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Thread: September #UE4JAM, Sept 10-13th, THEME: LIVE DEATHLESS

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    I'm getting the same issues with the long filenames in the new infinity blade assets .... impossible to compile at the moment....

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    Submission: Daniel - Hospital Night Shift

    Solo Submission - Daniel
    Hospital Night Shift

    Left Stick - Move
    Right Stick - Aim
    Left Shoulder - Toggle Zoom
    Right Shoulder - Run
    Left Trigger - Throw pills
    Right Trigger - Shoot Laser

    In this game you play as the only doctor at the Hospital. You must keep your patients alive by giving them pills. Watch out for the Grim Reaper because he will attack your patients! You can shoo him away with your laser but he'll be back. Last as long as you can with three lives and get the highest score.


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    Submission: Sons of Pessina_Deadless Treasure

    Name of submission : Deadless Treasure

    Protect your majestic but soooo mortal turtle that carry your treasure. Use your body to protect it for the eternity ! Or until opponents reach it...

    Team : Sons of Pessina

    Controls :
    - Right/Left arrow to turn and protect your precious treasure with your immortal body
    - Escape for the pause menu

    Team members :
    - Louis Cortes (graphic artist)
    - Matthis Pralat (graphic artist)
    - Nicolas Pessina (graphic artist)
    - Bill Beheuliere (sound designer)
    - Arnaud Begue (programmer)

    Download link :
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    Deathless Live Family Edition

    Face off vs death himself in this brand new Japanese Game Show where your family is counting on you!

    Team name: Chat room warriors


    Kodi" Nanovoxel" Mynatt
    Level Design

    James "Jvthewanderer" Vaughn Jr.
    Character Design
    Character Animation

    Terrence "tyoungjr" Young

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    Was looking forward to posting but unfortunately it's now 3am and I'm getting build errors so I guess I just wasted 48 hours of my life.

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    Game name: Beat the Cancer
    Team Name: Marcin Matuszczyk
    List of Team Members: Marcin Matuszczyk
    Name: MarcinMatuszczyk_Beat_the_Cancer

    A/W/S/D - walk
    Left mouse button - left punch
    Right mouse button - right punch
    Space - jump
    Mouse scroll up/down - camera controls

    Help patient to beat his lung cancer!


    Download: (zip 406 mb)

    Old shool platformer ispired by Crash Bandicoot now on greenlight -

    Third Person Shooter Kit - February 2017 Community Pick! -

    Side Scroller Shooter Kit -

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    Here is our submission.

    Team name : Sliced Up Dudes
    Team members : Myself(Cyril Carincotte), Sofiane Saheb, Swann Klein, Pierre Brouchet
    Name of Submission : SlicedUpDudes_DeathLessManKind

    Description :

    Human are now immortal... It seems really cool, except that now they can't die anymore, there is more and more of them, and now they're coming to a new planet. You have to keep the population low to avoid the explosion of the planet. You can't kill them (they're immortal after all), the only way to protect the planet is to throw them to the deep space. To do that you have 4 weapons, meteorites, tornados, alien spaceships and of course... Nuclear bombs.

    Controls :
    right click to grab the planet and move your mouse to rotate around the planet.
    Left click to use the current selected weapon.
    1-2-3-4 to select the weapon of you're choice.

    Download link:

    Sorry we don't have any screen to show you what it is, didn't have time.
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    C++ Developer on Sliced
    A 3D Brawler Game About Slicing Things Up and Destroying friendships
    Check out our Facebook, Twitter and Site

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    Team Name : Another 1-Man Jam
    Team Members: Bob Cober

    Submission: Cober_Dark_Soles

    Windows Download (1.6 GB):
    Mac download: (coming soon)

    Kind of ran out of time on this one - as I am sure everyone else does too ;-)

    Heavily used the Infinity Blade Assets - Thank you Epic!
    Also used a few of the assets from the Marketplace - some of them are quite good.

    After finishing the controls and a simple enemy ai, I did not really have time to build challenging maps so I used the ice one included in the assets.

    There isn't much content - more of a tech demo. But now that some of the fundamental mechanics are in, in the future I may still try to polish the combat and then design some fun maps and keep building on it.

    The game is basically a third-person hack-n-slash.

