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Thread: Starfall Tactics | Outfit your spaceship flotilla. Watch it explode.

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    We've already shown you two faction planets in previous articles - Earth and Ancora. But there is another one left, belonging to the Eclipse faction - and it's finally here:

    Pirates, stations, depots, warpgates, colonized planets, Motherships, black markets, huge enemy fleets - and, most likely, this is not the full list of things you will be able to encounter while furrowing the vast of Starfall Tactics universe.

    So, here are new structures you couldn't see during previous tests - Outpost and Supply Station.
    • Supply Station - This is a basic structure you can build for capturing a system. This Station collects resources from all planets in its' system and provides it with necessary supplies e.g. food.
    • Outpost - Upgraded Supply Station. Provides better supplies distribution, launches NPC guarding fleets into the system and gives vision in this system for all faction members (doesn't depend on whether you explored it or not). Outposts have better protection and it's harder to destroy them.
    • Mothership - Structure of the highest grade, the most protected one. Does all things listed above in a better way and has other important functions: allows warping between Motherships, refueling and repairing all fleets, finishing Discovery session, taking all blueprints and modules to your account inventory and selling loot.

    Cluster Missile is another useful thing to help you destroy swarms of smaller ships. As you could understand from its name, it's a missile which splits into several pieces and can do some area damage with smaller missiles.

    At the moment it is presented in the game as a special module, but there is a huge chance that it eventually will become a weapon.


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    As we already said in our previous post, you can conquer faction systems by building Supply Stations there. Of course, system which belongs to your faction and where you can freely spend your time is a cool thing, but we definitely need something else to make the game more interesting, right? So, we added and will add many other things - we already have some in our roadmap, and this time we are telling about planet colonization.

    At first, let's say a couple words about Сolonization. In Starfall Tactics you are able to establish a colony on each planet, spending a special item which you can acquire from your Mothership in exchange to reputation. There are two types of colonies:

    • Supply Factory: provides resources like food and other necessary stuff, which spends on maintaining life in colonies. If there are not enough supplies, people on a planet start dying and colonies become less effective. If there are a lot of resources, population increases and colonies work better.
    • Mining Complex: mines valuable resources like ore which can be spent on building Supply Stations and upgrading it to Outposts and Motherships.
    • But since each planet has it's own parameters like Temperature, Atmosphere, Life probability and resource availability - some of them produce better, some - worse, and some can't have colonies of certain type at all. It still can be changed if you acquire a special item which terraforms chosen planet, making conditions better within reasonable limits.

    Structures like Supply Stations, Outposts and Motherships help you distribute resources from colonies: if there is one on a system, from time to time planets send a certain amount of produced resources to the structure and it distributes to planets which have a need in it or to a building structure. If a planet in need is in other system, structure sends a caravan to it, but it must be connected through other structures, like a chain - otherwise it won't be able to deliver resources. And these caravans can be attacked and robbed, but take care - while players of other faction benefit from it in all ways, players of the same faction will lose reputation. You also can deliver resources manually, receiving reward in IGC and reputation.

    We also continue adding new weapons and modules:

    • Protonic Torpedo Launcher - Launches torpedoes with a great AOE effect.
    • Melted Avalanche - Assault Rocket Launcher, launching a big amount of rockets at once. Deals sufficient damage, but has a relatively long cooldown.
    • CQC Laser - Assault laser with average range, deals maximum damage only in near distances.
    • Neutron mine is a very effective thing against crew. While having a 2000m explosion radius and an average damage, it allows you to destroy more crew on enemy ships then usual damage does.

    We keep working on other features and hope to start Faction Wars test soon

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    Wars for territories, planet colonization, faction houses (guilds), intense battles in quick matches and the whole Universe to conquer - all of this and even more is waiting for players in Starfall Tactics! We are running pre-Alpha Faction Wars test from 10th November 18:00 CET to 13th November 23:55 CET and everybody who signs up for the test receives a key.

    During upcoming Faction Wars pre-Alpha test participants will be able to try the following features in their basic version:

    • Wars for Faction territories - participate in galaxy conquest!
    • Faction Guilds - create your own House and lead it into battle!
    • Station building - build Supply Stations, Outposts and Motherships to protect faction territories.
    • Planet Colonization - colonize planets to help your faction grow and upgrade structures to powerful defensive buildings!
    • Freighters - Resource Distribution System, which helps you maintain all colonies and stuctures. Yes, you can rob "caravans" - some Russians will get the joke

    Quick matches are also available to play with all changes we mentioned in previous articles. Full Patch Notes and infromation about Houses will be published later on our website.

