alerts System

    Drop Down Population List

    The Team
    Bob Chatman - - Programming & Lead Designer
    Kenneth Pedersen - - Programming & UI Designer
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