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Thread: Traditional Survival Horror in the works!

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    Oooooo that footstep on the wooden floor is a great example. The small creak with the echo gives the sound a lot of personality. We might try to pull something like that off with the footsteps (at least give it a little more personality). As for the character turning, he currently doesn't have a pivot animation, so it's just a basic idle anim playing while rotation, but as you said the blendspace stuff isn't the easiest to work with, which is something we are currently learning how to work with.

    Thank you for the feedback and the great video reference! It's easier to get inspiration from others if examples are given, so thank you for that! Man, it's so nice to hear some opinions on certain things so we can get a different perspective on the small details.

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    Getting level transitioning going with a hint of the classic 3rd person horror with still cameras.

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    I like what you have done so far. Keep up the good work!

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    Here's some quick screen shots.
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    Name:  HighresScreenshot00050.png
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