    Sign up for the test here and you will recive an access to the upcoming event

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    I'm developing a space game as well but combat oriented. Yours looks like a lot of fun I'll probably buy it if you release gamma.

    I have a question; how do you handle the lighting and post-processing? In my game I tried one global skylight but couldn't get that to work and I set up 6 directional lights that light things properly but it might be too hard for the processor. Everything in my game gets a weird hue/washed out look and I'm thinking it's a combo between the lighting and post-processing. How do I get the crystal clear look that the UE4 is so good at?

    Any tips? I'd give you feedback but your game looks awsome and I've got no criticisms.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MikeRPG View Post
    I'm developing a space game as well but combat oriented. Yours looks like a lot of fun I'll probably buy it if you release gamma.

    I have a question; how do you handle the lighting and post-processing? In my game I tried one global skylight but couldn't get that to work and I set up 6 directional lights that light things properly but it might be too hard for the processor. Everything in my game gets a weird hue/washed out look and I'm thinking it's a combo between the lighting and post-processing. How do I get the crystal clear look that the UE4 is so good at?

    Any tips? I'd give you feedback but your game looks awsome and I've got no criticisms.
    Hi Mike,
    The reason of "weird hue/washed" objects is unreal postprocess called "Temporal AA". Try to change in postprocess settings "Misc->AA Method" from Temporal AA to FXAA.

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    Faction Wars is a very interesting and complex system and sometimes it takes more time than we expect for our small team to implement features we'd love to present here. That's why we have to take an extra week - Pre-Alpha Faction Wars test postponed until 17th November 18:00 CET! We apologize for the inconvenience it might casuse to everybody who is looking forward to play Starfall Tactics here.
    We also published some infirmation about attacking and capturing enemy systems which is available here.

    Here are a couple of related screenshots - first one shows station attack, while second one - captured regions:

    And Vanguard Supply Station, Outpost and Mothership - important structures for faction wars:

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    Just a week past since we finished Starfall Tactics test - all the feedback was received and goals set! At the moment we are working hard on fixing issues and improving some already existing content, to let the game give more surprises

    1. First of all, we started creating Mothership for NPC Pirate faction, which now will take more action in the war for the Galaxy - and that means a lot of new stuff to do in MMO part of Starfall Tactics

    2. Slight cosmetic improvements are something to make the whole game look even better, than before - and, from time to time, we get just another one of them. This week we're changing ship trails to make it a little bit more sci-fi and closer to ones we had in the early demo version - and here is a work in progress shot:

    3. During the test we found out that some ships, even though they have tons of armor (up to 10.000 and even more!) still have a very high speed in total, which was not intended according to our plans and definitely was not a good thing for Commanders attacked by ships of this kind. So now, all ships with armor and modules exceeding mass of their hulls are going to have an appropriate maximum ship speed, such as really heavy ships should have.

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    This game looks so awesome! Your ship designs and art work are simply stunning and beautiful. I love space games especially ones where you can upgrade your ship. I can't wait to try this game out.

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    Very nice looking Project, congratz! How's development going?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Harry Florencio View Post
    Very nice looking Project, congratz! How's development going?
    Thank you! Everything is ok - at the moment we are preparing the game for the next test phase
    Quote Originally Posted by Unholypimpin View Post
    This game looks so awesome! Your ship designs and art work are simply stunning and beautiful. I love space games especially ones where you can upgrade your ship. I can't wait to try this game out.
    Thanks a lot

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    We've just started 2nd pre-Alpha Faction Wars test and you can try Starfall Tactics now! During this test player will be able to capture territories, establish Houses (faction guilds), colonize planets, fight against NPC pirate faction, and check new solo PvE Survival - there are a lot of exciting things to do and test. Ther are still an ability to name planets and stars as some left without names

    Don't forget to join one of existing Houses or create your own and reach the top of the leaderboard by helping your faction conquer the confines of known space! This time you have to fight not only against two other factions - pirates are also going to cause some troubles and establish their bases nearby.

    This test lasts only until 18th December inclusive.

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    Starfall Tactics is having a PvP tournament next week designed to test certain aspects of the game and make winter holidays more fun!

