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    Apr 2014
    Team Name:

    List of Team Members:
    MrDoxies (Dylan)

    Name of Submission:



    I had such a hard time coming up with an idea to go with the theme. To the point where the project didn't even start
    full development until Saturday. Oh well maybe next month I'll have more inspiration.


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    Back to Square 1 Submission [from 1/2hawk and hitpawz]

    Team Name:
    Team Gulp

    Team Members:

    Name of Submission:
    Square One

    Return the glowing ball Back To Square 1 to score.
    You won't be able to drop it once you grab it.
    Flip the world upside down to return to the top.
    Avoid the lava! It moves once you have the ball.

    Completely randomized gameboard.
    Dynamic physics controls.
    Gravity control.
    Auto-glitch/error correction (dealing with PhysX after all)

    A & D - move left and right
    L/R Mouse - grab with left/right hand
    Space - Flip World

    R - Hold to reset if stuck
    F - Toggle Fullscreen
    M - Toggle Music

    MouseWheel - Zoom
    ESC or Tab: Menu


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    May 2014
    Team Name: Crafted Studio
    Team Members: Alex Orman(Ormanator)
    Submission Name: Pathways

    Download Link:

    I've had some trouble packaging the game so I've linked the above download. To play just run the JanGameJam.exe in the root folder there and it should work fine.

    As I haven't had much time to work on it it only has 3 levels in its current state. I have permission and rights for all assets used in the game.

    Info: At its current version it is quite a simple game, you use the normal WASD keys to move around the level and try to reach the exit. But beware! If you are to perish you will be put right back to the first level!!

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    Hey everyone, me and my team of 2 others started on this yesterday!
    Here is our game!

    Team Name: Triple Threat
    Team Members: Daverm(Dave)- Fenexj(Josh) - Hopintheroflcopter(Billy)
    Submission Name: BackToSquareOne...

    Download Link:

    Controls:Right Mouse Button to move - Y to restart - Escape to quit -- Roll over 100 tiles to win and claim your prize!

    Randomly generated levels
    2 different ai types
    Custom particle effects
    Custom models


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    Submission Name: Gem Cleaner

    Team Name: Thatgoblin
    Team Members: Sebastian Gsell (Thatgoblin)

    Download Link:
    Alternate Mirror:!WcUUSKwS!pzcBzhB2j9OVXT3fo9VIlTKS5kCoeL-6ibCkEaOR7-4

    Restore the gem back to its original glory and place it into the blacksmith's amulet on the anvil. Avoid the animated tools and use the acid wells to remove the rock layers.

    Movement - Left Stick or WASD
    Restart - Start Button or R
    Quit - Back Button or ESC

    Known Bugs:
    Leaving an acid well too fast will cause it to not remove the full number of rocks

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    Team Name: Team SleepsOrBust
    Team Members: Venci(me)- Jon Rilley(Oblique123) - Jamel Glenn(CNKIT)
    Submission Name: RuneRaider


    Update 1(Fix for Imposible Platform):
    Mouse to Move Camera
    W/A/S/D For Movement
    Space Jump
    S(While Wall Sliding) Makes you move down faster
    F Pick Up Glyph
    G Drop Glyph

    1)Remember the Glyph at the beginning
    2)Collect a coin to gain access to the squares(8 squares/coins total) glyph.
    3)Bring back the Same Glyph from the beginning to the middle tiles.
    P.S.:Bringing back a wrong Glyph will

    The Glyph oF TRUTH goes missing,a shaman goes to restore the glyph by doing a ritualistic course where he must find the TRUTH GLYPH

    Logic About the theme of the game jam to our submission:
    The Starting Glyph is technically on the first square,you must find it amidst the other glyph and return it BACK TO SQUARE ONE.
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    Submission name: Game of Trons
    Team: TostiGames
    Members: Niek Jurjens (Niekj) & Martin Verhey (discobonzi)


    Press 'Enter' to start
    Use Up/Down arrows to aim
    Press Spacebar to shoot
    Esc to quit

    Survive. Good luck.