    Be sure to use targeting when fighting enemies - it locks the camera in place and makes it easier to fight (you can toggle targeting with middle-mouse button or T or Right-Stick button on gamepad).
    Note: Targeting only works if enemies are in range - if you target too far away, targeting still locks camera, so just toggle it again to turn off

    Some screenshots and a video too!:
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    Submission: Eternal Forest
    Team Solux
    Team members: Nickolay Polozov, Dmitry Kornienko

    Play as a spirit protector of the Eternal tree, fend off the creeping breaches and avoid spiky underground-dwelling creatures.

    [WASD] to move,
    [Space] - dash,
    Hold [Mouse 1] to charge up the attack

    What to do exactly?
    Keep your Eternal tree alive by keeping breaches away from it. It is damaged when breaches creep to close to it. Respawning also reduces Eternal tree's HP so try not to die (as if that had to be explained). Dash and attack and respawn cost energy. Collect energy to upgrade your Eternal tree. Game ends when Eternal tree is fully charged. You automatically recieve energy from all the trees in the forest. Breaches temporary disable nearby trees thus lowering your energy regeneration rate.

    Difficulty can be changed in settings menu (only works before the game start)

    Have fun.

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    Can you escape death?

    This is my first game I have made with the unreal engine. I had a lot of fun making the game.

    The only think I will say about my game, is that it is a bit weird. Have fun.

    Can you escape death?

    I thought my username was JK5000, so that is what used in my game.
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    Team Name: Swifty
    Team Members: Me
    Name of submission: DeathlessVR

    A battle your way though the elven ruins in this Infinity Blade meets Dark Souls VR Experience.
    Can your expertly crafted cardboard armour keep you safe for the perils that await.

    Design for use with a gamepad (PC controls added last minute, dodge reads gamepad stick axis, so doesn't work with keyboard)
    LStick = move PC (WASD)
    RStick = Look Mouse
    Left Shoulder (L1) = Left Attack LeftClick
    Right Shoulder (R1) = Right Attack Right Click
    Right Trigger or Face Left (X) Strong Attack E
    Left Trigger Face Bottom(A /X) = Raise Shield Q

    Hold Face Right to Sprint Shift
    Tap Face right whilst holding a move direction to dodge

    Download Link:Here 330Mb

    FYI, didn't have time to do anything other than combat, hit them a few times they die. There are no win/lose conditions.
    First game jam submission. I only had a day to do this but really enjoyed using all the Infinity Blade assets.
    I'm finally going to be able to make my own little GearVR game ish.
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    The Purgetory

    Team Name: Simulation Games Manufacture
    Team Members: Katarzyna 'Caria' Sobkowicz, Patryk Jarosz, Jarek Jaroszewski, Marek Jaroszewski, Piotr Mieruszyński,
    Name of submission: Purgatory

    Game Description:

    Today is the 10th of September 2015. Your name Is John Blake C.E.O of a of a small but well prospering firm, loving father and husband. You were on your way back from work, it was late. and then something bad happened. You don’t know what or why exactly, you remember a car crash, pain and then… nothing. You found yourself in darkness, alone. Then you heard a voice telling you that you died.. And offered you a deal to bring you your life back.

    “The Purgetory” is a small indie game focusing around the idea of “playing with Death” in hope of winning ones life back.
    Geame features:

    Game Features:
    - Procedural world generation with sublevel streaming system
    - Physical interaction and manipulation of ingame objects
    - Physicaly based riddles
    - Voice acted story.
    - Hd 3d realistic graphics
    - Interesting areas to see

    Have fun
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    Submission: TeamDiaspora_NecromancerCove

    Submission Name: TeamDiaspora_NecromancerCove

    Team Name: Team Diaspora
    Team Members:
    Brandon “Lt.Brandon” Garvin – Level Design, Blueprints
    Kanzuke “Kanzuke” Okanata – Blueprints


    WASD: Move around
    Left Mouse: Possess target
    Right Mouse: Ghost form
    Space: Jump

    Advice: This is a puzzle game, so pay attention because there are actually puzzles that require you to see something. For example, to open gates.

    So, we didn't get to finish everything we wanted to do. There is no sound in the game, which really detracts from the experience. The ending cinematic and dialogue are things that we especially wanted to do, but didn't get to. Because those two things are missing, its hard to tell what the game has to do with the theme, and also hard to tell why it is you're basically playing as an immortal ball. Have a little explanation of the story to help with that. Sadly the second ending mentioned in the story did not get completed, though.