    We invited the most active and experienced players, according to in-game statistics, to participate in it - 16 players will fight for the title of the best Commander in Starfall Tactics Winter Cup 2016! We will also stream it on our official Twitch channel.

    Test tournament will be held on 28th December starting 20:00 CET for a Group Stage and on 29th December starting 20:00 CET for Play-offs.

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    This week we're having two events at a time: Starfall Tactics Winter Cup and a one-week pre-Alpha test!

    First ever Starfall Tactics' test tournament is starting tomorrow on 27th January 20:00 CET for a Group Stage and continues on 28th January starting 20:00 CET for Play-offs. You can watch live streams with dev comments on our official Twitch channel - 16 chosen players will fight for the title of the best Commander!

    And, to mark this important, event we decided to open servers until 29th January 23:59 CET! Players can try New Ranked Mode which, only during this week, allows to check out for free almost every module in the game, including progression equipment! Discovery (MMO) mode and usual unranked PvP Conquest & PvE Survival quick matches are also available during this test.

    To participate in this test simply send an application for the alpha here - and we will grant you an access once we see your request

    Oh, and here is a new dreadnought for Deprived faction:

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    Another stage in Starfall Tactics' development has just begun - so, it's time to add some awesome stuff: Carriers, gravity weapons and new stations for discovery. And that's only the beginning - we are about to implement other great features.

    • Research Station is an extremely helpful feature for the House (guild): it allows to generate research points which players can spend on some useful stuff, making them protect bases with more diligence.
    • Carriers are giant ships which can carry other small vessels - squads of bombers, fighters and other special ships. Too fast and small to be even targeted by large spaceship weapons, they can be a real problem, and that's without telling the Carrier itself is a huge well-protected construction.

    Gravity stuff appeared to be not a very easy thing to add due to our in-game physics: one wrong impulse and it can become an ultimate weapon, crushing enemy ships in a second. So, we started it from one basic module, pushing enemy ships to the center of area of impact.

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    Starfall Tactics development is going full speed ahead, and we are another step closer to the "it's more than awesome" state. This week we were busy with inner parts of the game and really great stuff which deserves a huge separate news post later - so, this time we continue showing Carriers.

    Here is Carrier itself in 2D and 3D sketch along with additional important info:

    Almace, the mighty red giant, is on it's way to Starfall Tactics. This ship is really huge: twice wider than, for example, Mjolnir, and 1200m in length, which is 200m more than any dreadnought in the game! Other Carriers will continue this trend, as they need a lot of space to carry a lot of smaller ships inside.

    Of course, each Carrier has either platforms or hatchways to be able to launch squads of fighters and other small ships into space - that's where we would love to add some cool animations, but since it takes some time, we will concentrate on it someday later.

    Let's come back to fighters, one of the smallest ship types you are able to have on-board of your Carrier. Fighters are a common strike squad, designed to perform quick assaults by dealing continuous damage to enemy ships, and we've just finished programming the core mechanincs for them - so that's what they look like in action:

    Fighters can't be targeted with normal weapons due to their size and speed, but can be taken away by AOE damage, just like other squads of smaller ships you will be able to see and use later. Make sure you check next WIP post - there might be more info about Carriers & ship squads they use

    Faction portraits - That's the first thing you see once you enter the game, marking one of the most momentous steps in Starfall Tactics - choosing your first faction and starting fleet. That means that all the info and visuals you can see in the faction menu are really important as many of you stay with this choice, going with it through hell and high water.

    So, recently we worked on new representations for faction portraits, which might replace existing ones or become a new acquaintance somewhere on your way through the Starfall Tactics Universe - we are currently on our way to decide where exactly we should place them. So check it out!

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    A small flashback at Snowforged Entertainment trying their hardest to put together a Kickstarter campaign video:

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    This week was as great as usual and here are some stuff we've recently done - hope you'll like it

    Almace, Vanguard Carrier - the first Carrier to appear in Starfall Tactics - it is the biggest ship in the game so far - 1200 long and twice wider than normal dreadnought.

    Active Module Hack - special module, which activates all modules of the target ship simultaneously and chooses random targets and areas for them.

    Centenary, Eclipse Carrier. It still has to pass a long way before at least being added to the gallery of 3D ship models - but you can already see it's great form on 2D and 3D sketches made by our artists.