    It was a good challenge creating something that was procedurally generated.
    Last edited by discobonzi; 01-18-2015 at 11:27 PM. Reason: Clarification & cover image
    Twitter: @MartinVerhey

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    Ok this is my first game ever!

    Team Name: GeeksGoneBad
    List of Team Members: me - GeeksGoneBad - Jamie Cunningham
    Name of submission: GeeksGonebad - Square One

    Link to zip:

    Controls: WASD and Space to jump

    How to play: Get the marble onto one of the 3 squares - one will be a winner and the others losers See how many right guesses in a row you can get! Don't fall off or you'll be chastised ;p

    I expect this to be as annoyingly addictive and utterly impossible as flappy bird
    Every day I beat my own previous record for the number of days I've stayed alive!

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    Team Name: TNG
    Team Members: Eromis, Ayewyn, A donut

    Game Name: KoiKoi

    Description: You are a Koi fish, in a Koi pond. Tired of your surroundings, you decide to eat other fish to grow bigger and reach bigger ponds. But every new pond you reach you end up being the small fish all over again. Don't stop on your way to the top.

    Forward: W
    Reverse: S
    Turn Left: A
    Turn Right: D
    Jump: Spacebar
    Pause: P

    Eat fish smaller then you to grow bigger, but look out for bigger fish who can eat you!

    Gamepads should work with the Dpad and left joystick, with bottom face button being jump. Didn't get to test it, don't have a gamepad.

    DropBox Download Link

    Thoughts: This is the first game I've made in UE4, didn't go into this game jam knowing much of UE4 so I took this as an opportunity to test a lot of things out. I probably spent just as much time this weekend working on the game as I did watching tutorials and reading the documentation. I wish I could of accomplished more. The collisions need work, the fish AI is as basic as possible, and the controls are too loose. I could go on and on about the things I didn't accomplish that I wanted too. That being said, I finished something to a point, and I learned a lot along the way. So I'm glad I went through the panic that was this weekend. It was a fun time and I'll look forward to the next one.
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    Submission Name: ZApps_Reset

    Team Name: ZApps
    Members: Zachary Geier(zdgeier) and Noah Midkiff

    Description: Press buttons to make platforms appear within the level and use Reset to start at the beginning of a level.

    Download Link:

    WASD: Movement
    Space: Jump
    E: Interact
    Q: Reset

    Hint: Momentum is key!

    Thanks to Liaret for the Tron material tutorial!
    Youtube Link:
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    Team name: DenisDesign
    Members: Daniel 'Denis' Radzki

    Submission name: Get back to box!

    Navigation: MOUSE

    Download link:

    Wish i had more time.

    "Few Goblins escape from their pen, get them back to square"

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    Hero of the Peole

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    I'm preparing to do a twitch stream of a play through of all submissions in 1 hour (when the jam is over) like I did last month. I'm going to play them in order submitted, but if you want yours played earlier/later/never, let me know.

    Also, if you don't want me to butcher your name, a pronunciation guide would be nice. Otherwise, I'm sorry. Some of yall have some crazy names.
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    Download from here:

    Download RAR from here:

    Members: DazPetty (aka "Neurocase")
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    Quote Originally Posted by Allar View Post
    I'm preparing to do a twitch stream of a play through of all submissions in 1 hour (when the jam is over) like I did last month. I'm going to play them in order submitted, but if you want yours played earlier/later/never, let me know.
    Hey, it's gunna be 5am when you do this stream and I've been up all night for this. Any chance you could do mine a bit earlier?

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    Mar 2014
    Quote Originally Posted by Daverm View Post
    Hey, it's gunna be 5am when you do this stream and I've been up all night for this. Any chance you could do mine a bit earlier?
    Sure, will make yours first.

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    UE Community Manager
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    Jul 2014
    Quote Originally Posted by Allar View Post
    Sure, will make yours first.
    Allar, the people's hero
    Twitter [@iveytron + @UnrealEngine] YouTube [/unrealengine] Twitch [/unrealengine]

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    Dec 2014
    Be sure and put the recording up afterwards. My team went to bed already but I know they'd want to see someone play the game.