    Story: 500 years ago you, widely known as a powerful necromancer, were sealed inside of the Temple of the Moon. Fast forward about 400 years, the temple is under attack by a large force. In order to prevent all those deemed demons within the temple from escaping, the temple was to be destroyed. While in the process of self-destructing the temple something went horrible wrong, trapping everyone within the temple inside of their own seal. One hundred years later the seal on your sarcophagus had weakened to the point of breaking, setting you free. Now you stand before a demon once known as a god, who was trapped with you in order to keep you from getting out. Deciding you'd rather not go back to sleeping eternally, you offer to help. You are given two options, destroy the temple by finishing the bomb, or free the priests from their eternal damnation.
    Twitter @BrandonCGarvin

    Watch me build with the Unreal Engine on hitbox at /LtBrandon

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    Teamname: Team_GiantMonster
    Members: Nsomnia, Taigi100, Graeme_Crackers (you may know him by freshLemonade), Zergothes, FlashDave/SolarForge whatever you wanna call him
    Name Of Submission: Infinite Loop {Age}

    Audio (All music and SFX) courtesy of KnightsOfNeon at URL1 and his URL2 he does great music and FX work for a number of teams check him out!

    A simple checkpoint based sidescroller with some Y-axis movement destined to show the hard-ships of life. And rabbits.


    Controls are shown when you start the game.
    The more energy you exert the older you get. The more you stand still the younger you get.
    Age States: Baby, child, adult, senior. Get beyond senior or below baby and you respawn at last checkpoint. The bar at the top left shows how far towards or back an age state your moving.
    Dont become younger than baby age state or older than senior age state and load the Win_Roby2 level to "win"

    Download Here

    Note: The game appears to have packaged badly use console command 'openlevel' to open the maps if needed with the names below:
    Heres a level list in order of play-through

    We lost the first day to perforce issues and the last to packaging failing (although due to AwesomeAllars advice we were packaging 1x daily then it just stopped working would love the other people having the same problems input later!).
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    This was a lot of fun. Blueprint is perfect for jams! Pretty much all my assets are Infinity Blade or starter content, so the game looks and sounds way better than it would otherwise :P

    Team Name: Team Bullet
    Team Members: Chris Shaw
    Submission: TeamBullet_DeathVaccine

    You are a doctor who has created a vaccine for Death. However, the vaccine is only effective when the patient is about to die. Use your Vaccine Gun to immunize your patients before Death descends on them giving them temporary protection and curing Death if it gets too close or vaccinate Death itself to cure it immediately. Once a patient has been cured of Death 3 times, they are permanently immune. Permanently vaccinate all patients to move on to the next level, and don't forget to refuel. Enjoy!

    WASD - Movement
    Left Click - Shoot Vaccine
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    Name of submission: Angry Pixel

    Team : Shajro

    Press Space to Jump

    Team members :

    - Tytus Tomala(Programmer, Graphic)
    - Łukasz Gołębiewski(Graphic)

    Game link:
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    September Game Jam

    Team MenaPlayers
    Tjay Revett- Project Manager/ Environment
    Brandon Wassenburg- Art
    Brian Beauchamp- Art
    Dwayne Toney- Programmer
    Matt Schroeder- Programmer
    Name of our submission is Fowl Play
    Download link:

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    We had no problems packaging our game for Windows. Not sure how you all were trying to package your content. It took almost 6 hours to package but ran smoothly

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    Team Name:
    Brandon’s No Sleep Grinder’s

    Game Name:
    A Grim Situation

    Team Members:
    Brandon Soares, Technical Artist

    Philipp Nasahl, Programmer

    Daniel Arathoon, Environment 3D Artist

    Tim Fangon, Concept and Character Artist

    Jay Adams, Animation and 3D Artist

    Game Description:
    The Grim Reaper has appeared in the city! Be aware, he has come to gather the souls of the dearly departed and bring them to the mysterious red shining graves that are located in the town. Fortunately, a brave priest (Father Francis) in town steps up to stop the Grim Reaper’s intentions!

    How to Play:
    For the game you need two controllers, because it’s a pure local split-screen game. One player will spawn as Grim and the other one as Father Francis. A timer will start and both players must do their job.