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    For the past year we held five open tests, and each gave us new important information about different aspects of the game - sometimes disappointing, but more often - surprising. The Team can not wait to launch Starfall Tactics, but we have postponed this moment for a while, understanding that there are not enough content, some technical issues to be solved, some mechanics to be tweaked, and there are many more ideas that we want to check and possibly add to the game. Starfall Tactics was at the Pre-Alpha stage precisely because we were primarily engaged in research and checked various mechanics. And today we are happy to inform that most researches are completed, we see the form in which the game should be launched well and we have already started developing the Alpha version of Starfall Tactics! It's time to tell about all upcoming changes:

    • MMO and Ranked Mode - For a long time now our game has been trying to combine two completely different, interesting, but poorly compatible parts: an MMO, where progression and exploring are very important, and a rating session-based game, where players must compete in 100% equal conditions. After the last test and the tournament we have held, we came to the decision to split the game into two general modes.

    • Characters - As in many MMO games, now you will be able to create a character, customize it, give it a name and, of course, choose a faction.

    • Shipyard - a place, where you can create and store your ships: as we are adding Commanders with a strictly defined faction, there is no need to create several fleets any more - customization menu will change significantly, including visual part (sure, it's going to be beautiful!)

    Shipyard (sketch)

    • Blueprints - There is a lot of new content incoming for the MMO part of Starfall Tactics: there are some plans for the questing system, new NPC factions, stations, House features, a variety of opportunities for exploring the Galaxy and the already mentioned crafting system, along with resource extraction. And in order to provide you with more familiar MMO experience, especially by getting new equipment from challenging battles against bosses, rare merchants on the borders of the Galaxy, we decided to abandon the blueprint concept. Now, instead of 3 blueprints, each booster pack contains 10-15 pieces of various equipment with a total cost exceeding the IGC cost of the booster. In general, there is a large number of ways to get modules now, and you have even more chances to get the exact module you need for your fleet.

    • Crafting - Due to many innovations in the MMO part of the game, which include crafting system and the ability to extract resources (we will be telling more about it in next articles), most technologies in Starfall Tactics can now be crafted - first of all - ships. For example, to build a ship, you will need to get a ship project (can be found on the vasts of the Galaxy, in shops, loot or in booster packs with ships) and spend certain amount of resources like ore (it used to be available during previous tests). It's not so difficult if you have a couple of faithful comrades and your own House. Low tech level ships can still be built by simply spending a small amount of IGC (in-game currency). Some ships are available through faction progression, for gaining ranks.

    • Ranked mode - You still can get into Ranked Mode simply by pushing one button - find it in the menu at the top of your screen. By pushing it, you change all the information and menus into Ranked Mode. Push it again, to switch back to MMO mode. Just reminding: the main feature of this mode is that all Ranked players get completely identical module and ship sets.
    • Rating Currency - By winning ranked battles, you climb the ladder and now can get a special rating currency, which you can spend on visual ship customization.

    We have planned the following ranked modes:

    • Duels - main mode with 1vs1 battles.
    • CoOp duels - 2x2 battles. It's always more fun with friends
    • Brawls - a set of less serious modes, for example:
      - One ship - here you have only one ship.
      - Plasma Web madness - there are no weapons except for Plasma Web Module.
      - Only frigates - only frigate class ships are available.

    Eventually we plan to rework the rating system itself - the algorithm for calculating rating points, the type of the rating table itself and other related nuances will completely change. Piece by piece, we are going to introduce seasonal system and special rewards for them.

    We also remember about tournaments - a littlle bit later we will start improving its' functionality, spectator mode and, if possible, will hold new interesting tournaments with live broadcasts, prizes and other attributes for this type of events.

    Of course, the changes described here are far from all that we have planned. Here's a short list of other changes, which we are going to show and describe later:

    • Character Progression
      - Ship Progression
      - Detachment Progression
    • New economy and planet colonization
    • Houses, progression and management
    • Changes in combat mechanics
    • New NPC factions
    • Tutorials and Challanges
    • and more.

    More information about all the changes and why we implemented it are available on our website.

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    Elliot Yun
    Game Designer - Prototyper

    [WIP - Plugin] Multiplayer Combat Editor
    A-RPG Sacred Swords
    Youtube Tutorials

    Ryse Up Studios - France

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    the spaceship is very nice and detail, congrats on the great job

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yun-Kun View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by raventhebird View Post
    the spaceship is very nice and detail, congrats on the great job
    Thank you

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    Starfall Tactics is moving forward, and now, once we announced main changes and content for further test stages, it's time to look at some new ships which we created for new factions and new ship class - Carriers

    There are three new bands - Screechers, Nebulords and P.Y.R.A.M.I.D. - they are mostly going to use usual faction ships from frigates to dreadnoughts, so, in order to let players recognize Bands from the first sight, we designed a new look for each of them - it also visually reflects their essence.

