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Thread: Dungeon Architect

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    Video of an indoor scene created procedurally using dungeon architect. The ceilings are attached to ground markers (with an offset to raise them up and rotate by 180 to face down)

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    This plug-in looks simply amazing!

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    Ali where is your community spotlight badge

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    You still amaze me with every update When we can expect a release for the plugin? Actually I am paused developing my game because this is the only thing I am missing. The random level generation.

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    Yeah immediately subscribed when I found this, eagerly watching!

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    Hell yeah, this is gonna be the thing i need xD Have paused my own project because it became way to complicated creating such a system.
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    This is looking ****ing outstanding. Can't wait for this to hit the marketplace.

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    This would be ideal to for testing player controls in a randomly generated environment.

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    Thanks for the kind words everyone


    @SethPDA Thanks! It will take another two weeks. Plus there is the trello voting process before it is pushed into the marketplace

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    Cool work!!

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    Urrgghhhhhhh I need this for a project I'm working on, haha! Great work!
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    @Chance, me too!

    This is awesome OP.

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    Just wondering how much are you thinking of selling it for?

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    @Chance, @n00854180t Thanks!

    @eathdemon Sorry, I haven't decided on it yet

    Added a new Theme Override Volume. It lets you change the theme of any part of the dungeon geometry that lies within it. In the video, I've assigned a different theme on the volume that doesn't contain a roof
    It lets the designer assign different look and feel to different parts of the map

    Also added the ability to specify maximum staircase height units (which depends on the art asset) and the procedurally generated level will not contain height variations more than that

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    This is some incredible tool design! If/when you get around to releasing this plugin I'll be buying it immediately.

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    I almost can't wait for those two weeks to pass @Ali Akbar !
    Keep up the good job!

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    @Hum, @SethPDA Thanks!

    Added a new Editor Mode that lets you define the floors of your level with a paint brush tool
    Enter this mode and start drawing your level

    Also added a negation volume to remove procedural geometry that lies within it

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    Hi, I'm just a noob and I have a noobie question

    I have an open outside world level I have created. It contains trees, and a cave that I made from some rocks assets. Now I am not sure how to ask this question effectively so I hope you can understand what I mean;

    Am I able to place this on an existing level? Could I make the opening of my cave lead to something like you've made with this?

    In any event, I'll be buying this anyway if I get a chance too! lol


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    Great! Looking forward!

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    @Winterstone Most likely it will be possible. Even if not adding this t you existing level, maybe make this part first, then just copy paste every actor from your original scene and it will work.
    @Ali I'm speechless. This last update makes this tool look even more professional! Epic should really hire you I almost can't wait for this to get released XD
    Spectacular job Ali!

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    @Winterstone, @Staruwos2 @SethPDA Thanks!

    @Winterstone it should be possible with the paint tool. You can draw your dungeon with the paint tool inside the cave. I'll post a video when I get time

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    Free Assets!
    I've created a bunch of Sci-Fi models that would be bundled for free along with the plugin. You can use them in your commercial games. I've created the meshes in blender and reused the textures / materials from the ShooterGame demo. Check out the video

    This level was generated procedurally

    Asynchronous Dungeon Building
    • The layout generation now happens in a separate thread. This avoids lag in the Editor UI while painting the dungeon on larger maps.
    • When the layout generation is done in a separate thread, the meshes are spawned in the level. Since meshes have to be spawned in the main game thread, use object pooling to avoid unnecessary creation / destruction of meshes while rebuilding

    Paint Editor Mode
    • Dungeon Paint Brush size can now be set. Use a larger brush size to quickly cover large areas
    • Added floor index to paint in differnt heights
    • Implemented the rectangle tool to draw large rectangular regions quickly

    Blueprint based node selection rules
    • Improvied the node selection rule system

    Graph Editor Preview Toolbar
    • Created a tool menu to adjust the properties of various preview objects
    • Dungeon Layout debug data can be now be viewed in the preview window. This is useful for aligning the meshes correctly (if their mesh offsets are incorrect)

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    This looks really good. Can't wait for it to hit the market place.

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    Ali I hope you wont make it too expensive, but whatever you charge it will be so worth it

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    Absolutely amazing, this may actually be my first purchase on the Marketplace if not too expensive. I have a question though, does this support circular rooms as well, or just rectangular? If not, do you plan to add that as a later feature?