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    Solo Dev: Hadar Silverman
    Game Name: Dispersion
    -Hold right mouse to rotate
    -Left mouse to select
    -scroll mouse wheel to zoom

    now Oculus enabled!

    download link:

    This is really more experiential art than a game. Or maybe it's a 6 DoF yo-yo. will hopefully post an image soon. enjoy!

    [edit] - updated the link to a newer build. fixed a bug with the last box, and designed a new equation for scoring.

    and some leap motion testing (with broken raytracing at the moment):

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    Team: Solux Games
    Team Members: Nickolay Polozov(vortigaunt), Dmitry Korniienko (haarer0), Artem Kornieenko, Vlad Lobachev
    Name of submission: Retool

    Shut down the drone facility using various tools. Avoid hazards such as mines, play hide and seek with drones or confront them. Combine items to progress.

    WSAD - move
    C - crouch
    CTRL+WSAD - peek
    SPACE - Jump
    DELETE - Self-destruct
    LMB - Primary active item (Some items are passive)
    RMB - Secondary active item

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    Team name: NA
    Members: Sunnyxyed

    Submission name: Tap and Slide
    Navigation: Arrows - Movement , Spacebar - Jump

    Download Link :

    Collect Stars and Dont hit the spikes it will respawn you back to the beginning.With each Star you can get as many hits with the spikes without respawning at the player start

    its a very very basic game,i have used the assets from marketplace as i didnt had the time to make a good game

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    Team Name - Niemiec&Slizewski
    Game - Suspicious Detective

    Created by
    Dawid 'vebski' Niemiec
    Maciej 'Farplane' Slizewski

    Game Instructions
    W, A, S, D - Movement
    LMB - Pick Up / Talk
    RMB - Rotate item in inspection mode

    Downloads [97.8 MB | Windows 32bit | RAR ]

    btw. the song title is "Stephan Siebert - When"

    Good luck
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    Nov 2014
    Team Name: Compeltus

    Project Name: Corpus Completus

    Team: Lucas Brown: Level, Assets, & Shaders, Jesse Rademacher: Character TD, Animator, Technical Artist, John Barker: Animation & Previs, Michael Aldrich: Technical Artist, Zach Gray: Pizza, UVs, & Booleans


    Packaged for Windows 7

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    Team Name: Land Yacht
    List of Team Members: Raventp, Dfhetzel, Whitepray
    Name of submission: LandYacht_BallsWillRoll

    Description: You're a ball. Roll around and hit the things that make loud noises to make stuff happen. If you hit the green tile you win!

    Side Note: We still seem to be utterly useless in packaging a project.. no idea what we are doing wrong and no time left to troubleshoot. Hopefully you can use the project files again.

    Download Link:
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    Game Name:

    Team Name:
    The Lonely Robots

    Team Members:
    Sebastian Villarroel
    Jan Kaluza

    Download Link:

    You are an archaeologist exploring an ancient temple. The floor is pretty damaged in some places! So send in your army of dinky little robots to find a safe path! Can you remember the way through increasingly large corridors?

    Play with keyboard or gamepad!

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    Broad Strokes | Jan Kaluza | Marketplace Release: 'Over 9000 Swords' Modular Melee Weapon System
    Currently available for freelance work
    Dev Blog & Tutorials | Twitter

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    Team name: none
    Team members: Gabriele Granocchia
    Name of submission: GabrieleGranocchia_ThatSideOfTheSun

    Download Link

    The game start in fullscreen , press esc to close the game;
    WASD to move
    Space to jump

    Some pictures of "That Side of the Sun"

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    Mar 2014

    Team Name:
    List of team members:
    Download link:
    Dropbox URL
    You're living inside of huge tree that shaped like a one, some random guy said the end of world is close and terrified people headed to the square root to save themself from diminishing
    I get carried away with graphics and did not managed to implement all gameplay stuff I want so I scrapped a lot and now it's just a little funny sandbox - enjoy!
    [W A S D] [Left Stick]— Movement
    [Left click] [Left Shoulder ]— Attack
    [Space] [A]— Jump/Double Jump/Attack.
    You can chain your attack for higher effectiveness - different punches, punches in air, tail attacks during double jump
    Noahs Stark by Krackatoa, Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 International License
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    Team Name: Blast Zone Studios
    Team Members: Steven Yang
    Game Name: Get the Can!