    As Grim: The player has to collect souls and bring the back to the red shining graves that are located around the map. He will win when he has collected 10 souls by adding them to the graves, but each grave is only able to hold 5 souls.

    Gathering: Be near a soul. Bring souls to graves: just walk pass the red shining grave, then the soul will do the ‘rest’.

    As Father Francis: As the Priest, save the souls around the level with your Bible of Smiting so that their souls are saved and Grim will have to gather them again. Father Francis will win when the time runs out if Grim hasn’t completed his goal of capturing 10 souls.

    Whacking/Slicing: Left Mouse Button or Square (PS4 Controller)

    Skill Power 1: 1 key, X (PS4 Controller), or A (Xbox Controller)
    Speed Boost

    Skill Power 2: 2 key or O (PS4 Controller), or B (Xbox Controller)
    As Father Francis it allows footsteps to appear brighter
    As Grim it allows you to make your new footsteps dissapear for a few seaconds

    Here you guys go and with 12 mins to spare! We put in about 30 hours in it each! 150 HOURS TOTAL!

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    Team Name : Ra Studios
    Game Name : Bored Dracula.
    Download Link :

    Dracula has become bored of his eternal deathless life so he decided to have fun with his victims. Your target is to kill as much victims as you can within the time limit, be wary of the poisonous victims and use your special power to stun your victims and easily feed on them.

    Controls :
    Movement : W A S D or Arrows.
    Attack : Left Click mouse button when behind victims.
    Special Power : Right Click mouse button when the skill bar is full.

    Team Members :
    1- Mahmoud Aladdin : Engine Developer.
    2- Marwan Mohamed : Artist and 3D Modeler.
    3- Hazem Magdy : Character Modeler.
    4- Tarek Ibrahim : VFX and SFX.
    5- Mohammed Youssri : Engine Developer.

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    Hero of the Peole

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    Starting the pre-show game jam stream playthrough now! Real playthrough starts at 9:00pm (half an hour from this post)

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    Who said "You can't live forever" lied...
    Of course, I'll live here forever.. I'll...
    Forever I'll Live
    I never played Infinity Blade, Never owned any device from Apple. Never CONSIDERED owning any device from Apple. So not sure about the lore behind the phrase.

    I interpret this theme as the "transcendence of death"
    Of course we die
    but - I'll live foreverlong
    Inside of this place I've built for myself
    Don't bury me, let the ravens eat.
    I package this message in a bottle - 64 bit
    I drop it in the ocean @ 20Mbps
    My flesh and mind will fade, this glass container will not.

    Description: A short (2 minute) experience of Death, Remembrance, Dissolution and Immortality. Made for VR (but fully functional on any display)

    Title: Live Long
    Name: Alexotronic


    Head up for streamers (Allar) - This does contain the chorus to a fairly popular song, so feel free to skip playing it on the stream.

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    Team Name: Team Brain Drain
    List of Team Members:
    Alvin Pollard
    Chris Shields
    Game Name: Avoid All Humans
    Name of submission:

    In our game, humans are rising up to take back their world. For too long have zombies occupied their once beloved streets. Now, is the time for action! Unfortunately, you are the one they are taking action against. You play as a lone zombie, left behind after his brethren evacuated ahead of schedule. Utilize stealth, cunning and patience as you navigate the myriad of broken down abandoned cities and human hordes.

    TL;DR: Avoid All Humans is a tactical, survival, stealth game from the perspective of a zombie.

    The control / key mappings are presented in widgets after you start the game.


    The Easily frightened human, which acts as a scout, calling in back up and thus increasing the difficulty level of the game. Easily killed from any direction.

    The Brawler type, which will chase you and beat you down if you don't out maneuver them. Not so easily killed, stealth is your greatest ally.

    Hide in trash piles by crouching when in the middle of them.

    Follow the hand prints, they will serve as your guide if you get lost.

    Enjoy and good luck to everyone!

