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Thread: StoneRage - Established-Indie-Game

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    Quote Originally Posted by reok View Post
    Hi I'm interested. I'm 30 years old, I actually teach on a Game Art course so know the ins and outs of 3D modelling, texturing and animation. Also know the UE4 engine pretty well, however I'm still learning blueprint, know it a little.

    Let me know if you're interested.

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    Good luck to you.

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    Hadn't heard from you guys in a while, any news to share with the community?
    [On Hold]WIP: Vertex-Based Ledge Detection/Parkour Engine

    Looking for fellow programmers to develop a project.

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    To wrap up our prototype and to be ready for steam greenlight and dev grant we are looking for the following positions:!

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    Updated originial thread post!

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    Looking great, is the port to ue4 complete now?

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    We never ported to UE4. We started from scratch in UE4 with the assets.

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    That's awesome, keep up the hard work

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    Are you guys heading across to CEGC? I'd love to hear how development is going!

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    Not sure yet. Gonna be spontaneous. It's right around the corner though and would love to see Epic Games there

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    First 5 masks you can make in Stone Rage... 15 more to come! ‪#‎stonerage‬ ‪#‎survival‬ ‪#‎indie‬

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    New Environment Concept Art posted on our Facebook page. Check it out, guys:

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    That's some slick new art, great job!

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    Really good looking environments, you guys certainly did make nice progress since i last time checked the project.

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    Stone Rage is using TrueSky Weather Plugin. If there's anyone who's interested in digging into TrueSky and helping out with that for Stone Rage, please email me! Looking for people who are interested in helping out with TrueSky and eventually Level Design.

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    It's been almost five years since we here at MountainWheel Games started working on StoneRage under the lead of Marco Muellner. Since then our team has grown to a group of 21 amazing individuals from all over the world. We've had our fair share of ups and downs but StoneRage is finally starting to take shape and looking the way we always envisioned. We originally planned on developing StoneRage with the help of Cryengine, we got almost 2 years in to development before we had to make the decision to move to a new engine due to the amount of issues Cryengine had at this time. While this was a big set back at the time, it lead us to use the amazing Unreal Engine 4. This without a doubt has been the best decision we've made for the entire team and project.

    Our current game plan is to release StoneRage this year and we're quickly approaching the final stages of development. Over the following few months we'll be implementing tons, and I really mean TONS of new features. We want to make sure that we bring the best quality, polished product possible to our fans and followers.

    Over the next few weeks you'll be hearing a lot more from us than before. We'll be announcing our Steam Greenlight campaign and with it our very first gameplay trailer. As always we appreciate your continued support. Stay tuned for more, and keep telling your friends about StoneRage!

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    Was going to join your forums, but registration is closed atm...

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    Yes, opening our forums when we go live on Steam Greenlight

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    nice to know that the game is going forward and well! Good job and good luck guys! cheers!
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    For more infos about the game, feel free to check out our facebook page:

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    Behind-the-scenes. This is one of our testmaps where we test all our assets, and gameplay features. Btw, we are still hiring 1-2 gameplay programmers to finish StoneRage. Have a good weekend everyone!

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    "Most Stone Rage assets have detail material parameters which automatically build snow, sand, moss or animated rain drops and streaks on natural surfaces such as rocks and trees. These details adjust to draw on the appropriate surface angle of the assets regardless of object rotation, allowing for enhanced variety. Moss also color shifts based on angle to create a sense of depth and softness. Since all assets using this tech are using the same master shader, it's very easy to create dozens of instance variants of each model to help match up to the aesthetics of a given biome without creating additional work for the 3d artists." - Patrick Doran (Lead 3D Artist, Stone Rage).

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    Animal Showcase:

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    Still seeking:

    1x Level Designer (World Builder)
    • Experienced with UE4 (terrain tool, foliage tool). No modeling skills required!
    • Optional: Sequencer experience for trailers, videos.
    • Optional: Interest in taking care of Community as Community Manager.
    • Portfolio / Demo Reel / Website to show
    • At least 10 hours per week available to work and chat via Skype
    • Long-term interest and availability (+3 months)

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    Still searching for Level Designer

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    Hey everyone! We will be launching a Greenlight campaign on March 24th. Would love to hear your opinion about it. This video teases a core feature of Stone Rage, playable animals:

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    Very cool! But I want to see more gameplay. xD

    I get that it's a teaser. But if you want people to get excited you should show them a bit more of what they will get, and judging from the screenshots there's a lot of extremely awesome stuff you guys made. Why not show it?

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    Yeah, showing more in the trailer!

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    We launched on Greenlight with. "Stone Rage". If you like what you see and read, please give us a YES-Vote here. VOTE here:

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    Still need to get through Steam Greenlight. Help us out, guys:

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    Hello everyone. We are pleased to announce that Stone Rage has reached another major milestone. Stone Rage has been Greenlit by Valve. This is a goal we have been working towards for a long time and we were able to accomplish it in less than a month. A huge thanks goes to our wonderful community for all of the support, we could not have achieved this without you. Link:

    Next 2 months we will be working hard to add more content and to make Stone Rage stable enough to release on Steam.

    Name:  SR_Greenlit_Final.jpg
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    Congratulations for Greenlight Marco!

    You guys working lot of years on this project and it is shaping up really well.

    I wish you best of luck again.

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    Congratulations Reok on getting greenlit. I'm really happy to see that. This project really deserves it.

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    Our Last two screenshot Saturdays

    Name:  Screenshot_Beach_Logo.jpg
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    Name:  StoneRage_28052017.jpg
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    3D Artist and World Builder On Stone Rage

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    Some new screenshots from us!

    Check out some 360 screenshots here too!

    Name:  XSYYFKM.jpg
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    Name:  pTgxI1Q.jpg
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    Name:  qn2QWjW.jpg
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    3D Artist and World Builder On Stone Rage

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    Stone Rage - Blood and Gore - work in progress.

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