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    Aug 2014
    Team Trippy
    Trippy (Trent Atwood)

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    Team Name: GizmowWanderer
    List of Team Members: Jvthewanderer and Gizmogamer
    Name of submission: Excape to Square One

    DownLoad: (Coming Soon) (Please format it with your team's name attached ex. TeamName_GameName)
    Unreal-Chan v1.2 is ready!

    Twitch:/jvthewanderer Twitter:@JvtheWanderer

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    Welp. Real life got in the way, and I was unable to finish by the dead line. Here's as screenshot from what I was calling "Time Slip", a light puzzle game with a time traveling twist.

    I'll release it at some point in the next couple of days (probably), once I get over this feeling of overwhelming defeat/get rid of some game breaking bugs!

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    I did not get to finish gameplay due to some vague packaging error, which randomly fixed itself...after 9+ hours

    Then internet goes out and forces me to fail uploading it multiple times(inwhich i had to rezip and reupload)...sigh and i miss deadline
    (i know im late, i understand if not accepted.)

    team name : Solo
    Team Members: Robert Chubb (me)
    Name of Submission: One
    Download Link: link

    There is no gameplay because i couldn't get a specific umg gameplay widget to package.

    the main menu game is the best thing about the project.
    use mystery button and watch the game play itself.

    (the actual game after you click play game was suppose to start with you as a moon and you would accumulate mass and and evolve levels (blackhole,sun,planet,moon) as you grew or spend it on a new orbital body. if the orbital body stayed in orbit with provided velocity and x and y location, didn't collide with anything after some time you would keep the configuration and continue to gain mass and orbitals untill your system died, and if it died you started back at the beginning of the game.)

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    Phew. Sleep was nice! So, did everyone get some rest? :-) Great! Tell me about your experiences! Here are some of mine:

    Mini-Postmortem: Memory Error

    For me, this was my sixth game I've made for a gamejam in the past year. One thing I've learned throughout all those is that a solid design and limited scope are the key things you need to figure out when you start. Beware the feature creep! Keep it simple, condense your game idea down to the bare minimum that it can be and still be fun - and if it turns out you still have too much time in the end, you can still make it more complex or add more content.

    In our case, the idea was to create a memory game. The basic idea was simple: traverse a grid of squares that only has a single valid path. So on one hand, when you first take a jump, it's a game of chance (and it was fun watching players get more and more cautious the further they got through the grid), on the other hand it requires you to use your memory (or graph paper ;-) ) to remember the past you took the last time.

    The rest was just making it a) work and b) pretty ;-)

    For the path generation, our game uses A* to find a valid path through some randomly placed obstacles, and then fills the rest of the grid with traps. Sebastian can tell you more about this part if he wants to.

    I focused on the art side of things this time around, because I felt like I needed more practice in that regard and to test and improve my workflow of creating 3D assets. The corridor is composed of a number of modular, tiling meshes for the walls, ceiling and floor. Thinking up how to arrange that and how to generate it was a fun challenge, the results of which will surely come in handy in the future!

    I used the Substance package for creating textures. I feel like they are the weakest part, mostly because there is no texture variation. I would have loved another half day to give it an art pass once it was done, but as it was, I still learned a lot and I think it looks at least passable.

    Making the mesh and texture for the jumping robot was good fun, I modeled and unwrapped it on my crappy laptop while watching the Packers vs Seahawks game at a friend's place :-D Someone said it reminds them of Portal's companion cube, which made me happy! :-) It was rigged and animated by Sebastian - I would have liked to try it myself to learn more about that workflow, but there was just no time left and so many other things to do as the deadline got closer.

