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Thread: [TUTORIALS] Photons Be Free: Mini-tutorials and other curiosities

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    [TUTORIALS] Photons Be Free: Mini-tutorials and other curiosities

    Hello Everyone!

    I've been wanting to do this for sometime and just now getting around to organizing and getting some mini projects and things together. Instead of just posting a bunch of random threads with a bunch of scattered bits of information and tutorials I'd rather have them as one cohesive growing piece. Plus, it's such a chore to keep track of so many different threads!

    As many of you know, I typically answer a lot of questions regarding APEX Destruction. A lot of these mini-tutorials, projects, and nuggets of information I post here will gear more towards that side of things.

    I'll try and keep this as organized as possible and will update as often as I can.

    Feel free to throw suggestions my way. I make no promises and keep in mind that I'm not a master of all! I have my own specialties so asking me to show you how to make an advanced cover system, animation, or complex blueprint functionality probably won't get you that far.

    Useful Free Software:
    1. Path Length Checker : Good program for checking the file path length for your project if you're running into the 165 character length issue that causes a build to fail. NEW

    Personal Website:


    1. Colored Translucent Shadows (4.5 or later required)
    2. Sample with Line Trace and Physics Projectile for Destructibles (4.6 or later required)
    3. Destructibles Chunk Paremeters Comparison Testing (4.6 or later required)
    4. Simple Jump Pad Blueprint (4.4.3 or later required)
    5. Night Vision Post Process Material (4.4.3 or later required)
    6. Radar Pulse Post Process (4.4.3 or later required)
    7. Gregdumb's wiki tutorial for Day Night system (with some tweaks) (4.7 or later required)(UPDATED: 3.9.15)
    8. Level switch for Day/Night levels using same space with baked lighting (4.5 or later required)
    9. Simple BacklightingNEW
    9. Sponza Attrium Test Scene (At some point in the future)
    10. Destructible Settings ShowcaseNEW

    Occlusion Culling
    1. Precomputed Visibility Culling (Ideal for mobile)

    Distance Field How-To's:
    1. How to Enable Mesh Distance Fields for your project.
    2. How to use Distance Field Ambient Occlusion
    3. How to use Distance Field Soft Shadows
    4. How to use Distance Fields for Particle Collision
    5. How to use Distance Field Global Illumination

    Destructible How-To's:

    1. How to use Import FBX Chunks (Destruction without the fracture tool in UE4)
    2. Rigid Mesh Animation without need for bones
    3. How to use Large Chunk Threshold (Project included requires 4.6 or later)
    4. More FBX Chunks Examples: Barrel and Fence (At some point)
    5. Using "Do Not Fracture" to make a hole in a wall
    6. Using "Impact Resistance" for better damage effects (ie. glass vs. concrete wall)
    7. The power of using World Support
    8. Damage Spread

    Other How-To's:
    1. Setting up Local Multiplayer
    2. Setting up and using Cloth with the PhysX DCC Plugin with 3Ds Max
    3. Creating Level of Detail (LOD) meshes in 3Ds Max for UE4
    4. Light Functions with Color
    5. Custom Collision Demonstration - Beginning to End
    6. Blueprint Clock:
    a. Basic Clock Movement
    b. Set Clock to Random Time when starting rotation
    c. Set a Specific Time when starting rotation
    d. Set to use System Time using Overlap Events
    e. Set Time based on Sun Rotation (ie. Using a Time of Day System)

    Ideas for How-To's or test projects:
    1. Distance Fields Soft Shadows (General use and trouble shooting type stuff, mostly things Daniel Mentioned from this twitch stream, but with project and examples)

    Wiki Tutorials/Troubleshooting/Tips
    1. Lighting Troubleshooting and Tips Guide
    2. Swarm Agent Troubleshooting and Tips Guide
    3. Destructible Troubleshooting and Tips Guide
    4. FBX/Asset (On hold)
    5. Materials
    6. Post Process

    1. Fun with Moire Effect (At some point)

    Training Twitch Streams (Not affiliated with Epic Games)
    1. Destructibles Overview and Q&A
    2. Occlusion Culling and General Lighting Review with Q&A

    Future Streams
    1. Distance Fields (Shadows, AO, GI)
    2. Physics (non-vehicle oriented)
    3. Rendering: Occlusion Culling
    4. Global Illumination (Dynamic: DFGI and LPV & Lightmass)
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    Photons Be Free: Mini-Tutorials and other Curiosities

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