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    Team Name : ImBetterThanDwunky
    Team Members: Seraphim Shepard
    Game Name : Cora Loft: The Search For The Fountain of Youth
    Download Link : CLICK HERE

    A and D: Forward and Backward
    Space: Jump
    Right Mouse: Grappling Hook
    Left Mouse: Roll

    You are dying and just recently heard about the Fountain of Youth from a sage in the mountains of the Idaho. You travel deep into the Snowcone desert in search of the fountain. Now you must pass all the tests and survive the gauntlet of danger to take a sip of the delicious water (which kinda tastes like surge!).

    music by: Zagi2
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    Game Name
    Lollipop Princess Necromancer

    Team LPN
    Joryson Rivera
    Luke Sheridan
    Marco Segovia
    Patrick Driggett
    Tyler Garcia

    Left-click – Fire Life Leech Ranged attack
    Right-click – Summon Undead
    Space Bar – Jump
    Esc – Quit


    The .exe in the first folder is not working properly, from that folder browse to /LPN4/Binaries/Win64/LPN4.exe and run that.
    This is an issue that seems to be affecting quite a few people. I may post something later if I can get it fixed.


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    Submission Name: Team Rodney_Rodney: Escape From Tartarus

    Team Name: TeamRodney
    Team Members:Marek Dudek, Mat Waller, Line Bering, Daniel de la Rosa

    Movement: WASD
    drop apples: Space (lure)
    Use Ectoplasm: Shift (speed boost)
    Pause: Escape

    as a lemming, you keep jumping off of a cliff only to find your self in the underworld. no worries you know how to find your way out.

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    Team Name: MotorCore Games
    Team members:
    Satya Pratap Das [Game Designer]
    Dipayan Paul [Game Programmer]
    Abhisek Ganguli [Artist]
    Hrishikesh Varaskar [Artist]
    Saket Arya [Artist]


    Link for .exe file:
    Here is the zipped executable file link:

    Link for project files:

    Notes: 1) Please download the zipped executable file. The one on the top is not zipped and will require you to download each of the folders separately.
    2) The project files are not zipped. We will be uploading the zipped version of the project files as soon as we can.
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    Team: ScorpionFlux
    Members: oxygencube, RodrigoMF, yamashi, SesameSeeds, jay43k
    Game Name:Climb Fall Repeat
    Submission: ScorpionFlux_ClimbFallRepeat

    EDIT: RodrigoMF and I spend a week or so polishing the game.
    You can get it here.

    Last edited by oxygencube; 09-26-2015 at 08:35 PM. Reason: Added screen shots.
    Environment / Level Artist:
    Recent Release: September Game Jam: Climb Fall Repeat

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    Team Name: DarkShot Studios
    Team Members:

    Keith Marchell
    Ryan Moninghoff
    Stephen Mitchell
    Amarise Knapick

    Project Name: Purposely Accidental

    Submission name: DarkShot_PurAcc

    Download the Game Here

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    ARG ! Nice awesome games being shown here ! And with only 14 min i cant upload my game 'cos it aint done yet lol. Me being a noob to this engine and all I had was only today to try for this and that was only for a couple hours ! The last couple days I was trying to make a game package but it always failed until today ! Thank you Blue man for showing me what the problem was ! It was the stupid substance plugin that was stopping my game from being packaged all these days!

    These last coople hours I could not figure out how to start my level with my character in it ! lol and I can't figure it out still ! At least im learning and its only my first week using UE4 ! Thanks again Blue man ! Your my hero !

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    Sleepless Meatbags - Did He Die

    Game Name: Did He Die

    Team Name: Sleepless Meatbags
    Team Members:
    Michael Brune - Programmer
    Aaron Craig (Craiger) - Programmer
    John Doolan (JohnnyJimJams) - Programmer
    Jacqueline King (Jakayaki) - 3D Artist
    Paulius Rumsa (Slapunas) - 3D Artist

    3rd party material -
    Epic games - Highlight material - Soul Transfer Particle
    Left Hook Sound: Recorded by Mike Koenig,, License Attribution 3.0
    Tazer: Javier Zumer,, Attribute License 3.0
    Strange Alien Sound: Recorded by MsI,, Attribution 3.0
    Music: The Losers: Young, Tough, Terrible – Ghost Wife,, Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 International License
    Music: The Losers: Betrayal, Lies & Disaster – Betrayal, Lies and Disaster -, Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 International License

    Download Link -

    Left click to skip the starting cinematic sequence or leave it alone to watch it!
    Alt F4 to quit!

