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Thread: [Community Project] WIP Weather & Ocean Water Shader

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    Short Question

    When im gonna Package my GAME

    i get everytime an Error BECAUSE the OCEAN PLUGIN LIB; Cant be Opend, how i can Resolve it?

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    Had the same issue.

    I did has Zoc says and its working:

    Okay... Here we go, the super basic version tutorial:

    1) Download and install this:

    2) Open this page: (this is my fork of the original project, with fixes that allows it to run in UE 4.14. I've already submitted a pull request - i.e.: update the main project with my changes)

    3) Click on the "Clone or Download" green button, on the right

    4) On the small pane that opens in Step 3, choose the option "Open in Desktop"

    5) Clone it (aka: download it) using the GitHub Desktop application downloaded on step 1

    6) Done, you have the latest project with UE4.14 fixes!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mike444 View Post
    tukor open in VS and comment the two lines that cause the crash and rebuild
    Ill there a tuto for using the fish... or the boats? PLease

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    Not work on 4.15.preview 4, OceanPlugin Error

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    Packaging to Linux gives an error? I've installed the cross compile stuff.

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    Hey @TK-Master. Absolutely stunning work.

    I have a couple of questions.

    - Can I download this and use it with my project by crediting you ?
    - Is there a list of complete features and caveats somewhere ?
    - Is there an instruction list on how to usethis on different maps ?
    - Does this project use (have to use) LPV ?
    - I take it that this "ocean entity" also provides physical attributes uniformly (bouyancy, drift etc..)
    - Can I contribute any way ?

    Thanks and keep up the great work.

    EDIT: Recompiled and packaged with 4.15. Works without problems.
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    Any update for 4.15? I need the Skydome but don't have 4.12 installed.
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    Does it take a long time for the plugin to be available in the market?

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    @ Omegahhh
    what about your waves? What are your intentions with that?
    @jonathan who needs a market version for what?

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    Hey DotCam great project. You really saved my school project with this. I have a simple noob question if you all don't mind: What if you want to record a short gameplay scene with sequence recorder in ocean storm map ? What is the best way to adjust the ocean waves according to ManOWar's movements ? For example when you drive the ship in the first time and record it; it always plays the same animation, but waves are not in the same position (changes dynamically). Do I have to add the ocean into the sequencer to make waves and ship's movement synchronized ? I'm guessing there is a simple way to do this (as for built-in solution) but i don't know any other way from sequence recorder. Any help greatly appreciated.

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    This is great and i thank you.

    But this thing is killing my frame rate... From 200 to around 100......

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