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    Hey Ali - So I am just chiming in on this thread to ask a question.

    I saw something on twitter today - Is this the next step of the dungeon generator?

    If so I am really looking forward to it.

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    @Ali Akbar

    Once you go to the Marketplace, will you be providing the source code for your plugin, so that it could be compiled for other platforms (Linux ) or modified by users as they see fit?
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    Hey guys, sorry for the lack of response. I was away from home for a week

    @Dregen, @Darkkitten Thanks

    @Amsirahc As of now it supports grid based maps. However, the plugin is designed so that the layout generation phase is decoupled from the mesh generation phase (through markers). So I can swap out the layout generator with another generator (e.g. cellular automata for something more organic like caves). However I make no promises

    @HeadClot That looks very interesting! No, that's another system and not running in DA

    @amigo You will have access to the complete C++ source code for the plugin from the marketplace. You can modify it, enhance it and keep the changes. You can also use it as a learning reference to create your own editor based plugins

    I'll also soon create wiki articles / tutorials to share what I have learnt building C++ based editor plugins

    I'm working on creating the documentation for DA and I'll submit to marketplace soon.

    However, the marketplace doesn't yet support C++ based assets till 4.8 hits

    I've sent them a mail a while back and still waiting for their reply. I'll bug them again

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    i will insta-dive into it

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    Amazing. I'll just throw my work in the bin and wait for this to be released. Great work sir.

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    So now that the Marketplace is accepting code plugins, when can we expect DA to be released?

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    A way to dinamicly place cubemaps would be nice.

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    Dude superb. Great to see someone from my country creating some awesome stuffs

    By the way , if you can create a detailed tutorial of how you extended the editor , it would be great lessons, and i am sure many will find it useful, given that plugins are accepted now in the marketplace.

    I am mainly interested in knowing your ways of creating custom dataassenodes and adding functionality to it , and create your own detailed customization slate and extending the Mode panel , and creating the paint tool. This will greatly help me come out of the limitations of editable properties of Actor classes.

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    Thanks guys! Sorry for the delayed response

    @KoldKam Thanks for your interest. It'll be released soon. I've upgraded to 4.8 by fixing the breaking changes and deprecation warnings and been testing it.

    @diegor Could you elaborate? Do you mean reflection sphere map? You could do that by emitting an actor node (and spawn any type of actor in the generated map)

    @sameek4 Thanks! I'll create the tutorials soon. In the mean time, you could have a look at the opensource Haste plugin (signature) for a custom Editor mode panel customization. BTW, nice work with the Building Generator

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    Focused on runtime procedural generation by exposing more functions/events to blueprint

    Here is an example level blueprint that spawns a new random dungeon layout every time it starts and places the player in a valid platform

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    Thanks! I'll create the tutorials soon. In the mean time, you could have a look at the opensource Haste plugin (signature) for a custom Editor mode panel customization. BTW, nice work with the Building Generator
    Yeah , I looked at it and implemented it as well. Very nice. Still will take me a long time to learn this , but after watching your videos , I have started to believe that making my building generator similar to the way buildings are made in Sims 4(nothing can be better than that , you can create practically any building in less than an hour) is absolutely possible. Just like how you added extra options within your dungeon Edit mode, this will work. Please release your pack in the market soon, I will just buy it for learning purpose.

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    I found this tip very useful from Micheal Noland in the Extending the Editor tutorial video

    If you want to develop a feature for your extension plugin, do the following:
    • Find a similar existing feature in the editor (e.g. the foliage edit mode tab)
    • Use the Widget Reflector (Window > Developer Tools > Widget Reflector) to home in on the engine code that was responsible for creating this
    • Copy the code and strip out all the dependencies till you have a bare minimum (in my case an empty custom edit mode tab)
    • Start adding your custom code on top of it
    • Rinse / Repeat

    With this method, you don't have to understand how everything works (I still don't) but you can learn as you go. Step 3 can be overwhelming since you have to deal with a lot of code clean-up before you can compile successfully. Patience and persistence for a few hours will eventually get you there

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    Impressive! Can you provide an information on how can it be used on runtime generation mode with multiplayer?(if its possible, but i think it is) Any updates on release date?

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    @rozenbor In multiplayer, the server decides and replicates the dungeon configuration structure (seed etc) to all the clients so the clients also generate the exact same layout. I haven't tested this yet but it should be possible. I'll be submitting soon

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