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    Project name: Trap Room
    Team name: Danderino

    Randy Schouten: Programmer, Artist, Sound designer, Designer, Voiceactor
    Rebecca Falktorp: Artist, Sound FX, Narrative Designer, Voiceactor

    WASD/Right stick = Move
    Left mb/trigger = Interact
    Right mb/trigger = Zoom in

    Phone tone found at:

    Link for download:

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    May 2014

    Richard Nazarian
    Ulvis Bariss
    Kassym Kushkimbayev
    Michelle Tang


    So, like, these parents are paying me to look after their kids. I thought it would be all #fetch, but it's not.
    Their so crazy and they run around all the time. If they die or something I'll lose my pay.
    At this rate I can hardly check my Facebook and Instagram. If I miss anything there I'll be like, literally dead!

    Notes for playing
    Menu can be buggy, try alt tabbing and clicking on the screen again to go past main menu.

    WASD to move around
    E to interact / drag (start fighting a kid that wields a sharp object, start doing a Heimlich maneuver on kids choking on small toys, drag kids behind you)
    Q to check phone (Actions fill up your thirst for social media, check phone to be able to do more actions again)
    tap SPACE to save/fight child (when fighting or saving a kid from death, tap SPACE to fill the meter to complete the action)
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    Talking Submission Farshooter

    Name of submission : Death Is a Party (DIAP)

    Objective: Be the last one standing and avoid be afflicted.

    It is LAN multiplayer for up to 4 people. There is no ready state so everyone has to join instantly. It is pretty rough around the edges, but the game play is there.

    Team : Farshooter

    Controls : Standard FPS controls. Can only fire when afflicted.

    Team members :
    - Farshooter

    Download link :

    I had to use Github. Google Drive wouldn't take it.

    The best way to play it is to go into the editor and Package it for your machine. Then run the packaged file. Also only choose the LAN option in the main menu. It will only work over LAN so get 4 buddies on voice comms and give it a try.

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    Team name: Alderbit
    List of team members: Matt Downey
    Name of submission: Alderbit_DeathlessValley

    Download: (134mb)

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    Quote Originally Posted by DNADrone View Post
    Team Name: MotorCore Games
    Team members:
    Satya Pratap Das
    Abhisek Ganguli
    Hrishikesh Varaskar
    Dipayan Paul
    Saket Arya


    Link for .exe file:
    Link for project files:
    Don't have permission to download packaged version.

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    [*]Submit a download link to this thread before midnight on the night of September 13/ morning of September 14th including the following:
    • Team Name
    • List of Team Members
    • Name of submission (Please format it with your team's name attached ex. TeamName_GameName)
      After you post your submission, PM me with the email addresses of your team members (up to 5), the name of your team and the name of your project. That makes it easier to get in contact with everyone, so make sure to send that info over!

    Team Name: Safe From Robots
    Team Members: Tom Macneil
    Name of submission: SafeFromRobots_Ivanov

    It's uploading right now (slow broadband) but says it'll be finished in 5 minutes.
    Had some trouble with packaging so the nav buttons have vanished and the game is unfortunately unplayable.
    You can click on the planets and make transport tubes appear - you're supposed to be able to click on those to make the character move around (off screen at the beginning, can't use the buttons to bring it on screen!).

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    Team name: Swipe or die

    Game name: YOLI [you only live infinite]

    Team members:
    Aljona Bulgar,
    Sebastian Plesch,
    Niklas Belser,
    Jonas Kunert,
    Franz Köhler

    Grab Bots______Strg


    You are an AI.
    Print yourself a new body and use your old ones to overcome obstacles.
    Goal - infinite existance doesnt require goals!/Nirvana

    Assets made from scratch - besides the birds (landscape demo) and the skybox

    Download Link:

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    Hey, it's Brandon From Brandon's No Sleep Grinder’s we are 5 mins late but here is our new version with better lighting if you prefer this one while we are happy to be judged by our on time game entry.


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    May 2015
    Hey <3,

    Team: Ninful
    Team members: Ninjin, Artful

    Ninful_A beautiful day

    Allar, you are some handsome guy <3, please be nice to my game :3.

    *Changelog: took a brush and painted the top of the mountain + added a path + fixed a bug at the end of the game, new link at:

    --- took out the link, because this version had no Credits at all <3 ---

    **Changelog: added a start menu and give some proper credit to Bensound for the music
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