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Thread: Mediterranean House in UE4

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    Mediterranean House in UE4

    Hello, these are the first tests I did in UE4 using a model I made after a real house. You can see some standard rendered images I made in my blog to compare them with unreal. Unreal is a very smooth experience and gives nice impression! I will continue to work on it. The only problem I got was when I added some really high-poly trees as vegetation and killed the framerate so I removed them.

    here you can find my rendered images in my blog

    and here are my screenshots from unreal in dropbox

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    Your rendered images are very nice, the UE4's are not quite as good but not too bad either.

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    thank you, I'm still working on in and try to update my UE4 skills. I try to experiment on gamma but I get no good results. In my images gamma is 1.4 but it washed out the colors. I tried to make the colors vibrant but I still can't get the result I want. Any ideas? should I use gamma 1.0 again?

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    I'm no expert as I'm just learning the software but try using the post processing volume settings, just adjust things in there to your liking.

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    Hello all, after experimenting on Unreal for archviz for some time, I tried to redo a simple project I found in archdaily


    I liked the results and I tried to be fast so I can use unreal on daily basis an my main renderer on other works too. I have some screenshots in my blog too

    p.s. Is there a way to rename the forum thread maybe?

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    A new video I did with this great engine, this time it's a simple interior. As always, I focus on working speed than 100% perfect resutls

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    Best wishes for the new year!
    I was testing a new project, Apartment living room & kitchen. Here are some editor screenshots. It comes from an older scene I made some time ago.
    I also have a new facebook page under construction, that I plan from now on to update frequently with unreal engine projects (and I hope VR too)
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    Very nice. I love the colors. =)

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    Very good, work on the windows though :-)

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    Hello, I made a new video of a house exploration in UE4, thanks for viewing

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