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Thread: Can UE4 html5 run on ios 8?

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    Can UE4 html5 run on ios 8?


    I run a html5 project only including a cube and floor on ios 8, but it keeps reloading:"the website was reloaded because there have been some problems"?

    Any ideals?


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    Hey Alonezhby,

    IOS 8 should be able to run html5 projects on your device however, it could be determined by which browser you're actually using on your Iphone. Have you checked with our link to HTML5 Tappy Chicken to see if it works on your device?

    Please remember we're always available on AnswerHub, have a great day!

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    Hi, I have the same problem, and I checked the HTML Tappy Chicken link in the IPAD, in a Galaxy S6, and in a Iphone6, and in all cases, te webasite doesn´t show the Tappy chicken as it is in a PC browser, but instead it shows a static image only. It appears that the HTML5 apps doeasnt work in IOS or ANDROID.. is it true?

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