    Screechers are real madmen, and generally look like typical pirate band which attacks every moving object to get any sort of profit - resources, IGC, ship parts, modules or just anything else valuable enough. These guys deserve a brutal skin with spikes, dark colors and red lights, while Nebulords with their "own code of honor" prefer showing off their excellence by painting ships with appropriate colors. P.Y.R.A.M.I.D., a band of ideological descendants of scientists whose researches were declared inhumane, tend to hide their technologies inside ship hulls - still, some technologies they use put off their mark on the appearance of ships P.Y.R.A.M.I.D. uses.

    Screechers, Nebulords and P.Y.R.A.M.I.D. ships.

    We've also added the first Eclipse carrier, Centenary, which is incredibly detailed and is a real fruit of painstaking work of Eclipse engineers (*our artists).

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    Another week has come to bring great news: we are moving forward swiftly and soon you will be able to check out several features we announced before by playing Starfall Tactics. And right now we are ready to tell about very important changes in battle mechanics, new feature for the MMO part of the game and show a new freighter model:

    Shields have always been a cause of disputes and many minor changes, while we tried to make them a really valuable layer of defense. After a long discussion we decided to try a completely new way of using shields to make this layer of defense really valuable and worthy of your attention. And here is a short list of changes:

    • Shields now consume all types of damage (except for damage caused by ramming), including damage received from kinetic weapons.
    • Shields require more capacity, while shield regenerators - less.
    • Shield cells now have default regeneration. Average shield regeneration a usual ships can have has grown.
    • Shields can't regenerate during active battle. They start regenerating 5 seconds after they stop receiving damage.

    So, now all ships have less shield hit points in total (not more than 1000-2000 for bigger ships), better regeneration and better defense in general. This gives Commanders a chance for a mistake, ability to retreat and come back quickly: for example, you can reposition ships with low shield hit points to hide them behind other units with a high shield level, and then swap them back, or temporarily remove a couple of ships from the battle and come back with another 1000 hit points you've just regenerated.
    You can hardly imagine a space game like Starfall Tactics without any ability to mine resources, and we couldn't miss this opportunity to add it. Basically, mining mechanics is something we planned to add long ago as it's closely connected with crafting systems by allowing you to get necessary resources. In Starfall Tactics, to start mining you don't need any special "qualifications" or skills - just do the following:

    • Get designated equipment for the task
    • Find a place full of desired resources (usually - certain types of asteroid fields)
    • Get into special instance, fly closer to the asteroid with you ship which has mining equipment and start mining.

    Freighter is a common spaceship for transporting goods - slow, poorly protected, but with a really huge cargo bay, which allows them to carry impressive amounts of resources. The first universal freighter, Charon, was previously used by all three factions to provide a good level of resource distribution. Now we are adding separate freighters for each faction and the first one is a Vanguard Freighter:

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    Heey, we have exciting news for you! The next Starfall Tactics test is coming, and it features some Alpha content we have just announced!

    Starfall Tactics test starts 24th April 14:00 CET and lasts until 1st May 23:59 CET. To play the game during this period, simply apply here or just update your client, if you already got access for any previous event.

    Snowforged Team worked hard to add new content, features and, at the same time - done a huge work with internal part of the game by changing and improving code to let the game be better in future. So, now many parts of the game have to be tested again to let us fix most disastrous bugs and mistakes - that's where we need your helping hand.

    !Note that we give the first two days for new testers so they could get used to the game, while experienced Starfall Tactics players can help us in initial bug hunting - during scheduled maintenance on 26th (wednesday) we plan a slight faction progress wipe affecting captured systems, colonies and stations only along with some general fixes.

    Enter Starfall Tactics universe once more to discover how we changed it - this time you will be able to see the following features:
    • Character creation and progression (limited)
    • New ship class - Carriers
    • Mining
    • New Fleet Editor - Shipyard
    • Basic crafting system
    • And more - full list will be available later.