    All in all, it was once again a very fun experience to take part in this gamejam! Thanks to everyone at Epic who is helping to organize it! Till next time :-)

    PS: Here's a cheat we forgot to take out: If you want more of as challenge, you can skip to the next level by pressing L! :-)
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    Hero of the Peole

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    Mar 2014
    Thanks for all the submissions yall. Took 10 hours to play through them all, which you can watch here

    Lots of good stuff here, for sure.

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    ya'lls game looked really good, Kashar & great job doing the Twitch Live Stream, Allar! I really enjoyed watching all the entries this event, some really good games from the community were presented.
    also watching Allar falling to his doom while playing my game was worth it all! lol

    anyway another reason for my post, I woke up and felt obliged to post these warnings so I edited my original post with them since I didn't include them in the download I wanted to repost here in case someone already had downloaded or was in the process of downloading all the games, etc.

    I used a lot of visual tricks in the game to the point where the only frame of reference is actually the game name in the background and can be very disorientating almost and actually to the point where the player doesn't even realize they are jumping in the wrong direction.
    At one point, when I began I actually thought it wasn't working because of an optical illusion that was created with the moving 'squares' or platforms.

    was going to add more levels but most won't make it through the 1st level anyway, and most entries are basically proof of concepts and one level was enough punishment for this gamejam.

    So I added this, I know most of us usually don't have problems because we play games a lot but this game may even push the limits of the norm, so be warned!

    " Edit: I Thought about putting these warnings in the game earlier and dismissed the idea as I thought it might have been taken as a boast or advertising trick or something, but after watching Allar play the game on his Awesome Twitch Stream last night, I decided to post these warnings:

    Edit: This game uses visual/optical illusions as well as spatial displacement to play tricks on the eyes of the viewer.
    Warning: could be potentially disorientating and may potentially cause nausea and other side effects!

    WARNING: This video could potentially trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy. Viewer discretion is advised! "

    ps: also as usual a lot of people had or have issues with packaging and unreal created these docs to help (I know I did before):
    Last edited by ayretek; 01-19-2015 at 12:33 PM.

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    Wow these games are really impressive! I'm gathering them up now and we'll have them judged as soon as possible!
    Twitch /unrealalexander| Twitter @UnrealAlexander
    How to report a bug? | Installation & Setup issues?
    Call me to a thread by posting this: [MENTION]Alexander Paschall[/MENTION]

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    Quote Originally Posted by Allar View Post
    Thanks for all the submissions yall. Took 10 hours to play through them all, which you can watch here

    Lots of good stuff here, for sure.
    Even though I couldn't watch the whole stream, I managed to watch it when you were playing my game. And I must say seeing you play it was really awesome. That alone was worth putting all the work into it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Allar View Post
    Thanks for all the submissions yall. Took 10 hours to play through them all, which you can watch here

    Lots of good stuff here, for sure.
    Thanks for playing all those great games, and playing with mine as well (silent chamber) . FYI I considered changing the rotation mechanism to the one that you mentioned in your playthrough, but that would have made things just way too easy .

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    I haven't played all the games yet, does anyone have a favorite they can recommend?

    I realized that I forgot to compress my game, so I just added a compressed link there, but if you had a drop-box account it would have automatically compressed it for download.

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    when did ya'll say the games will be showed and the winners announced? it's taking a bit longer now so are ya'll feeling 'Jammed' ?

    over the last few months since the game jams started, I can imagine what might have happened, someone finally noticed everyone at Epic playing these crazy community games instead of working on the engine. lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by ayretek View Post

    when did ya'll say the games will be showed and the winners announced? are ya feeling 'Jammed' ?

    over the last few months since the game jams started, I can imagine what might have happened, someone finally noticed everyone at Epic playing these crazy community games instead of working on the engine. lol
    First post say:

    "We'll be featuring the top submissions on the Twitch stream on January 29th, as well as posting winners to our official blog!"

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