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Thread: The Unreal Marketplace Improvement and Feedback Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by jwatte View Post
    Knowing how corporations work, I can almost guarantee that the problem is budget. There is no other problem, unless you're trying to invent something that's never been invented before.
    And budget comes from profit, or the prospect of future profit.
    And missing these features, simple ones like a "shopping cart" or "favorites" is pretty important to securing more profit.

    You kept saying budget but these feature sets are not incredible complicated or expensive features to add to a web app... Especially for a company that just hands out 5 million dollars to whoever they feel like it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SE_JonF View Post
    Sorry to hear you're experiencing trouble with some marketplace products. If you see content that isn't up to date, it's best to inform the staff as that is against the policy (sellers must maintain at least current/direct previous versions).
    That is funny you say that, because there are A LOT of marketplace assets (blueprints) that are out of date (like for version 4.13 and before) and are clearly not updated anymore. Does Unreal Staff not check the marketplace items if they are up to date?

    Besides, my biggest concern with the marketplace is the aweful quality of a lot of assets. I bought multiple things, mostly blueprints, and only 3 are actually usable. The rest is either bugged, has little to no documentation, isn't portable to another project or is simple broken.
    This really makes me ask if the assets are actually checked before being accepted.. Reviews aren't helpful either, because most people don't seem to review the the comments aren't helpful either to figure out if something is wrong with the product.

    I just bought a blueprint system, which had good reviews (4.5), critical points in the comments where addressed and the trailer looked really good. I ended up with a half-broken, bugged product with zero documentation and a messy folder / blueprints structure, which isn't working at all after migrating it to another project.

    And since I can't refund assets, my library is now filled with subpar quality or broken content. Honestly I don't want to spend another dollar on the marketplace anymore..

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    Yes, I agree that any blueprint/coding asset I've seen on the marketplace has been sub-par. Note: I've only tried a few, but they were each not actually usable for a shipping game.
    Then again, the cost is measured in dozens of dollars, so perhaps that's as much as you can get at that price for something that only sells dozens of copies...
    If I make a "realistic road intersections editor" blueprint, that might sell, what, 10-50 copies? And even if I charge $99 (which would reduce the number of copies sold) I wouldn't make back the time it takes to build something like that well.

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    So here are my suggestions on how to greatly improve the marketplace.

    • A better organization of assets into deeper categories + search by tag.

    • A real review system, like Steam has it, with positive and negative ratings.

    • A more indepth rating system, that includes multiple points like "Well structured" - "Quality of code / blueprints" - "Well documented" - "Easy to understand" - "Simple to migrate into another project" etc.

    • Hide assets by default that aren't updated for a longer time.

    • The marketplace staff needs to re-test assets once in a while, to check if the quality remains.

    • And create a guideline on how people should create assets, like props or blueprints, to show them an optimal folder structure, documentation and to make sure assets are actually usable for other projects.

    I think this would help a lot. What a lot of marketplace creators seem to forget is that it's mainly newcomers who are buying there, especially the blueprints. And therefore they just don't know what the devs do.

    Creators should never expect the buyers to simply understand everything they do.
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    Marketplace can't improve much while 'Epic Games', the whole corporation specially the bosses over there, recognizes the importance of Marketplace for the maintenance of a healthy game developer community around Unreal Engine (now that UE4 went public).
    Tim Sweeney said, as a somewhat of excuse for lack of investment on the Marketplace, that "the Marketplace can barely break even"... But that was around 2014 or something, Marketplace has grown and will keep on growing; but we still see NO investment towards Marketplace improvement as a platform.

    There's always startups around public game engines where the supply of Marketplace quality content is the key factor for whether this is their engine of choice or not. (call 'em asset flippers if you like, but that is another topic)
    This is just a piece of fact on how important Marketplace is.

    I'm sure the income influx is now significant (because there are developer startups out there and they are buying assets all the time) thus Epic could improve the overall experience; but no, the Marketplace team is still the same mini-group of people doing a LOT of manual work (sorry for you guys).
    It's in a point where I'd like to request Chance Ivey to loan 1 million bucks to Marketplace department out of those 5 million dev grant (lol) and help this side of the engine echosystem to improve a bit.

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