    Get ready to spend more time on getting new equipment: we are going to put you into conditions which are much closer to what you will see on beta stage or release of the game. Still, this small test is dedicated to a quick technical check of upcoming features - so don’t hesitate to let us know if something goes wrong by posting on the forum or sending a letter to!

    See you in Starfall Tactics!

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    Aaand we are back after the test with some updates on Starfall Tactics development, new content and features.

    - First of all, we designed special missions which are more fun than simple tutorials players are usually bored to complete (although we already have and will add some fast tutorials for game basics). It's especially helpfull in our case because of many different and deep mechanics you will normally miss and won't understand from the first try. So, here come Challenges - a special set of missions with rewards which depends on the medal you earned for completing it.
    It helps players master the game and explains many things deeper than usual, along with being a very fun experience: for example, there is a stealth mission, or a mission where you have to defend against enemies using only mines, or a mission where you have to defeat hige ships by fooling them with small maneuverable vessels and etc.

    - After detailed analysis and discussion, our Team decided to go with a more traditional way for unit progression: skill tree with various passive bonuses.
    Still, we found a way to make it exciting: each and every ship has its' own talent tree with bonuses not only to simple characteristics, but to special modules, certain weapons or types of damage which logically can fit it, engines and even things like cargo. And all together it gives so much variety in building each ship, and a lot of lovely hours to our game designer who is currently busy making 180 skill trees.

    - We also designed a couple of new modules: Plasma Engines (increses maximum ship speeed) and a three shield modules which allow to drain, transfer and distribute shield.

    - We also added two models for pirate bases - and it's great that Sketchfab is integrated here, so we can show it

    Attached Images Attached Images   

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    Aaaand another update for Starfall Tactics

    - The third pirate Mothership for Screechers faction, which was already used as a general pirate base, is here again. We modified it a little to fit the Screechers concept and make it as great as others, so now you can see a full 3D model on our Sketchfab page.

    - we presented the full list of resources, which appeared to be pretty long - so there will be some changes to resource system later.

    - we continue the never-ending interface improvement work, partly changing it to fit the needs of new features and make you feel more comfortable. These changes even included battle interface and many other important aspects of the game.

    - Besides, as we moved to the latest Unreal Engine version which finally included a built-in ability to use hardware cursor, we now use this hardware cursor which will let players feel more comfortable than ever and don't suffer a lag if overall game performance is not very good for them.

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    Aaand as we are getting ready for the next big game update and huge test dedicated to MMO part of the game (Starfall Tactics is separated for 2 main modes: ranked quick matches and MMO mode (Galaxy Conquest)) - we add features mostly for this mode and also extend existing content with new ship modules, structures, ships and so on. I'll try to describe most of them as briefely as I can and not bore you with unnecesary details.

    - Galaxy Map Regions is another thing we had in our minds long ago - this thing should be very familiar for you, especially if you know games like EVE. Now we come back to the concept of the Galaxy divided into several huge zones as the time has finally come to make it real and there are some things on the way to the game which require its realization. For example, quests and tutorial missions require a set of safe zones or at least some fixed objects which will remain under control of your faction or neutral, while each faction also should have a minimum unconquerable zone to survive even under high pressure. And here it comes - there will be two main regions in Starfall Tactics: Inner Region and Outer Region, and, additionally, special Home Regions which are located inside Inner Region and dedicated to the specific faction.

    - Resources: in all previous tests we used only usual things like ore and supplies to, obviously, just test the whole resource system. To be honest, we had a plan that could turn our MMO part into a kind of 4X - and it all sounded really great, with plenty of resources, factories, colonies, precise managment and so on. A really deep and interesting system. That's what you think before it comes to implemeting it into the game and thinking through players behavior which, actually, can't be as perfect as you imagine in your dreams. In other words, it appeared that a group of players taking control over a solid portion of resources and making bad decisions can ruin all the system for their faction. And that's here where we restricted resources control, decreased their number (cause really, why would you need 22 different resources here?).

    - Personal Space Structures: as long as Outer Region can't be conquered in Starfall Tactics, its' exploration becomes more dangerous and hard, while remaining more profitable. Also, the closer you go to the center of the Galaxy, to the more secure Inner Region or even Home Regions, the more chance that somebody has already got all precious resources from there. That's why we are adding auxiliary sctructures each player can build in Outer Region: they are not as huge as other Stations because of being designed for the profit of a single Commander and will help them by mining some resources or allowing to warp on them directly from the base. Of cause, they cost some resources, can be destroyed and have a maintenance cost.

    - Message Beacon: Along with mentioned structures, another idea came into our minds: we thought about creating a special one with an ability to leave messages on the Galaxy Map. Just because it's fun - to leave messages which can contain all kind of tips, threatenings or even may be your House advertisement.

    Later we decided to do not include it as exactly the same structure type and instead make a separate fun thing, a message beacon. This is not a hard structure to construct, but also is not a permanent as this way one day Galaxy becomes a message board. It can't be destroyed manually as you don't usually look for messages in the bottles to burn them, right? So It's life time is limited and directly depends on how much likes or dislikes it receives - in this case, if everybody loves your message, it stays in the space longer with each like. And if your message is not that nice, each dislike decreases a time it stays in the space.

    - You probably met a situation when you want to add something into the game, but it really looks too OP to be there. It could be a pain unless you realise why it is so op: in our case, we wanted to add a Support Station you can build in a quick match survival mode, in pvp ranked battles or while destroying/defending enemy base on a Galaxy Map. Long story short, we couldn't actually do it unless we finally made repairng a passive thing generally for these types of structures. Now it works just fine.

    So, here are all the main changes for the past couple of weeks, not including other lesser improvements, visual ship rework, tones of work with interfaces and, of course, all stuff we needed to implemet this changes and so on. If you need more information on a certain feature from this post - you can find some in a news section on our website.

    See you!

  28. #68
    Another week is over, so we are showing how the work goes on the features we announced and described in previous updates. Also, we have something new to tell you about: salvaging. That's a small part of our resource system, but still an important thing you should know about.

    - More resources and resource types mean more ways to get them in the game. Right now there are several ways to obtain them in Starfall Tactics: Mining, Colonies on planets, enemy freighters and personal Mining Stations in Outer Regions. Besides, there is also a chance to find something in a cargo of defeated enemy and NPC fleets.

    And here should come another common method of getting resources - salvaging. Salvaging means
    disassembling the scraps of ships you destroyed in an attempt to get any precious materials from it.

    Salvaging module icon

    So, what do you need to salvage in Starfall Tactics and what you get from that?
    • First of all, you need to equip special module to one of your ships. This module can be found in boosters, or obtained as loot from enemy fleets.
    • After destroying a ship, you have a chance to see salvageable parts.
    • Activate salvage module to start salvaging.
    • By salvaging scraps you have a slight chance to get materials.

    Materials you salvage can be used, for example, for crafting ships - earlier you could get Screechers ship project, spend some IGC and build it - now it also requires some Screechers ship parts to be built. This way it becomes a really important thing if you plan to fill your ShipYard with dozens of great battlecruisers, battleships, dreadnoughts and even carriers.

    Another personal space structure you will be able to build in the Outer Regions - Warp Beacon.

    Warp Beacon helps reach remote space regions without a need to make a long way to your favorite star systems as it allows warping on your Warp Beacon from the Mothership. Still, it doesn't have enough power as a Mothership to initiate your warp back to home systems. As other personal structures, it follows the same common rules: a number of Warp Beacons to build is limited; to stay functional it requires some resources; It is destructible by any hostile forces, but also can perform self-defense.

    That's a thing we already got pretty far with, although there are still a lot to do about it. So, now you can see eight challenges which you will be able to complete in Starfall Tactics:

    • Cargo Protection - Helps you master hardpoint control as here you need to protect a cargo from small ships with a dreadnought, having several powerful weapons with a long cooldown by pointing a target for every single weapon separately.
    • Mine Defense - The one we previously talked about: here you defend your mothership against enemies using only mines.
    • Rockets - Here you should defeat enemies using rocket ships by escaping from their attacks and outmaneuvering them.
    • Espionage - Stealth mission where you should get past enemies with a small invisible scout and steal as much data as you can.
    • Boarding - This mission you can complete only by carefully boarding ships one by one: the actual goal is to capture several prototype ships.
    • Damage Types - Destroy as much ships as you can, but be careful as you success highly depends on how well you chose counter-tactics.
    • Vision - Teaches you about ship vision and vision mechanics in general. Here you should get out of enemy lines, without any stealth modules or so.
    • Asteroids - A well-known encounter on Galaxy Map also becomes a challenge to help you feel more comfortable with avoiding collisions (although that doesn't mean that we stopped working on this aspect).

    There might be added other challenges later, of course, but that's the basic set we will have.

    Have a nice week

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